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It was another meal time at the mansion of Meiko Banika Conchita, and our mistress of the manor was about to eat her own chef.

"Meet Conchita from the indie flick Conchita, the Epicurican Daughter of Evil. She is about to eat her own chef. This fate could have been avoided if she had a Sassy, Gay Friend," The narrator explained. Gakupo, wearing a sparkly scarf, then entered the dining room.

"What are you doing? What, what, WHAT are you doing?" Gakupo asked Meiko.

"I'm gonna eat my chef. He's asking for a vacation, and I am very hungry," Meiko explained.

"Meiko, everyone gets hungry at some point in the day. It shouldn't be THIS extreme. What are you, a cannibal?" Gakupo asked Meiko, who shuddered.

"A cannibal? Me? Take that back! I only eat the finest cuisine!" Meiko cried.

"Finest cuisine, huh? Consumed any glass shards lately?" Gakupo asked Meiko, who nodded no.

"I'd never consume a piece of glass!" Meiko denied.

"Honey, I saw you eat Teto's camera at the Christmas party. We were all there to see it, remember?" Gakupo asked Meiko, who began shaking. "Plus, Kaito and Sonika were taking bets to see if you were munching on Piko's USB cord or not."

"I-I-I was drunk!" Meiko cried. Gakupo facepalmed.

"That excuse is bull! Now, tell me, Meiko, do you know what you had for dinner last night?" Gakupo asked Meiko.

"Well, I had some steak tartare with some lima beans, fried rice, and bread. For dessert, I had a orange sherbert with sprinkles and I drank a whole bottle of wine," Meiko explained with a small smile on her face. The room grew silent.

"Well, at least you admit you have a problem," Gakupo said.

"And, that would be?" Meiko asked. Gakupo just slapped her.

"Honeycakes, your diet sucks! That, and, you are an alcoholic!" Gakupo pointed out.

"Alcoholic? Let me tell you something - I enjoy my saké, and I enjoy my food!" Meiko yelled.

"Very good, Meiko. You just admitted to having a problem. That is the first step in getting your fat ass into rehab," Gakupo explained. Meiko bitch-slapped him.

"Did you just call a lady FAT? Well, excuse me!" Meiko yelled. Gakupo blew a whistle, and Rin and Len ran up to him.

"Yes, Sassy, Gay Friend?" Rin asked Gakupo.

"Take Meiko to a fat camp-slash-rehab. We're gonna tone her thighs, get her into shape, and sober her up!" Gakupo ordered.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Len said before he and Rin carried Meiko away.

"Hey! Let me go! Where are you taking me?" Meiko cried as Rin and Len carried her away.

"Bye-bye, you stupid bitch!" Gakupo yelled out to Meiko. He then turned to his fangirls in the audience. "What a stupid bitch."


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