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Warnings: HJs, language, buckets, quadrant flipping, dick fins.
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Chapter Two

"Hey shitstain, have you seen Eridan lately?"

Sollux frowned, glancing up from the monitor to see the unpleasant expression on his best friend's face. He supposed he hadn't seen the insufferable hipster douchebag since—well… "No," he said nonchalantly. "Why?"

Karkat's scowl deepened. "Do you know where he is?"

"Probably off thulking in his shitty wand pile."

"Will you fucking go find him?"

Sollux turned to face his friend. "Why? He'th fine."

"You can't possibly know that. I don't even remember the last time he was online. It makes me nervous when you assholes go wandering off. Especially when the ones off brooding alone somewhere are the unstable shitheads with genocidal tendencies."

"Why can't you go look for him?"

"Because, assfuck, I have to stay here," Karkat snapped. "Somebody has to keep the team together." He gave Sollux an exasperated look. "Besides, you're the one who is fucking moronic enough to be in a goddamn quadrant with him. Don't even get me started on that again. Just fucking find him and make sure he hasn't killed anyone."

Sollux sighed heavily. "Whatever."

Just as predicted. He was slumped in the wand pile, his back to Sollux, elbows on his knees, staring miserably at the floor. Sollux strode up to the pile and stood next to the motionless figure, his arms folded across his chest. When Eridan didn't look up, he roughly nudged a slender thigh with his foot. Irritated, pouty yellow eyes flicked up to his face, before returning resolutely to the floor.

"Go awway, Sol."

Sollux raised an eyebrow. "Are you done moping like a kicked wiggler?"

Eridan's gaze snapped up to his face in a hateful glare. "I'm not in the mood for this shit. Just leavve me the fuck alone."

Sollux laughed bitterly. "That'th a firtht. I've never theen you not fucking dethperate for attention. I can't believe you're turning away the one and only quadrant you've managed to fill. It'th obviouth that no one elthe can fucking thtand to look at your dithguthting fathe let alone lay a hand on your revolting body." That was probably a little over the top. And obviously a boldfaced lie. But Eridan didn't even react to it. His gaze remained fixed on some point on the floor between his feet. Fucking worst kismesis ever. Annoyed, Sollux strode in front of the seated troll and scowled down at him. When Eridan met his gaze tersely and finally spoke, he said the last thing Sollux expected to hear.

"Wwell maybe tryin' to go black wwith you wwas a fuckin' mistake."

Or maybe Eridan was the best kismesis because Sollux suddenly couldn't remember the last time he had been this fucking livid. He could feel an approaching headache as he struggled to suppress the intense urge to completely obliterate the arrogant douchebag. Instead he sank to his knees between Eridan's spread legs so they were face to face. The smallest details made his blood both boil in rage and settle heavily in his groin. The sharp, jagged horns. That thick, soft hair. Those expressive yellow eyes. The fucking obnoxious glasses. That perfectly-shaped nose. The delicate fins. Those flawless sharp teeth behind pouty, kissable lips. The infuriatingly pathetic expression on his face. His pulse racing with a volatile combination of hatred and lust, Sollux fisted both of his hands violently in the front of Eridan's shirt, hauled the other troll forward, and crashed their lips together.

The kiss was harsh. He sucked the soft lower lip between his teeth and bit down, relishing the quiet whimper his actions elicited from the other troll. Eridan wasn't resisting, but he wasn't reciprocating either. Hoping to get more of a reaction, Sollux ran his tongue roughly along the soft flesh and viciously gripped the narrow shoulders to pull Eridan closer. He deepened the kiss, their teeth occasionally clacking painfully together, his tongue fighting with Eridan's for dominance—although it wasn't much of a fight. Practically no fight at all, was Eridan even trying? Sollux pulled back, frowning deeply when mournful yellow eyes flicked up to his face.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You black-flirt with me for fucking weekth, finally manage to fill one quadrant, and then dethide that'th not what you want? You're tho pathetic. It'th making my head hurt to even think about how fucking wretched you are."

