October 22

Dear Lucy,

This letter will finally be the peluminate one I write

I listen as the Neutron Stars collide tonight

For soon, soon thou shalt discover thy true self

Just remember love will last, even without fame or wealth

Praying that you won't be dissapointed by the shock

Horrified as I climb Jacob's Ladder until a hear it on the Door - a knock

My heart fills with fear of rejection due to never being good enough

Attempting to decode what exactly is good enough

The figure steps out from the Door, wings stretching across endless sky

It was then that I realised that the beginning was nigh

May it be thee? What shalt be said, done, and decided in the end?

Shalt I endeavor in my eternal attempts, or break down and lose an honorable friend?

The young boy you knew so many years past has finally matured and seen the light

The light being thee who shown me beauty and aid to win the foolish fight

So, the descision has been made for I have nothing left to loose

The descision being that, my dear, you're the one I choose

Even if it may not be me that you hoped for, I promise only my best

Promise to be much, much better than all the rest

You are a princess, and deserve treatment no less

And you truly are someone that God hopes to bless

I am a man of few words, and none of them are false

Everything I say is only truth and flowing as our enchanted waltz

And I will say that your prescene brings me to tears of joy

With beauty and perfection that is delicate, and not to be played like a toy

And eyes that, like precious diamonds, always will glisten

Hark! for they tell stories to those who will only listen

A voice as yours is rare, almost impossible, to ever overshadow

Perhaps our talents for the arts may later foreshadow

One day, if ever we are finally together, I may be granted another smaller wish

Something so simple, yet so important to both of us - a kiss

Listen to me when I say that there will never be anything like never

For when it involves us, the love will last forever

And don't ever fret, for we will live forever in our own time

But if we must die, we die together in our prime

One more, thy sweet, just one final more

Then thou shall not suffer longer from mystery burning in her heart's core

Whether dissapointment or pleasure, I hope you accept the opinion given

And perhaps someday I shall be forgiven

And so I bid thee farewell, my darling starlight, beautiful as the melodies Debussy

And goodnight - thy Immortal, thy Beloved, thy Lucy.