It has been about 3 months since the defeat of lord Shen in Gongmen city and since China was returned to its peaceful age once again. But also in those three months something amazing happened as the warriors began to fall for one another the panda fell for the tiger and the bird fell for the snake. However though the two were having troubles telling their feelings for the ones they loved as they didn't know if the girls loved them back or not. But that soon went away when they almost lost their lives from protecting their girls from near fatal blows as they couldn't stand the thought of letting them get hurt by anything or anyone. It was in those moments that the two girls knew exactly how much Po and Crane loved them and that Po and Crane were willing to do anything to keep them safe even give up their own lives to make sure.

It was then that Tigress and Viper went to the wounded warriors and pronounced their love for them and just how much they cared for them as they too were willing to do anything to make sure they stay safe too. Ever since then Po and Tigress along with Crane and Viper have been in loving relationships unfortunately though they have to keep their love a secret from their master as they knew he absolutely forbiddend love within the palace he figured that love was just a distraction to warriors and wasn't a warriors path. But that didn't matter to them they were going to be with one another no matter what but the only way for them to do that is to lie.

Morning soon came back to the valley of peace as the bright yellow sun began to rise over the horizon shinning its bright rays onto the houses and palace below it. When it did this it prompted the gong ringer to hit the gong and to wake everyone up for the new day. That is exactly what he did as he hit it as hard as he could sending its loud echo through the valley sending the warriors out of their dorms to greet their master.

"Good morning master," everyone said in unison as they rushed out of their rooms and stood in their respectful figures with eyes forward.

"Good morning students, I suggest that you all had a good night's sleep?" Master Shifu asked in a stern tone as he eyed each of his students waiting for a reply from one of them.

"I guess so, but with Po snoring as loud as he was, I doubt anyone got a good night's rest." Mantis said in a tired tone as he rubbed the back of his head with his right thingy and looked at Po who in turned look back. "I don't even snore Mantis, stop lying," Po said as he crossed his arms and looked at the insect with a bit of an angered look as he was tired of Mantis using that excuse just because he was tired.

"Yeah right Po, you snore as loud as a…," Mantis said but before he could finish his sentence a growl could be heard across from Po prompting Mantis to look over where the noise was coming from only to see something scary. As Mantis was now starring at an angry Tigress as her eyes were like sharp slits and the growl she was emitting from her throat scarred Mantis to his core. Tigress didn't like anyone making fun of her beloved panda even if it was Mantis as Mantis then looked away from her and finished his sentence "Oh never mind, it doesn't matter."

As Tigress then smiled as she let her growl go away and eased up as she looked at Po with a smile on her face with a got-your-back-look. Po then couldn't help but smile back at his lovely feline as he had a thought run across his head "It's so cool that she has my back, not only that but she is insanely hot when she does that." Po then let his smile widen as his eyes met with his beloved Tigresses as Crane and Viper were doing the same as the room became completely quite. This however didn't go unnoticed though by master Shifu as he glanced at his students with a wondered look.

"If I may, why are you four starring at each other like that?" Shifu asked with a wondered look as he stroked his beard gracefully starring at them. But the room still stayed quite that is until Tigress spoke up "Oh it's nothing master, we just can't wait to fight each other, that's all." Tigress said with a smile as she looked down at the red panda making sure he wouldn't figure out what was really going on.

"Very well then, I leave you to your training my students." Shifu said as he bowed to his students as they returned the bow and with that Shifu disappeared as he went to meditate in the sacred hall of warriors. When he did the lovers let out a deep sigh of relief and then walked/slithered over to their lovers.

"How is my sweet panda, this morning?" Tigress asked in a sweet tone as she walked over to Po and kissed him on the cheek lovingly and held his paw gently giving him a smile.

"Well it's awesome, because of you my sweet feline." Po said softly causing Tigress to chuckle a little as Po returned the kiss except not on the cheek but giving her a quick peck on the lips but she wanted more than that as she pulled the pandas lips to hers kissing him passionately.

"Did you sleep well, my flying hero?" Viper asked gently as she coiled her body around Cranes and put her head right next to his starring directly into Cranes eyes.

"Of course, because you were in my dreams, my awesome snake." Crane said in a soft sweet tone causing the snake to blush a little as redness appeared on her cheeks. The two then looked over at Po and Tigress who were still kissing and the two then looked at one another with smiles "Maybe we should share a morning ki…" But before Viper could finish she was pulled into a kiss by Crane as the two then began to kiss another.

The lovers continued to kiss for about 5 more minutes until they eventually brock for air and when they did Tigress and Viper began to rub their heads against their lovers heads both whispering the same thing in the guy's ears "I love you," When they said that Po and Cranes hearts filled with joy and then wrapped their arms/wings around their lovers whispering the same thing in the girls ears "I love you to."

