October 3

To Lucy,

You don't know me, other than what was seen

But believe me, there is much more inbetween

Search for me, I will surely be avaliable - always - for thee

To you, to me, to the whole world, and most importantly we

Forgive me l'amour, but I simply couldn't resist

The epiphany that true beauty, in fact, does exist

It resides within your form equal to say Monroe

And eyes brighter than the stars painted by Van Gogh

Shall I compare you to a lovely autumn day?

Simply beautiful is nature when there is something to say

A smile that can only be defined as perfect, but yet so rare

It makes me feel as if you and I can't ever make a good pair

Not as if that may happen anyways, for thou already has a lover

So I beg of you not to think harshly when my identity you discover

For never will I ask you to leave him, for the likes of I

I couldn't do that, I will never anger you or make you cry

After all, what better melody than your laughter?

I wish to keep the happiness within you foreverafter

An odd couple would we be, if such wishes came true

But never would it be bad, if it be with you

I promise you now and 'till I fall, our love won't be in V

'Twas the eternal Ode to You and Me

I lay in bed now, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved

Forever we shall live, among those who will always be loved

I ask you to stay calm, love me today, tomorrow, always

This tale does end in happily ever after, like the stories

Farewell to you, thy all, thy life, thy Lucy

Whose name rings music as lovely as Debussy

I lay now, counting down the coming hours

Forever thine, forever mine, forever ours...