With the sun still rising in the sky, the lovers were all still in their warm comfy beds as they were still lost in their dreams of happiness or so most of them were. As over in a certain room a panda could be heard grunting, talking in his sleep, gripping his sheets tight with his paws, and kept squinting his eyes as something wasn't right with him until.

"GAH!" Po screamed quietly as he shot up from his bed, sweat dripping from his face as he took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

"That was the most terrifying nightmare I've ever had in my entire li- *gasp* TIGRESS!" Not wasting a moment, the panda immediately got up from his bed, and shot out his door over towards the door that was right across from his, which he opened right away… only to sigh in relief at the sight of his beautiful tiger sleeping in her new bed.

"Phew, thank the gods she is alright." Po said as he inhaled a few deep breaths before placing his paw over his chest to try and calm his heart as it was racing from the fear of Tigress gone or even worse, but luckily that nightmare was just in his head and he was glad it was.

"She sure does look amazing though in her sleep." Po said with a smile on his face before he let a slight chuckle out looking at his beautiful feline and how she looked so peaceful in her sleeping state.

As Po continued to look at his sleeping beauty he couldn't help but notice that something began to shine through her window something very bright and yellowish, it was then he realized that the sun's rays were making their way into Tigresses room and as he followed the sun's rays he noticed they kept getting closer to Tigress and the bed she laid on until finally the sun began to shine its warm vibrant light's onto Tigress making Po's eyes widen in disbelief at how she looked now.

"Wow." Was all Po could say as he looked at how Tigress looked now it was as if the light sun was shining onto an awesome angel that had fell from the heavens and onto the earth. Seeing this beauty brought a warm smile to Po's face as he then slowly made his way over to Tigresses bed and once there he got a better look at his Tigress.

As he looked down at her he could see her body completely relaxed almost as if the tenses he always seen on her was completely gone, her eyes were closed softly like a kittens when they take a little cat nap, her breaths were that of soft purrs that could be heard if you were really quite which Po was making him smile to hear such sweet purrs from her, her white and orange fur glistened softly off the suns warm rays making it look insanely soft like that of a white fluffy cloud you see running across a clear sky on a cool summers day, and even her black fur showed some glisten to it almost as if you could see little crystals in them.

"You may say your hardcore my kitten, but right now, your far from that." Po said in a sweet quite tone as he softly took her paw with his and gently brought his head down to hers and began to rub it against hers before getting down on his knees so he could rest his head right nest to hers and as he laid his head next to his Tigresses head her soft purrs began to get a little louder almost as if she knew her awesome panda was right next to her and holding her paw.

With Po resting his head next to his sleeping Tigress glad that she was still there with him over in Vipers room a certain someone could be heard knocking on the snakes door as it was her beloved Crane as he had just woken up from his nights rest.

"Viper its Crane, you awake honey?" Crane asked as he lightly tapped her door but as he stood there he heard no response come from within the room so he gently pushed Vipers door open and slowly walked into her room and began to look around but didn't see her so he walked up to her bed and noticed that there was something under the sheets almost like a circular object causing him to have a wondered look.

So once at the bed side Crane gently grabbed one of the blankets corners and slowly removed it from the object so he could see what it was and once he fully uncovered the object he couldn't help but smile at the sight his eyes were saying.

"I will take that as a no." Crane said with a smile on his face before he chuckled at the cute sight as it wasn't an object but it was Viper all coiled around herself with her head resting softly on the bed as she looked peaceful and just like Tigress the sun's rays began to hit the uncovered Viper to show her awesome beauty.

As the sun's rays hit the uncovered Viper her black markings began to shine brightly in the sun making them look really smooth like almost as if they were just put on her, her scales also began to glisten brightly showing the lines that separate each scaly pattern, and her flowers also shined brightly which brought out the colors in them that night can never bring out as they looked even more amazing on her than ever before.

"Viper my sweet snake, you sure do look amazing in this light, but then again you always look amazing." Crane said in a sweet tone before he slowly brought his wing down to her face and let it glides across her cheek smoothly causing the snake to rub her head on the bed and to coiled herself tighter making Crane smile widely at this cute sight.

"Sleep as long as you need my Viper, my precious snake needs her rest." Crane stated in a soft tone as he then brought his head down to hers and gave him a little kiss on the cheek causing the snake to break out a little smile on her face. Crane then slowly covered back up his Viper under the sheets just in case the brightness from the sun's rays might wake her from her awesome slumber.

While other in Tigresses room (SAME TIME WHEN CRANE GAVE HIS VIPER A KISS) Po lifted his head off the pillow a little to look back at his sleeping Tigress and then back at the window to look at the clear day it was going to turn out to be and he then got an idea and smiled back at Tigress.

"I think I will go make some breakfast for her and the others, after all I'm sure everyone will be hungry this awesome morning." Po stated with a smile on his face as he then brought his head back to Tigresses and gripped her paw gently.

