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I know for those who haven't really read scripts it was a bit confusing, but I promise, we are back to normal with this chapter! Even though it was my first time writing that way, I have read my fair share of plays and scripts (one of my good friends is an aspiring playwright). If you love the format, I highly recommend reading 'the Glass Managerie' and Patrick Marber's 'Closer'. Reading scripts allows for so much imagination but at the same time, you have to pay attention the the subtleties in everything to truly understand the scene. Love it.

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"Omigosh, baby, what are you doing?" Shelby puts down the coffee mug at her lips and laughs.

Beth had just stuck her entire hand into a cup of yogurt and was shaking her hand in delight as the sticky liquid flung onto Shelby and Puck.

"She's a troublemaker like me, aren't you, Beth?" Puck turned to grab Beth's hand and proceeded to lick the yoghurt off her tiny hand. The toddler squealed at the ticklish feeling of Puck eating the yogurt off her fingers, as she tried unsuccessfully to escape.

"Alright there, that's enough fun for the both of you" Shelby pretended to be stern but couldn't stop the smile on her face as she shook her her head at the two of them. She grabs a napkin from the table to clean the rest of the yogurt off Beth's hand.

Puck helped Shelby hold the giddy little girl still. "Sorry" he apologized.

Moments later, the trio had finished their meal. Shelby knew it was time for them to go but she just couldn't bring herself to call for the bill. Puck was having such a great time with Beth. She stared at the two of them who at the moment were fully immersed in their game of peek-a-boo.

Beth then decided to curiously grab onto Puck's Mohawk, while Puck playfully pretending to fend off Beth's attacks. "Careful – no pulling!" Puck said gently as he turned to Shelby, noticing her stare.

"Hey, is something wrong?" Puck's face turned from playful to concerned.

"No, no, nothing. You guys are so silly with each other." Shelby smiled with a forced laugh. Puck didn't need to know how much she didn't want this morning to end.

"Yeah, we really do bring out the best in each other, don't we, monkey face?" Puck turned back to face Beth and began to rub his nose against Beth's. She giggled and began swatting Puck's nose away with her palm.

"Hey! That hurts!" Puck pretended to be mad. Beth paused for a second with her mouth frozen in an O-shape and her hands still, wondering what the change in his voice and body language meant. Puck tried his best to keep his stern face but before he knew it, he and Shelby were in fits of laughter from Beth's reaction, and so Beth was laughing too.

Puck's phone suddenly buzzed. He picked it up to read the text message. It was from his mom.

"Hey, sorry, I actually have to get going – promised my mom that I'd drive her to get groceries today." Puck replied while shoving his phone back into his pocket.

"Yes, of course. Don't worry, if you have to go now, go." Shelby tried her best to hide her disappointment. "I can get the bill."

"Thanks Shelby. See you later." Puck nodded as Shelby smiled back at him. "Later cutie" he said to Beth before giving her a peck on her forehead, and left.

Puck was just out the door when he realized he forgot to tell Shelby something and walked back over to the table where Shelby was beginning to bundle Beth up in several layers of clothing.

"Oh, hey – did you forget something?" Shelby asked while putting her Beth's hat.

"Um, yea, sort of. I almost forgot – my mom cleans the house of this rich couple whose daughter has been begging for voice lessons for months. Anyways, if you want, my mom says she could recommend you. I figured this could be something in case things blow up at McKinley... I know it's not much but who knows? They are Ohio's version of Kardashian rich. Plus, the little girl really like my mom, so I'm pretty sure if she recommends you, they'd hire you in a heartbeat." Puck rambled quickly.

Shelby was touched by Puck's offer. "Noah, that's very sweet of you. I will definitely keep that in mind. Thank-you" She said genuinely as she held Beth close to her. "We are lucky to have you." The trio walked to the exit. Puck held the door open for Shelby and Beth as they left the Lima Bean.

"No, it's the least I can do for screwing everything up –"Puck began as they stood outside Shelby's car.

"Noah, that's not tru-"Shelby started to argue.

"It is," Noah interrupted "You gave me that whole speech about being responsible, and how you should have stopped things from getting out of hand, but if you're going to make that argument, then you agree that I have to take responsibility too. We are both responsible for figuring this out together, for Beth's sake."

Wow. Shelby couldn't believe what a level head existed under that shapeless Mohawk, under all that the childish badass-ery.

"You're right, Noah. Thank-you."

Noah shrugged and gave her a small smile. "I really have to go now though. Text me again about the next time I can see Beth?"

"Sure Noah." Shelby smiled back at him as she held Beth close and watched Puck turn and walk over to his truck.

One week. It had been an entire week since he had seen or heard from Shelby. At first, Puck didn't want to bother her. He was the one who told her to text him with the next time to see Beth, and the last thing he wanted was to intrude on her life.

But Shelby's complete disappearance had him worried. He knew the Troubletones had folded as a choir. Santana, Brittany and Mercedes were back with New Directions along with Sugar. Puck tried casually asking the girls what had happened to Shelby but none of them knew. They assumed that since the Troubletones folded Shelby had left Lima, but Puck couldn't believe that. She wouldn't leave without telling me. She just wouldn't.

Puck would try to look for Shelby every day in the hallways of McKinley. Every time he heard that a teacher was sick, he would poke his head into that classroom hoping to find Shelby. Every time, he was left disappointed.

New Direction's Christmas spirit served well as a temporary distraction. While preparing for their Christmas special, Puck was able to distract himself long enough to not worry about Beth and Shelby. But upon volunteering at the shelter and seeing all the families there, Puck decided he had waited long enough. He stood in a corner behind the tree and wrote a text to Shelby.

Hey Shelby. Haven't seen you around in a while – would love to see Beth. Hope everything is okay. Short and to the point.

The rest of New Directions was mingling with the families at the shelter, laughing and playing with the children there, but all Puck could think of was his family. His? Could he even call them that? Puck sighed. For the rest of the evening, all he could do was check his phone.

It wasn't until he was back at home, in bed and ready to shut his eyes that he received a reply from Shelby:

Hey Noah, so sorry for being MIA. I'm in California with my mum and dad, took Beth there for the holidays. I will explain everything when I get back to Lima, but we'll be back – I promise. Have a wonderful holiday Noah xo

Shelby looked down at her phone. The xo was inappropriate, wasn't it? She had a few glasses of wine in her and knew that she was a tad passed tipsy. She shoved her phone back into her pocket as her mum came out of their family beach house to join Shelby as she leaned back in her lounge chair and stared out at the waves. Shelby's mom walked over to her and laid a soft kiss on her forehead before settling next to her daughter. The two sat together as they sipped away at a bottle of red wine.

Alright, so the breaks look sort of funny because of this website, but I swear, if this was bond into a novel, it would look much more appealing (or so I'd like to think!) Thanks for reading - I've been having a bit of a writer's block on where to take this next so I hope it turned out alright. I want to have this play out the way it would actually play out given the characteristics of Puck and Shelby. I watched "Inside the Actor's Studio" featuring Bradley Cooper where he described the acting process behind the original "Hangover" movie. Everything was funny and worked because the writers didn't try to think up jokes to 'place' into the script. The writers developed these characters, these situations, and let what would naturally happen if these people were actually put together in such situations. That's kind of how I hope to write (or else, I would skip the angst and just have them hook up now! Hahaha).

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