"I promise I'll come back, Annie. I love you."

"I love you, too, Finnick. But what if you don't come back?"

"Don't think like that. I will come back."

"Finn...I don't want...please don't go..."

Here came the tears, his final undoing. If there was one thing that could break Finnick down above all, it would be the tears of Annie Cresta.

Suddenly, she broke him down impossibly further by clamping her hands down over her ears.

Her eyes glazed over as she relived the memories of the Games, as she so often did when faced with desperation.

He pulled her into his arms as quickly as he could.

"Shh, shh, I love you. You're okay. I'm coming back in one week, Annie. You're okay."

It was only phrases such as this that would bring her back to reality, back to him.

Slowly, her hands left her ears.

Finnick could see the marks her nails left on the side of her face, clamped so tightly to try to escape the voices.

Finnick took her hands in his and kissed them lightly. The smallest of smirks graced Annie's lips, but she shook her head quickly to dispel it.

"Why...why do you keep leaving me?" It was a hard question.

"Annie, it's my job. I'm involved in the rebellion now. A soldier. They need me to fight with them. Katniss needs my help. And Peeta. Remember?"

Annie looked down to where Finnick still held her hands. She snatched them away and turned her back on him.

"I can't..."

Finnick put a light hand on her shoulder. She turned her head slightly back to him.

"Annie, just know that I love you. I will always come back to you. Do you understand?"

Annie turned back around and looked him straight in the eye.


Finnick dropped his head. "I have to go now. I love you."

Annie nodded, and felt herself slowly starting to go back to her awful place. Finnick dropped a sweet, short kiss on her lips...and then he was gone.

One week. She could do this...maybe.

AN: Oh my. I haven't written a story in sooooo long. I hope you all enjoy this! I will be updating whenever possible. All chapters will be short like this! :)