Eridan started to say something, but Sollux was too pissed to let him finish. He shoved the other troll back into the pile, earning a startled yelp and sending a few stray wands clattering noisily across the floor. Sollux rested his hands against his kismesis' shoulders, physically holding him down. He could feel the muscles shifting beneath his hands and he had to admit, it was a lot more satisfying than using psionics.

Pinning the sea dweller against the pile, he leaned down and initiated another aggressive kiss that involved far more biting than actual kissing. Eridan's hands settled uncertainly on Sollux's slender hips. When he realized he wasn't going anywhere, he slowly began responding with open-mouthed kisses and gentle nips. It was about fucking time. He knew Eridan couldn't have been serious. Sollux pressed his knees against the inside of Eridan's thighs and slowly forced the other troll's legs farther apart. Eridan whined softly into his mouth. Sollux eased his right hand up to cup the back of the other troll's skull, his fingers threading through the soft hair and tugging harshly. He used the extra leverage to kiss the troll more violently, nipping his lower lip with sharp teeth until he could taste blood. He worried the split lip with his tongue, his heart skipping a beat when Eridan moaned quietly. Now they were getting somewhere.

Sollux trailed rough kisses and bites along the other troll's jaw. He gripped one end of the scarf and pulled enough to restrict Eridan's breathing for a few seconds before yanking it off completely. He turned his attention to the rather elegant neck, grinning viciously against the soft skin before allowing his fangs to brush against the pounding pulse point, and he actually felt it when Eridan shuddered. Eridan tilted his head back and Sollux's lips immediately attached to the exposed throat. He nipped at sucked at the smooth skin, not caring if (and maybe hoping) he left marks. Straightening slowly, Sollux trailed softer kisses over his neck and chin until their lips were back together. The hands on his hips slowly slid to his lower back and slipped beneath his shirt. Sollux shivered at the softness of the touch against the small of his back. It felt nice, but that wasn't what he wanted to feel. And there was no way in hell he was going to let Eridan control any aspect of this.

Distracting the troll with the most passionate kiss he could manage, Sollux carefully shifted his weight and slid his right knee closer to Eridan's body, until it was pressing forcefully against the obvious bulge in the front of his pants. When Eridan gasped and tried to push him away, he pressed a little harder against the sensitive area until the other troll made a small sound of protest. He pulled back from the kiss, a thin strand of saliva still connecting their lips, and met the other troll's gaze evenly.

"Sol," Eridan whispered, but Sollux didn't give two fucks what the other troll had to say. He spread his knees apart and resumed ravishing the slender neck, reducing the prince of hope to incoherent moans and whimpers. Finally releasing his shoulders, Sollux trailed his hands down the surprisingly toned chest and abs until they reached the waistline of those obnoxious, far too tight, striped pants. His right hand cupped the tented fabric and roughly palmed the hard length. With renewed mobility, Eridan's arms snaked around his neck and Sollux found himself being pulled into a loose embrace. He squirmed and pressed more firmly against the prominent bulge, relishing the soft whines of pleasure.

Annoyed that Eridan wasn't reciprocating, Sollux rather violently pulled the zipper open and plunged his right hand inside the front of the other troll's pants. He began rubbing the shockingly hard length through the soft boxers, and Eridan gasped and bucked his hips into the touch. Sollux gave the shaft a firm squeeze before concentrating his efforts on the tip of the sea dweller's bulge. And then hands were tugging and running through his hair and stroking the back of his neck. Sollux frowned. The fabric near the head of the erection was damp with pre-come. And that managed to piss him off even more—that arrogant douchebag claimed he didn't want to mess around even though he was obviously aroused and, judging from the wet fabric and stiff flesh, probably had been for quite some time? Not even trying to be gentle at this point, Sollux slipped both hands beneath the waistband of the boxers and wrapped his right hand around the oversensitive head, jostling the small fins on either side.