The room then became silent as the perfect mood was set unfortunately it was ruined by some impatient insect "Oh come on, all this love is making me sick to my stomach." Mantis said as he began to fake vomit only to receive glares from everyone and then felt a smack to the back of his head "What the hell was that for?"

"What do you think it was for?" Monkey said as he glared at the insect as he was the one who smacked him in the back of the head as he had a very good reason to.

The others couldn't help but laugh at the sight of Mantis rubbing his head and then began to walk to the training hall as they had something new they wanted to try out well the couples anyways. Eventually they all reached the training hall as Monkey and Mantis took their seats on the side lines while Viper and Tigress got on one side of the training hall and Po and Crane did the same as they wanted to see who would win the boys or girls.

"Are you boys ready to get your butts kicked, by your own lovers?" Tigress said with a smile on her face as she and Viper got their fighting positions ready to win.

"I don't know girls, are you ready to get beaten by your lovers?" Po said with a upbeat tone as he and Crane got in their fighting positions as they too were ready to win this battle.

The battle field then became silent as each warrior eyed their opponents with precise precision trying to figure out what moves they should use and what moves their opponents might use on them. To what seemed like a life time of silence it finally brock with one word.

"Let's fight!" Tigress shouted as she and Viper began to run towards Po and Crane but as they did Po looked over at Crane with a smile "Do it Crane." Po said as he looked back at the charging girls Crane then began to flap his wings faster and faster as wind began to blow around the battle ground causing the girls to look around them.

"Wings of justice!" Crane shouted as he sent his wings forward causing a big wall of wind to barrel towards Viper and Tigress and as it did each of the girl's eyes turned into sharp slits as their hearts beat faster and faster until they were within 3 feet of it to which time almost felt like it was slowing down.

"Jump now Viper!" Tigress shouted as she and Viper then pushed off the ground with their tail/feet and jumped high above the gust barely grazing them but this was planned by Po as Crane then sent a gust of wind under Po sending high in the air hurtling him towards the girls.

"Nice try sweetie, but I saw that coming." Po said as he brought his right arm back and when he was within Tigresses range he sent his fist towards her and just when it was about to make an impact it was caught as a yellow tail that wrapped around it. Tigress then smiled as she looked at the now confused panda as Viper's head appeared above Tigress with a smile.

"You might have seen that coming Po, but what about this." Tigress said as Viper released her grip around Po's arm and coiled her tail around Tigresses right arm making Tigress send her right arm back and forward on Po punching him right in the face sending him back but before he was out of reach Viper coiled herself around his leg bringing him back up.

"This isn't going to be good." Po said with a scarred look as he was met with another fist from Tigress in the stomach as she then spun her right leg on his feet causing him to lift both his legs in the air and began to fall to the ground with his stomach area wide open.

"Now this move is called, spinning love." Tigress said as she grabbed Viper by her tail and hurled herself towards Po as she then began to spin in the air sideways and with each spin she did Viper slammed her head into Po's stomach harder and harder causing him to cough up spit.

This continued until they were close to the ground to which Tigress brought out her right leg out and with the final spin slammed her right foot paw into Po's stomach along with Vipers head with such force it sent him hurtling towards the ground crashing him into the ground beneath causing dust and ground to hurl everywhere.

As the girls then landed gracefully on the ground both with smiles on their faces but they soon began to fade away as the smoke began to clear and Po was lying on the ground not moving at all causing the warriors eyes to widen and hearts beat fast.

"Oh no, please tell me he is okay." Tigress said with worry in her voice as she feared her and Viper had gone way too far on her beloved panda and seriously injured him or even worse killed him.

As Po lay on the ground he began to blink his eyes slowly regaining his vision back only to be looking up at the roof of the training hall. He then began to breathe slowly and let a smile appear on his face as he raised his left arm up in the air and gave everyone thumbs up letting a sigh of relive come from them.

"Nice one you to, that was severely awesome." Po said with a smile on his face as he began to stand to his feet only for the girls to smile at the panda getting up "I hate it when he scares us like that." Viper said in a bit of an angry tone but it was also mixed with a little bit of happiness to see that he was alright and not hurt.

"Yeah I guess so, but that's what my loving dragon warrior does." Tigress said as she shook her head a little and put both her paws on her waist and then smiled at the now standing Po who returned the smile.

"Now, I think it's time we continue this battle." Po said as he got back in his fighting position as did the girls who shook their heads in agreement. As Po and Crane then charged at the girls as the girls did the same to continue and to finish this battle.

