Kuki's Nightmare, reuploaded.

One night in the Treehouse, Kuki was tossing and turning in her sleep, due to a…sigh, do I even need to say it anymore?

Inside the you-should-know-what, she was in a dark and gloomy field, looking around. "Where am I?" she asked herself. She then saw Wally walking by, carrying a green Rainbow Monkey. "Wally, where are you going?"

"To the Rainbow Monkey burn-off! It's gonna be real cool! Come on! Ah'll show you!" With that, Kuki followed Wally over a hill. On the other side, there was a big fire which people were throwing Rainbow Monkeys into.

"Wally, what's going on?"

"Well, the Rainbow Monkey Corporation stopped making Rainbow Monkeys 'cause everybody got sick of them, so now we're all burning them all! Wait for me, fellas!" With that, Wally ran up and prepared to toss the green monkey into the fire.

"Wait! That's the one I got you for-" but she was too late as Wally had already thrown it in. "NOOOOO!"

Kuki finally awoke, gasping for air, like everyone else does after waking from a nightmare. (Hehe. It rhymed!) She then looked to see Wally coming into her room. "What are ya screaming about, Kuki? I could hear you all the way in the other room!"

"Oh, Wally! I just had the scariest nightmare! It was dark and gloomy and scary and dark and scary and gloomy…and scary and gloomy and dark and…scary…"

"Will you just get on with it?"

"And the Rainbow Monkey Corporation shut down and everyone was burning Rainbow Monkeys! And you were burning the one I got you for your birthday!" Kuki then burst into tears.

This made Wally go over and pat her on the shoulder. "Listen, Kuki. As much as I hate those things, ah wouldn't burn them."

She sniffled. "You-You wouldn't?"

"Well, no. They make you happy and…" He gulped. "I like it when you're happy."

At this, she jumped up and hugged him. "Oh, Wally! You're so sweet!"

"And ah still got the Rainbow Monkey you gave me, too."


"Hey, now that we're up, wanna get some soda?"

"OKAY!" With that, she got up and the two started walking for the kitchen. "Hey, Wally, do I really scream that loud?"

Once they were gone, the Nightmare King came up from under the bed and crossed out Kuki's name. "Ah, little girls are so easy to scare. Next up is…Sonya." He sighed. "I couldn't have gotten her when I did Harvey, could I?" He sighed again. "Alright, let's just go." With that, he flew off.