The moan that tore from Eridan's throat was like nothing Sollux had ever heard. He froze for several seconds, dichromatic eyes wide and lungs barely remembering to breathe. Eridan, however, was breathing heavily, his fingers digging painfully into Sollux's shoulders. Sollux suppressed a shudder at the moist breath rapidly ghosting against his cheek. What the fuck. Hardly daring to move, he gingerly ran the pad of his thumb along the underside of one of the fins.

"Nnnnnngggggghhhoh, god."

It took considerable restraint for Sollux not to moan in response, his erection twitching at the heated sound. That was seriously kind of the hottest thing he'd ever heard. Fuck this, he needed Eridan to keep making noises like that. He loosened his grip on the straining erection and began lightly teasing a small fin, stroking the sides, barely making contact with the sensitive flesh. Eridan's arms slipped around his neck, and Sollux tensed as his kismesis hugged him loosely.

Sollux released the stiff length in order to pull Eridan's slender arms from around his neck, managing to ignore the odd expression that flicked across Eridan's face. Sollux sat back on his heels and reached for the sea dweller's hips, sliding his hands deeper beneath Eridan's boxers to grip that tight ass. He squeezed roughly and encouraged the other troll to straddle his lap, goading him out of the wand pile. Ringed hands settled on his thin shoulders and before Eridan could sit back, Sollux gripped the waistbands and tugged both the pants and boxers down to his thighs. Eridan let out the breath he'd been holding in a rush as his hard length was exposed. Sollux rested both hands on the slender thighs and felt the other troll shudder. He began massaging the tense muscles, kneading the flesh and moving his thumbs in circular motions along the smooth inner thighs. He could hear Eridan's breathing grow heavier as his fingers slid closer and closer to the straining erection. He stopped moving his hands about an inch away from the heavy sac, caressing the upper thighs with just the pad of his thumb. He smirked when Eridan's breath hitched. Slender fingers fisted in the short hair at the nape of his neck and tugged gently.

Sollux let the other troll pull him forward. And when Eridan leaned towards him, he instinctively connected their lips—but it was nothing like before. There were no teeth involved and not much tongue at first. Eridan's fingers threaded through his hair and tugged him closer, kissing him passionately and repeatedly—and far more intensely when Sollux resumed lightly caressing the underside of his shaft. Sollux moaned contentedly as cool hands cupped his face and soft fingers began to rub against his temples. A tongue ran along his lower lip, and he immediately deepened the kiss, groaning softly when their tongues touched and sent a fresh, hot bolt of pleasure down his spine to settle in his groin. Fuck, Eridan was good at this. And then those soft hands were all over him, stroking his hair, massaging his shoulders, exploring his thin back. Any second, he expected to feel painful flares of sharp claws raking across his flesh—but they never came. Eridan just settled comfortably against his lap and continued to leisurely make out with him.

For several minutes, the only sounds in the room were the moist sounds of passionate kissing. Until Sollux wrapped both hands around the swollen shaft, the tips of his fingers brushing against the small fins and eliciting a startlingly heated moan from the other troll. It was still hard to believe that the pretentious douche was even capable of making a sound like that, but Sollux fucking needed to keep hearing it. Using both hands, he began rubbing the fins, capturing them between his thumbs and forefingers and gently tugging and rolling them between the pads of his fingers. The grip on his shoulders tightened painfully, and he smirked at the quiet whine that escaped the other troll's throat. He began massaging the sensitive undersides with his thumbs, and Eridan just slumped against him. With Eridan's forehead resting against his own, Sollux was becoming more and more aware of the other troll's erratic breathing. He was slightly surprised when smooth lips brushed against his own in a diffident, chaste kiss. He rubbed a little harder against the fins.


Eridan's fingers fisted roughly in his hair, and Sollux found himself being pulled into a series of soft, chaste kisses. He nipped at the other troll's lips and slowed his ministrations on the painfully hard bulge, gingerly trailing the pad of his index finger along one oversensitive fin at a time. His mouth muffled what would have been a frustrated moan. He touched the tip of his tongue against the swollen lower lip and was immediately granted entrance. The thick erection twitched in his hands and he massaged the fins a little more fervently. He felt more than heard Eridan moan, slender ringed fingers suddenly smoothing his hair away from his face. Sollux frowned at the continued affectionate gestures, his eyes cracking open to get a glimpse of the other troll.