The day then began to pass as it seemed there would be no victors in this couples battle as it seemed they knew their opponents too much that they figured each of their moves and blocked each attack but occasionally someone would land a punch or kick to their opponent. However though the end of the day was almost near and each pair stood on opposite sides of each other as they were all breathing heavily and were all dirty from this nonstop battle and figured they better finish this now.

"Crane I think it's time we use that move." Po said with seriousness in his voice as he looked at the heavy breathing bird that shook his head in agreement and held his wings out in front of him and then looked at Po "Then let's use it, finish this once and for all." Po then smiled and placed both his paws right beside Cranes as the two then closed their eyes and began to channel their chi to their paws/wings and as they did a green chi ball started to form in front of them causing Tigress and Viper to smile.

"Well Viper, let's do the same." Tigress said as she stood up straight and inhaled a few times placing her paws in front of her and once she did Viper did the same as she placed her tail near Tigresses paws and looked up at her "Time to show these boys what we are really made of." The two then began to channel their energy except this chi ball was forming in the color of red.

The pairs continued to channel their chi until about 4 minutes past as they all opened their eyes at the same time and seen that both of their chi balls were completed as Crane and Po swung their arms back with the chi ball and starred at the girls with seriousness as the girls did the same each starring at their opponents. As the minutes ticked by they all swung their arms forward.

"CHI OF LOVE!" they all shouted in unison as they swung each of their arms forward hurtling their chi balls forward towards one another as the gap between them became shorter and shorter until they eventually clashed into one another red to green.

When they clashed it sent green and red aurora everywhere in streams like banners causing them to gleam off the warriors eyes but they had other things on their minds as each pair kept channeling their chi forward trying to gain the upper hand but it seemed no one was getting anywhere as the chi balls stayed in the center not moving. But this began to anger them a little as they began to push their selves to the limit.

"Come on!" Tigress and Po shouted in unison as they began to force more chi into their chi balls to the point where a spirit like green dragon appeared from Po's and a red spirit like tiger from Tigresses. The two couldn't believe what they were seeing as the dragon starred into the tigers eyes while the tiger stared into the dragons eyes each not moving an inch soon though two more spirit like creatures came out a red snake and a green bird each animal starring into each other's eyes.

"Raaaaahhhhhhhhh!" each animal shouted in unison as they clashed into each other causing a red heart to form and then explode into a bunch of different colors and sparks until they completely disappeared leaving the warriors mouths gapped from what had just happened and starred at each other.

"That was…severely awesome." Po said in an excited tone as he began to hop around the room like an excited kid that got his favorite toy or something. The others couldn't agree but also laugh a little as Po then raced over to Tigress along with Crane.

"You girls did amazing, I mean you were all like yeah and I was like whoa, and then you were like oh on you didn't, and Cr…" Po said in am excited childish tone but was interrupted by a pair of tiger lips to his completely calming his nerves as his heart beat got back to its regular pace and then starred into his loving tigers eyes.

"You did great to Po, but could you please calm down a little." Tigress asked sweetly as she was happy to see him like this but he sometimes just got a little to hyper for her to keep up with him.

"You can't really blame him Tigress, I mean even I feel like doing that that right now." Viper said as she coiled herself around Crane again and gave him a peck on his cheek and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Well I might know what calm him, how about we all go to this mountain top I found it's a peaceful place, and besides Po it would be the perfect place to take our awesome girls." Crane suggested to his buddy as he then kissed Viper on her cheek. Po then began to ponder that and the more he thought about it he thought it was the perfect idea taking his beloved Tigress somewhere quit and peaceful and just talk with her.

"That sounds really awesome Crane, what do you say sweetie want to go." Po asked with a smile as he held both her paws gently hoping to hear yes come from her sweet lips. But it seemed Tigress had something on her mind and had to say it "But Po what about master, wont he find out if we go." Tigress asked with worry but Po then walked up to her and kissed her on her forehead.

"We will just tell him that we have errands to do, like we have been doing, please Tigress I want to spend a peaceful night with you." Po said trying to calm her nerves down and then wrapped her in his arms comforting her even more. Tigress then smiled and let a slight purr out of her chest "Alright Po, after all I want to have a night with you to." She then gave him a quick kiss on his lips as did Viper to Crane.

"Then it's settled, tonight we will tell our master that we have errands to do, and we won't be back until very late." Po said with a smile as they then all nodded in agreement as they had their plan set and just needed to wait until night came in the meantime thought they would get themselves cleaned up.

However though unknowingly their master was in the hall and had heard their whole conversation as his eyes filled with anger "They have been lying to me this whole time, they weren't doing errands, but breaking my number one rule, they will suffer the consequences for this but for now I will play along and catch them in the act, I thought I knew my students." Shifu said in a disappointed tone as he walked away from the training hall as he began to make his own plan for catching them.

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