Well, I can't sleep, so here's some ¾. Might not be as good as before, but oh well.

One night in the Treehouse, Numbuh 4 slept peacefully- Wait a minute. Sigh... where's the Nightmare King?

Somewhere on a highway, the Nightmare King was angrily sitting in his car in traffic. "Come on! I'm gonna be late! Being the Nightmare King isn't easy, ya know! Oh wait... I can fly. Screw this." With that, he ditched his car and flew off.

Soon, the Nightmare King reached Wally's room to find the boy sleeping. "Ooh, finally! Now let's give this boy a nightmare already." With that, he gave Wally a nightmare.

In his nightmare, he was in a pink room, sitting at a pink table, wearing a Mr. Huggingkins outfit. There were several girls in the room giggling at him. He looked across to see two Rainbow Monkeys pouring imaginary tea into a cup. "Would you like some more tea?"

"NO! And how the crud did I get in here, anyway?"

"Because you were drawn by the power of love!"

"LOVE? Ugh! Forget this crud! Just let me out!"

"Not until you finish your tea!"

"Ugh. Fine!" With that, the girls giggled more as he drank his nonexistent tea. "At least it can't get any worse than this."

Just then, Kuki came in giggling and holding Ace's hand. "Hey, Wally! Have you heard the news?"


"Ace and I are going out! Isn't that great? And he's SOOO nice to me!" With that, the two lovers made out.


And just like every other time, Wally awoke in his room, gasping for air. He then saw Kuki climbing up onto his wrestling ring bed. "Wally, what's going on? I can hear you all the way in my room!"

"N-Nothing, Kuki. Just a bad dream."

"Oh. What happened?"

"Uh, nothing. Say, Kuki, uh…random question, but do you like Ace?"

She gave a confused look. "Well…Ace is REALLY cute! And sweet!"

He looked down in sadness.

"But I don't like him. I mean, I guess I like him as a friend, but not LIKE-LIKE him! He's not really my type."

"Oh. Then what is your type?"

"I'm kinda into shorties. I'm actually really into a short guy right now!" she smirked.

"Who? Do ah know him?"

"Yeah. He's in the Kids Next Door."

"Is it Lee?"






"Then who!"

"Oh, you'll find out later, Silly! Wanna go get some ice cream while we're up?"

"Sure!" With that, the two climbed down off the bed and left for the kitchen. "Wait, ah do NOT scream that loud!"

The Nightmare King came out from below and crossed out Wally's name. "Man, that boy is as oblivious as Kade. Next up is…oh, Violet McCleary! That shouldn't be too far!" With that, he was off once again.

There we go. See you next time.