"You just lay here and sleep as long as you want my awesome tiger, you deserve every second of it." Po stated sweetly as he then gave her a small peck on the lips causing the tiger to smile a little causing Po to chuckle as he then stood up and then slowly exited her room and gently closed the door behind him and as he did Crane just did the same causing the two friends to look at each other.

"Oh hey Po, what are you doing up so early?" Crane asked with a smile on his face as he walked over to his buddy until he was right in front of him.

"I could ask you the same Crane, but I just had to check on my Tigress and see if she was alright and still here with me," Po said as he looked back at the tigers door but as he said still here with me Crane couldn't help but be a little confused as to why the panda would say such a thing.

"Why would she be Po?" Crane asked the panda who began to have a bit of a depressed face from the question as one of the horrible parts of the nightmare flashed in his head making him grab his head a little and to shake it a little trying to get it out and once he did he looked back up at Crane.

"Let's just say I had a very bad nightmare and that she was taken away from me," Po said in a bit of a sad tone making Crane feel a little bad that he asked that but soon changed when Po had his signature smile back on his face.

"But don't worry it was just a nightmare, I know she is safe and would never leave. So, if you don't mind me asking though how is Viper this morning?" Po asked his feathered friend snapping Crane out of his guilty mood and back into his normal one.

"Oh she is doing great this morning Po, well I'm pretty sure she is, she is still sleeping and I didn't have the heart to wake her," Crane stated to his buddy with a smile on his blush before he blushed a little as he remembered how cute his viper looked while resting on her bed.

"I know what you mean Crane, Tigress is still asleep as well and I couldn't wake my kitten from her sleep. But I am going down to make breakfast for her and everyone, would you like to help me?" Po asked in a wondered tone as he looked over at Crane who seemed like he was contemplating but the instant his mind came across the idea of him making breakfast for his loved one and friends he nodded his head without hesitation.

"Sure I would be glad to help make breakfast," Crane said with a smile on his face causing Po grip his both his paws in to fists and bring his arms up to his face as he had he huge smile on his face and then launched his arms in the air shouting "AWESOME!" But after Po realized what he had just done he cupped his paws over his mouth and checked on Tigress as Crane did with Viper both relived that Po's sudden burst of excitement hadn't woken them up. So Po then uncovered his mouth and silently whispered "Awesome." The two then silently tippy toed down the hall making sure not to make a creek on their way to the stairs. Once to the stairs they silently headed down them and headed straight into the kitchen.

"Alright Crane I will get started on making some pancakes, and can you get started on making some breakfast dumplings please," Po said as he got out an assortment of pans and pots along with a mixing bowl for the pancake batter and as he did Crane nodded towards him and said "Sure Po, no problem." As crane then began to get out potatoes, radishes, onions, and even was going to make some tofu for filling.

Once they got everything figured out for what was going to be for breakfast the two started to prepare it as Po poured the pancake mix into the bowl and then many cups of water as he needed to prepare like a bunch of pancakes considering most of the pancakes are going to be eaten by a primate and insect. With Po doing that Crane had his vegetables on a chopping table and began to dice them up with precision and preciseness as he started with the potatoes, then the radishes, onions, and any other vegetable they had with them. Once they were all diced up he turned one of the stoves on and put a pan over it as he waited for it to get hot enough for the vegetables to cook. Once the pan was hot enough Crane threw all the chopped vegetables and as he did they made a loud sizzle and an awesome puff of smoke flew up into the air and into the noses of Po and Crane making them smile.

"This is going to be one awesome meal I can already tell my friend," Po said with a smile on his face as he was done mixing the batter and like Crane put a hug frying pan on one of the stoves and waited for it to get hot while he waited Crane got out some tofu and threw it into the pan along with the rest of the vegetables.

"You know it buddy." Crane said with a smile on his face and as he did Po's frying pan was ready for the batter to be poured into it and that's what he did as he slowly poured the batter into the pan and watched it flatten out into a disk. As the two then sat back and waited for them to turn or stir their awesome food.

As they waited the kitchen just kept getting filled with smell of pancakes and fried vegetables and it soon made its way up to where the others sleeping mainly Monkey and Mantises rooms where of course they were still sleeping, but not for long.

"N-No please don't bit my head off, I need my head to look at all the pretty girls still," Mantis said as he was tossing and turning a little bit in his bed as he was having a dream that no insect would ever want.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Mantis shouted as he shot up from his bed with eyes wide like he had just seen a ghost as he then moved his thingies across his face to make sure his head was still attached to his body and once he realized it was a took in a deep breath and sighed.

"Phew, thank goodness my head is still here, otherwise I couldn't check out all the hot girls out there." Mantis said with a smile on his face as he hoped out of his sheets and onto the ground where his nose started to pick up an awesome smell just like he had during last night's dinner making him grin.