Eridan's eyes were scrunched shut, a rather intense purple blush spreading across his cheeks as their lips moved together. Sollux felt his pulse quicken. There was no denying that Eridan was attractive, especially with the deep purple tinge along his delicate cheekbones. He looked conflicted, simultaneously anxious and subdued. But not bitter or petulant or conceited—he was none of the things Sollux hated about him. Sollux groaned, quickly closing his eyes and kissing his kismesis a little harder. He shivered as ringed hands trailed down his thin back and sides, pausing on his hips before one hand slid between his legs and firmly cupped his bulge through his pants. He broke the kiss, biting his lip and managing to stifle a moan. Fucking finally. The hot pressure in his groin increased as Eridan began palming the tented fabric. And then suddenly both of Eridan's hands were between his legs, tugging on the button and zipper and unknowingly driving Sollux insane with the fumbling touches. When his pants were open and a slender hand began rubbing him through his boxers, Sollux couldn't hold back the wanton moan—which Eridan immediately echoed as the grip on the sensitive fins involuntarily tightened.

Sollux could feel the heat spreading across his cheeks as Eridan gave his cloth-covered erection a gentle squeeze, causing more blood to rush into the straining length. He closed his eyes, unable to look at Eridan as slender fingers wrapped just below the head of his cock and the pad of a thumb began rubbing around the tip. Breathing heavily, Sollux found himself mimicking the actions on the other troll's exposed erection, smearing slippery pre-cum against the swollen head and gently ruffling and teasing the sensitive fins. Eridan arched into the touch, tightening his grip on Sollux's erection and pressing his thumb firmly against the leaking slit. He could feel the fabric growing damp between the tip of his bulge and Eridan's thumb. And then with no warning, the slender fingers slipped inside the opening in his boxers and wrapped around the painfully hard shaft. Sollux gasped at the sudden warmth and softness of other troll's hand.

"Oh, cod, Sol," Eridan whispered heatedly, "You're so fuckin' hard." The pad of a finger began lightly teasing his slit, and Sollux nearly lost it. He released his grip on Eridan's erection, and began tugging frantically at the hem of the sea dweller's shirt.

They separated long enough to undress and set their clothing aside. Eridan placed his douchey thick-rimmed glasses at the top of the clothes pile. Dichromatic eyes wandered inconspicuously over Eridan's body, taking in the lean muscles and the slender limbs and the sensitive-looking purple gills on his sides. He noticed Eridan's lustful gaze roving hungrily over his own thin frame. He reached out, resting his hands on the slender hips and pulled the aquatic troll back into his lap. Eridan straddled him without a hint of protest, spreading his legs and easing closer until their erections touched.

Sollux had his hands on them immediately, carefully holding the hard shafts together with one hand and caressing both swollen heads with the other. He found himself fighting back a groan when the pleasurable sensations were far more intense than he had expected. He glanced down, drinking in the sight of their erections pressed together, flushed deep shades of purple and yellow, leaking fluids tinged with color. And then a slender finger tilted his chin up, forcing him to meet the other troll's gaze—an action which was made all the more daunting when Eridan reached up with his other hand and plucked the two-tone glasses from his face, carefully setting them aside with the rest of their clothes. Sollux felt oddly vulnerable looking directly into the other troll's eyes. Until he noticed the same, uncertain expression on Eridan's face. The tips of their noses were almost touching, and he could feel warm breath ghosting against his lips as Eridan panted. He experimentally squeezed the thick erections together, lightly stroked the underside of one of the fins, and was rewarded with an abrupt darkening of the stunning purple blush.

