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Many of you assume Haemon died that night in the stone wall, holding his wife's body close to his own. This is not true - false. One had to be present to truly understand all that happened that night and the months to come. To fully understand why and how what went on did. Many would find it ludacris, insane, blasphemous, yet those involved knew and comprehended. Still, to this day, many are not completely sure of what happened, and why. The truth of that night needs to be brought forth. Haemon did not die, physically. In a sense, one could say Haemon died that night. A walking corpse, the dead among the living. Not many walk away from seeing their dead would-be-wife hanging from the ceiling, her neck brutally broken from the pressure caused by the wedding dress she wore wrapped tightly enough to cut off air intake. This scarred Haemon, killed him, yet he was not the only one to suffer from the incident. That night, a father was broken irrepairably. This father had no chance of fixing himself after this. Witnessing his only son, the oldest, the youngest, his favorite, lying crumpled upon the cold stone floor as his blood pooled around his body and was soaked into the dress of his beloved wife. The wife that Creon had denied the marraige of. It wasn't something he could handle. Creon snapped that night, his mind would never work the same way it always had. Creon, though commonly accused of being the root of all evil, was nothing more than a victim of the world and all of its disorder. Blaming ones self was never a logical thing to do, it only caused more harm than good. This was a contributing factor the the tragic fate of Haemon, Creon and the others. Creon couldn't handle the stress, the pain. Couldn't handle the fact that he had allowed his son to die even though he tried so hard to save him. Oh, he was well aware of the fact that Haemon still lived in his body - it was plain as day seeing him walk down the stone steps of the palace with that blank stare on his face - but he also knew that he would never really be there. He, Creon, was cracking, and it was becoming more visable with everypassing day. He was at the edge, only one push was needed to cause him to fall. And push they did. Haemons new relationship is the final nudge needed to knock him off the cliff of his mental state. How about I go back to the beginning and tell you the story of Creons destruction? It is a very interesting story indeed.

A/N: Yes, yes it's short. BUT thankfully, it's just a prologue and the next will hopefully be much longer! YAY! u