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Yu-Gi-Oh! 4D Love Surpassing Time

Chapter 1

*Unknown City, approximately year 2005, 4:00 PM*

The city bustled just as it typically did, no sign of slowdown. A 20-year-old, rather beautiful woman walked through the streets by herself. She had on a yellow tank top with white jacket, medium-length green skirt, blue high-heels and a black purse around her arm. The woman had no real destination: she was merely taking a stroll. She rounded a corner, ending up in a dead-end alleyway. "Crap. Oh well." She said.

All of a sudden, the sound of a clock chime was heard, and the woman's body went rigid, not moving a muscle. The purse slid off her arm, no longer having the arm to keep it steady. Her green eyes had a blank look in them. Above her head, a small light-blue hologram of a clock face floated, as if some kind of symbol.

Another figure approached the frozen woman and observed her. This one was a male. He appeared to be about the age of 16 years old, with a pair of emotionless silver eyes that seemed to hold a slightly sad glint. His skin was pale, and he had teal hair with two rigid bangs that resembled clock hands pointed to 7:20. He had on sky blue colored armor that covered his pelvis, legs down to the knee, upper body, and shoulders. An armor piece was also over the stomach, but it was a light gray. All the armor parts were connected to each other. He also wore sky blue colored boots and black gloves, and on his wrists were two large clocks. The entire ensemble was overtop a dark blue bodysuit trimmed with white. On his back was a device that had two clock hands on it, currently stopped at 10:40.

"The Time Hold has been successful." He said plainly. "Now, let's bring her back easily." He placed his hand on the right wrist clock and rotated it slightly, making a click sound. In front of the frozen woman, a light blue portal opened. The young man gently picked her up and carried her through the gateway as it closed behind them.


The exit portal opened up, and the boy stepped out, still holding the female. The area around them gave off a very strange vibe. Their current platform was a large circular one that seemed to be floating. Other similar platforms were connected to it via seemingly open walkways, but an offhanded shine revealed invisible barriers. The area itself was seemingly a black void, but the blackness was marred with dark gold, sky blue, and gray.

"Welcome back, Zaman." A female voice said. Another portal opened on the other side of the platform, and three more women walked out. One of them, a 16-year-old with black hair and brown eyes, stepped toward him. "Who is this one?"

"I am not sure, honestly." The boy, apparently named Zaman, said plainly. "I forgot to determine who she was before I went to her time period."

"We'll handle it for you. Don't worry about it." The girl told him. The other two girls took hold of the frozen woman. Walking carefully, they took her back through the portal, followed by Zaman and the girl.

On the other side, the five of them emerged into what seemed like an enormous chamber in a lab. Various cylindrical cases seemingly made of glass were in this room, each one holding a girl or woman, all of whom were frozen like the woman brought in, having the same clock symbol above their heads. Multiple other females of varying ages were tending to them. One of them, a low-30s woman at a computer, looked up. "Ah, another one. There's an open pedestal right over there." She pointed to a glowing disc that seemed to be floating off the ground. The two women holding the frozen one walked over and held her above the disc. All of a sudden, the woman began to float out of their grasp, tilting until she was fully upright. Then, light encased her body in a cylindrical shape before fading, showing her to be in an identical glass case. "All set. Preparing the process."

"Make sure to run an identity scan on her first, Grace." Zaman said. "I forgot to learn who she was beforehand." before

"You got it." Grace replied before clacking her fingers over the keyboard. Data flowed onto the monitor. "Apparently she's named Tamako. No data on a last name, though."

"Well, there's no one else among them named Tamako according to the records." The 16-year-old girl said, a small device in her hands. "I don't think the lack of a last name matters."

"I agree with Touko here. Disregard the last name." Zaman stated.

"If you two say so." Grace decided. "Holo-Clone process initiating." She pressed a key on the computer, and Tamako's case glowed white. A white circle appeared on the ground in front of her case, and a white figure began to emerge. The white around the form faded, showing a perfect copy of Tamako. "Holo-Clone formation successful."

The Tamako clone opened her eyes. "Where am I?" She asked.

"You're in a special dimension." Touko told her. "You live here with us and Zaman here." Zaman gave a small smile. "Go on and meet the others. Down that way." She pointed to a door. "We hope you'll be comfortable here."

Tamako's clone nodded. "Thank you." She said before heading down the directed way. Zaman kept his smile before turning around and creating another portal.

"Where are you going, Zaman?" Touko asked.

"I'm just going to do some observing. I'll be all right." He replied, looking back with the small smile.

Touko and the other women smiled as well. "Okay, if you say so. Remember, if you need anything, just ask." Zaman nodded before walking through his portal, the gate closing behind him.