While he hadn't been expecting Eridan to take control, he didn't object when the sea dweller cupped his face and closed the short distance between their lips. The kiss was soft and slow at first, and Sollux struggled against the urge to just melt against the other troll. This was so far from where he had intended to go when he first entered the room, but it felt unbelievably good, and there was no way he was going to put a stop to it. Sharp teeth grazed his thin lower lip and Sollux sighed contentedly, allowing Eridan to gently suck his lower lip between his teeth. The soft hands slid to his shoulders and the back of his neck, rubbing the tense muscles before fisting in the short, coarse hair.

Allowing Eridan to dominate the kiss, Sollux turned all of his attention to the painfully hard bulges. He rubbed the head of his own erection, trying to relieve some of the pressure, before he swirled his thumb around the tip of the other troll's bulge. When that elicited a soft whine, he began worrying the slit, smearing pre-cum while barely making contact with the hot flesh. Eridan broke the kiss, and the moan that tore from his throat made Sollux's entire body heat up and his pulse race even faster. His heart hammered with excitement as he continued to barely caress the swollen head. He shivered when he felt Eridan's fingers trailing down his sides. The sea dweller's hands dropped into his lap, and Sollux groaned when a soft hand fisted around his aching erection. The pad of a finger grazed the tip and he held back a moan at the other troll's careful ministrations. The unbearably slow pumps on his shaft were not going to be nearly enough to provide him with anything more than frustration, and he found himself arching into the touch and shallowly rocking his hips in an attempt to get more friction. Eridan was in a better position for doing that and he must have realized that, because in a matter of seconds, all four hands were holding their erections together and Eridan was grinding against him and moaning and Sollux was only slightly mortified to hear his own wanton moans echoing Eridan's and holy fuck they would either need to slow down or get a bucket fast. How the hell had things escalated like this? He probably should have talked to Eridan before they started—should have tried to figure out where and how fast this was going to go. But it was too late now. There was only one thing his lust-clouded mind wanted to know.

"Eridan," he whispered, relieved to hear that his voice wasn't as shaky as the rest of his body suddenly felt. "Do you have a bucket?"

He felt the other troll tense before quickly nodding. The blissful waves of pleasure radiating from between their legs came to an abrupt halt as Eridan paused to retrieve a bucket from his sylladex. He held the bucket awkwardly for a few seconds before placing it next to them on the floor, and Sollux felt a brief, unwelcome pang of guilt for not letting the other troll have a pail last time. They regretfully separated and sat back. Eridan ran a hand through his soft hair and Sollux wondered if his kismesis—or whatever the fuck he was at the moment—was having a hard time processing the situation as well. Sollux broke the thick silence.

"How do you want to do thith?" He cringed inwardly at the rather detached question and the aloofness of his own voice. There were so many things he could have asked. What are we doing? Do you no longer hate me? How fast do you want this to go? Did I take things too far last time?

Eridan's eyes flicked to his face, and Sollux could not read the other troll's expression. It was a little unnerving. "Turn around, Sol," Eridan said, his voice unusually soft but his words no less of an order.

Still not sure what was happening with their quadrant, Sollux was reluctant to turn his back on Eridan, but his erection was starting to throb dully and the prospect of release was too great. Besides, even if Eridan attacked him, he could easily beat the conceited douchebag, right? He'd done it before. He turned around, spreading his knees and placing the bucket between them. He jolted when ringed fingers settled on his hips and tugged, goading him up onto his hands and knees above the bucket. Barely audible over the pounding of his own pulse in his head were the soft, metallic plunks of pre-come dripping into the bucket. Fuck. And then his vision went dark as soft, ringed fingers wrapped around his aching erection and squeezed gently before quickly establishing an easy rhythm.

"Oh, god!"

He didn't mean it to come out as such a desperate wail. But shit the way those impossibly soft fingers began stroking and rubbing his hard shaft, caressing the sensitive underside, and swirling gingerly around the swollen head—

"Fuck! Fuck, Eridan!"

The patter of yellow-tinged fluid hitting the bucket was growing faster and faster as the pad of a thumb massaged the head of his erection. Sollux could feel his face heating up with the blood that wasn't already in his bulge. He dropped to his elbows, only dimly aware of how loud he was moaning when Eridan began loosely pumping his entire length. He hadn't realized how close he was.

