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(Set shortly after 3x07)

Shelby Corcoran walked down the hallway of McKinley High School this morning with a weight on her shoulders she just couldn't shake off. "How did I fuck up so badly?"she thought to herself. There was no denying her attraction to Noah Puckerman. What started off as a mutual love for Beth, very effortlessly evolved into a mutual love for each other.

No, Shelby wasn't in love with Noah. Despite being a hopeless romantic, there was no way she could have fallen in love with him after the few play dates with Beth and the random encounters at McKinley. But there was no denying how much and how quickly she came to care about him. He was just so amazing with Beth. The clown pig, the little games, the way he learned so quickly how to tuck his little girl to bed.

But what touched her personally was what a pillar he could be; how tough and how committed he was to being a strong, reliable figure for Beth and for her to lean on. Or his brash, boyish humour - while absolutely ridiculous at times, it was able to put a smile on her face like no other. And of course, there was no denying the pure unadultered attraction she had for him – silly floppy Mohawk and all.

But as vulnerable, upset, an absolute mess that she was, she shouldn't have slept with the kid. Kid... God, it felt so wrong to even call him that, now that he's seen and touched every part of her. And what a sensational touch he had. Maybe it was because she hadn't been with someone since before the night she made out with Will Shuester (God, had it really been that long?), but every touch and kiss from Noah was so full of intent, so full of desire. She had forgotten what it felt like to be wanted – and it felt good.

"I did a good job," Shelby smiled as she remembered Noah stating it so matter-of-factly with the dopey smile of his (and of Beth's). All she wanted to do was to lie there with him; take him up on rounds 2, 3 and 4, give into that kiss when he leaned in...but she couldn't. No, she had to be the responsible one, for Beth's sake, for her sake, for his. No matter how much she needed to be comforted by someone she cared for, what she did was wrong.

Shelby knew that her job now at McKinley was hanging on a thread. Her actions could jeopardize her ability to provide for Beth and she's been sleeping with this guilt ever since. Beth was the most important thing in her life, and there was no way in hell Shelby was going to let her daughter down.

Or the guilt of hurting Noah – God, that weight was pulling on her too. Sure, he had the reputation of sleeping around with older women like it was his go-to Saturday afternoon hobby. And she was certain he had jumped the gun when he professed his love to her that day. But if he cared about her any bit as much as she did about him, she was pretty certain his feelings were hurt. The anger he had as Shelby told him to leave that day – she knew it was a mask for that. She never wanted to hurt him.

No, all she could do at this point was damage control. Keep Puckerman as far away from her as possible. Keep the New Directions/Troubletones collaborations to a minimum so she didn't have to stand there in front of him in the choir room. Or in front of Quinn, who Shelby couldn't help but notice what looked to be death stares from Quinn to her the last time she was with New Directions in rehearsal. Shelby just had this nagging feeling that Quinn would find out and that her whole world would come crashing down on her.

"How did I fuck up so badly?" The voice in her head kept going.

Shelby made it to her classroom, thankfully without bumping into any of the New Directions kids, and began scanning through the files left by the regular teacher when it hit her: fuck, fourth period Geometry. Why did she cover for this teacher again? "What am I going to do?" she muttered under her breath as she covered her face with her hands. Shelby began imagining all the possible scenarios: either he would storm out at the beginning of class, purposely act out to get to her, or ignore her altogether.

Quite honestly: she wasn't sure what was worse.

"How did I fuck up so badly?"

So whadyathink? It was short but this was my quick random stab at it. Depending on the feedback, I will definitely continue and aim to write some longer chapters with more plot development. I swear :) Just trying to get my style down with this introduction. Also, the swearing was inspired by Miss. Idina herself - got to see her in concert two weeks ago (a life-changing experience), and she's just so candid and blunt and isn't afraid to drop the occasional f-bomb here and there. Love her 3

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