Zaman emerged from the portal back on the large circular platform. Once he stepped down, though, the smile immediately vanished from his face. Creating a small clock-face hologram in front of him, the light blue background changed into a different scene. The visual showed a multitude of women talking amongst each other. "My Holo-Clones…" He breathed. The Tamako clone was shown to be in the room, already talking with a few of the others. A sigh escaped Zaman's throat as he dispelled the visual. "Why…? Why does it not work…? I have taken at least 40 different women from across time itself… Created at least 40 Holo-Clones… yet it doesn't help." He placed a hand over his chest. "No matter how many of them there are, my loneliness refuses to fade… So many females with good hearts, the kindness that would soothe anyone… does nothing for me. Can nothing fill the void within my heart…?" A tear fell from his eye. "I must keep looking. Until my loneliness fades, I will not stop my mission. My heart will be healed, no matter what price I must pay." He created four more visuals. "I must sift through time once more."

A few minutes later, a portal opened behind him, and Touko stepped out. "How is the searching going, Zaman?"

"…Not good." The boy replied solemnly. "Touko, nothing is working. Over 40 Holo-Clones, but none of the company I have is helping. I feel that I am doomed to be lonely for the rest of existence."

"Don't say that. I'm sure that you'll find a solution." Touko told him. "I may be a Holo-Clone myself, but I care about you. I know you'll be healed someday."

Zaman allowed himself a small smile, closing his eyes. "Thank you, Touko." He said sincerely, making her smile. He then opened his eyes, which widened as he gasped.

"What is it, Zaman?" Touko asked.

"…Look." He said. "Who are they…?" Touko looked up at the visuals to see a specific female in each one.

The first one was a teenager with chocolate brown hair near the shoulders and blue eyes. She had on a dark lavender-colored sleeveless shirt with a yellowish design, a red skirt, white high-heeled boots, and a black necklace.

The second one was also a teenager, with long blonde hair and golden eyes. She appeared to be wearing a school uniform, but it wasn't one he remembered. Thinking back, he realized it was a female Obelisk Blue Duel Academy uniform. The blonde also wore blue fingerless gloves.

The third female was slightly older than the previous two, with brown eyes and dark magenta-colored hair rolled in a hairclip with two large bangs poking out. Her attire seemed oddly Victorian to him: red corset with green sleeves, magenta trench coat that flared behind her, dark-colored skirt and stockings, and red pumps.

The final girl was younger than all three of the others, having plushy green hair tied with a ribbon on one side and hazel colored eyes. Like the second girl, she was wearing a school-type uniform, being mainly white with a pink collar, a yellow hexagon shape on the chest, and a pink skirt that he couldn't help but think that it was WAY too short for a girl of her age, much less for a school uniform. She also had on black socks and brown shoes.

Zaman looked at the four females in awe. Touko noticed this and pulled out her device again. Plugging the device into a slot in Zaman's armor, information flowed from his visuals into the device. "Data collection complete. Now to find the matches." She said. Pressing a few buttons, a confirmation sound was heard. "I've got them."

"Let me see!" Zaman said.

Four digital screens appeared in front of them, one of each of the four women. She tapped a button, highlighting the brunette's screen. "This one is Tea Gardner. Aged 16, she's a student at Domino City High School during approximately the year 1999. Known for her kind heart and her loyalty to her friends." Tapping another button, the blonde was highlighted. "Alexis Rhodes, also aged 16. Graduated from Duel Academy as the top female student of her class. A very powerful Duelist known for her skills as well as her looks and personality." The redhead's profile was highlighted next. "Akiza Izinski, 18 years old. One of the seven Signers, she's a Psychic Duelist and former member of the Arcadia Movement. She was once feared as the infamous Black Rose because of her destructive anger, but she became calm and is now a respected member of Team 5D's." Finally, the greenette's screen lit up. "As for her, Kotori Mizuki, age 13. A student in Heartland, she aids Yuma Tsukumo in finding powerful cards known as the Numbers. The hunt is still going on, however."

"Amazing…" Zaman breathed, looking back at the visuals. "Touko… I think I've found the solution."

"What do you mean?"

"Touko, when I saw those women, something in my heart felt better." The time-traveler told her. "I actually felt somewhat… healed. The four of them may be the cure for my loneliness… the cure I have been searching for. I must bring them back to this dimension. Perhaps then… I can finally feel like I belong somewhere." Zaman's back device spun a bit. "Touko, tell the others to be ready. I will be bringing them back one at a time. I hope their Holo-Clones will be ready by then."

Touko smiled. "Don't worry, Zaman. We'll have them ready. I'm programming data for their time periods into your watch." She plugged her device into the clock of his right wrist and pressed a few buttons. The clock hands spun around a bit, then the watch glowed blue. "There. The four time periods are loaded into your watch."

"Good. Now then… it's time for more time travel." Zaman said. "I'll try not to take too long." He placed his hand on his right watch. "First time target: Tea Gardner." Clicking the watch, his back device began to spin, the hands glowing blue and a ticking sound was heard. Soon they stopped spinning, and a light blue portal opened in front of him. "Finally… my suffering will be at an end!" He leapt through the portal, it closing behind him.

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