Another soft hand rested gently against his hip, thumb absently rubbing. And to think that Sollux had half-expected Eridan to just leave him there. That worthless nook-licker was so pathetic, he was completely fucking up the only quadrant he'd managed to fill. But if he was fucking up, then so was Sollux for allowing it to go this far. He was torn from his thoughts when the hand around his erection tightened and the pumping grew more frenzied. There was no way he'd be able to last much longer.

The hand on his hip retreated. Sollux didn't think much of it until the soft fingers suddenly cupped his sac, gently lifting and rolling the heavy balls. There was no stopping the sudden cry of pleasure. Eridan sped up the movement of his other hand, rubbing the swollen head on each upstroke. Sollux's pulse was racing frantically. He buried his head into his hands, arching his back and giving the other troll better access. God, he was almost there. He could feel Eridan shifting behind him, and he jolted when the other troll scooted close enough that the thick, finned erection was pressing against the back of his thigh. Fucking hell, he could feel everything—the heat emanating from the straining length, the small fins brushing against his leg, the slippery pre-come gathering at the tip and starting to trickle down the stiff bulge. His heart hammered even faster when Eridan began to weakly roll his hips, rubbing the hard flesh against his thigh. The sea dweller moaned heatedly, and Sollux found himself desperately echoing the moan. Just knowing how aroused the other troll was was making him even hotter. The ministrations on his bulge grew more erratic. The molten pressure between his legs was becoming unbearable. The hand around his erection gave a gentle squeeze before jerking faster than ever, causing explosions of white behind his eyes. He thought he heard Eridan saying his name, and that of all things shouldn't have pushed him over the edge, but it did.

He cried out in pleasure as he came, torrents of yellow genetic material sloshing into the bucket. His cheeks burned at the lewd sounds. Eridan's hand continued the loose strokes, never once losing his rhythm, sending waves of pleasure so intense they were almost painful crashing throughout his body. He could feel his pulse everywhere, and he wasn't aware of how loudly he was moaning until the soft hand fell away from his sac and began firmly rubbing his lower back. It felt like he would never stop coming. He could barely move as soft fingers massaged the oversensitive tip of his bulge, coaxing the last drops into the bucket and giving him a little extra time to recover. Fuck. Fuck. Part of him didn't want to look at Eridan. But he knew he couldn't stay slumped against the cold floor forever. And he owed it to the other troll to return the favor.

He pulled away from the soft hands, careful not to knock the bucket over. When his eyes flicked to Eridan's face, he was surprised to see that the sea dweller's blush was almost as intense as his own must be. Only briefly meeting his gaze, Eridan grabbed the bucket, turned around, and positioned himself over it. As his breathing returned to normal, Sollux briefly toyed with the idea of leaving. That would pretty much ensure Eridan's hatred. But then Eridan was looking at him over his shoulder, a trace of worry in those mesmerizing yellow eyes, as if he knew exactly what Sollux was thinking.

"Sol," he said deliberately, the one syllable laced with enough desperation and urgency to tear Sollux from that line of thought. May as well see how this plays out.

He hurriedly knelt behind the other troll, running his hands soothingly along the smooth inner thighs and feeling the other troll relax under his touch. He could already see ripples in the cooling yellow fluid as drops of purple-tinged pre-come splashed into the bucket. Resting a hand gently against the back of Eridan's left thigh, he carefully wrapped his right arm around the slim waist and took hold of the shockingly hard erection.

Eridan tossed his head back, and the wanton moan made Sollux's softening bulge twitch. The other troll's erection felt painfully hard, and he was almost afraid to move things along too quickly, but after what Eridan had just done for him, he didn't want to leave his romantic interest in an uncomfortable condition for much longer. He began loosely jerking the stiff length, gently squeezing and massaging the shaft as he pumped it, eliciting a series of soft moans. Sollux lightly trailed his left hand over Eridan's hip and, careful not to startle the sea dweller, wrapped his hand around the head of his erection and began caressing the sensitive fins.

Eridan swore unintelligibly, slumping over and fisting both hands violently in his hair. Sollux slowed the movements of his fingers, dichromatic eyes trained on the heaving back as the other troll struggled to breathe at a normal pace.

"Fuck, Sol, don't stop."

Yeah, okay. Under any other circumstances, Sollux wouldn't have listened to an order like that. But now, he found himself unable to resist massaging the fins, rolling them between his fingers and gently squeezing and tugging. His fingertips brushed against the tip of the hard length and came away slick with the slippery, lubricating pre-come, and that only made his ministrations on the fins smoother. Eridan began bucking his hips, and Sollux pumped the thick erection a little faster and a little more out of rhythm.

And then one of Eridan's hands was covering his own, holding his left palm against the swollen head and keeping his thin fingers curled around the sensitive fins. He stroked the shaft as fast as he could with his other hand, and Eridan rolled his hips more frantically. Sollux was pretty sure his own pulse was racing faster than Eridan's. His palm was slick with purple fluid, and he gently smeared the warm liquid around the oversensitive head. He thought he heard the sea dweller whine softly. The bucking of his hips grew more frenzied for a few seconds until suddenly all of his muscles tightened and then he was coming hard. Sollux tried to keep a steady rhythm as the other troll spilled over, warm slippery fluid spurting against his palm and dripping between his fingers. Holy fuck, there was a lot of it, and Eridan was still holding his hand in place and shit his moans were loud and heated and why the hell hadn't it been like this before? Sollux half-wished that he hadn't gone first—it probably wouldn't take much to get him fully aroused again. He slowed the ministrations on the thick shaft, from rapidly pumping to gently stroking the underside. It seemed to take forever for the thick stream of fluid to subside. Eridan's hand fell away as he suddenly needed both arms to support his weight. Sollux wrapped his left arm around Eridan's hip to help steady him.

For several minutes, they did nothing but try to get their breathing under control, slumped against the cool floor. Belatedly Sollux realized he had been kneeling on a wand. He shifted and pulled away from Eridan, releasing the finally softening length and moving the full bucket out of the way. Eridan sat back and ran a hand awkwardly through his hair, eyes flicking to Sollux's face with an unreadable expression.

The silence was heavy. Eridan shifted uncomfortably.

And then Sollux found the sea dweller's chest pressed flush against his own, slender arms slipping around his thin waist in a pleasantly tight embrace. Sollux reached for the clothes pile and wiped his messy left hand on Eridan's shirt before hesitantly wrapping his own arms around Eridan's shoulders. And then he pulled Eridan as close as he could. He could feel the other troll's heart racing. His own was pounding just as quickly, making him feel almost giddy. Well, fuck. This was, beyond a doubt, very red. And Sollux had to admit, he had enjoyed it. Immensely.

They continued to sit in silence for several minutes. His stomach was in so many knots, he was almost afraid to move. And then there was the fact that Eridan's arms were still wrapped around his waist. He sighed and slid the fingers of his right hand into the soft, thick hair. A warm cheek pressed against his neck as Eridan rested his chin against the thin shoulder.

Sollux didn't want to break the silence, but it needed to be established. "Tho thith ith the quadrant you want?" He wished his voice sounded a little stronger.

Eridan's entire body tensed, but then he nodded fervently.

Sollux absently stroked the soft hair for a few seconds before gently nuzzling the finned cheek. "Okay," he whispered. "We can try it."

His breath was forced from his lungs as Eridan hugged him even tighter, and he returned the embrace as warmly and smoothly as possibly. And when Eridan pulled back, the expression on his face was a mixture of relief and elation. It was a really weird look for him, and before either of them had the chance to ruin the moment by talking, Sollux found himself tugging the other troll into a series of eager, feverish kisses. Eridan fumbled for his cape and wrapped it around their shoulders. Their lips separated only long enough for them to settle back into the wand pile and find more comfortable positions for what would hopefully be a very long, passionate make-out session.

Sollux wrapped his arms around Eridan's neck and grinned against his matesprit's soft lips. Karkat was going to flip a shit.

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