"Oh man there's that smell again, and it even smells even more awesome then what we had for dinner last night. I better get down there before Monkey does so he doesn't hog the goodness from me." Mantis sated with a devilish grin as he rubbed his thingies together in a maniacally way.

Meanwhile over in Monkeys room (SAME TIME WHEN MANTIS HOPED OUT OF HIS BED) As Monkey had awoken from his dreams at last as he had an awesome dream where he was surrounded by all the almond cookies in the world and Mantis was sitting in a little cage as he had to watch Monkey eat all the cookies which brought a smile to Monkeys face as he hoped out of his bed.

"Man I wish I had more dreams like that." Monkey stated with a smile as he stretched his arms out to the air and then to the side. Once he did that he did a hand stand but soon got out of it when his nose picked up an awesome hint of food.

"Smells like Po is making some breakfast for us, I better get to him first before Mantis otherwise none of us will eat this morning." Monkey said with same face Mantis had on his face as Monkey then quietly made his way to his door and opened it slightly and once out closed his door gently making sure not to wake the insect but as he did it sounded like two doors closed at the same time which was strange as Monkey slowly turned his head to the right only to see Mantis turning his head to the left as the two friends were now starring at each in the eyes and automatically got in their fighting stances.

"Well if it isn't Mantis, how is my buddy doing this morning?" Monkey asked with a grin on his face as he stared down the insect that in turn was doing the same to him.

"Oh you know Monkey the same. So, you planning to get to that food first I'm guessing?" Mantis asked the primate with a devilish grin still on his face as he pointed his thingies to the stairs causing Monkey to turn to the stairs and then back to his friend as he could keep his eyes off him for a second.

"Maybe I am and maybe I'm not," Monkey said with teasing tone as he lifted himself off the ground using his tail and began to sit criss cross as he stared down the insect.

"Well I hope you didn't figure you would, because I'm getting their first Monkey," Mantis said with a grin as if he got in a running stance as if he was about ready to book it causing Monkey to grin "Well will see Mantis." Was all Monkey could say before his turned serious as did Mantises as the friends glared at each other and as they did everything went completely silent and then out of nowhere the two booked it for the stairs as Monkey was ahead of Mantis because he was closet but Mantis soon caught up to him.

"I'm getting there first Monkey," Mantis said with a grin as he hoped over Monkey and smiled down at him that was until Monkey grabbed Mantis by his little leg and grinned back "I don't think so Mantis." As Monkey then threw Mantis behind him and continued his way to the stairs only for Mantis to land back on the ground and have an evil grin on his face as he came up with an idea.

As Mantis booked it back to Monkey and began to hope off the walls to gain more ground which was working insanely well as in no time he was beneath his target and then jumped and as he did Monkey saw a little shadow beneath him and it seemed to be getting closer and closer causing him to look up only to see a grinning Mantis.

"That's My Food Monkey!" Mantis shouted as he landed right onto of Monkeys head and grabbed the primates ears as he almost began to ride him around and began to steer Monkey into many different walls and Monkey wasn't liking this at all I mean not at all.

"You better get off of me Mantis!" Monkey said in angry tone as he tried to swat at Mantis with hands only for Mantis to laugh as he keep dodging them with ease and Monkey kept doing to turns and kept trying to best to get the insect off but he suddenly stopped when he realized he was hanging by the first steps edge as he and the bug was about ready to fall.

"Mantis don't move a muscle, we can get out of this." Monkey said with seriousness as he gently brought his tail down to the first step trying not to make any sudden movements as was Mantis that was until he sneezed and it had such force he sent them flying back and they began to fall to the stairs.

"Oh this is not going to feel too good." Mantis stated with a scared look as Monkey was the first to hit the stairs causing Mantis to fly to the next step and before he could react he saw a huge blur coming straight towards as it was Monkey who landed right on him and the two kept falling the stairs each hitting each stair with such force it caused loud echoes until they finally hit the floor gaining the attention of their friends.

"Want to call a truths Mantis?" Monkey asked the bug who was laying the ground as he felt like every fiber in his being was aching but was able to lift his head towards his friend and shake his head "Yeah truths." Was all Mantis said before he laid his head back onto the floor and once he did Monkey got up and dusted himself off as he then picked up his little buddy and placed him on his shoulder.

"Let me guess you guys smelt the food?" Po asked as he crossed his arms and gave the two a friendly grin and when Po asked that Monkey and Mantis looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders to their friends.

"Well it will be ready soon you guys, and you know you don't need to fight over it as there will be plenty for everyone." Crane stated with a smile on his face as he turned back to his pan of tofu and vegetables which were as fried as they were going to get so Crane turned off the stove and pulled out some dough for the dumplings as he began to chop the dough into squares ones large enough for them to be filled to the brink with awesomeness.

"Cranes right you guys; after all I'm probably making enough pancakes to feed an army of gorillas." Po said with a smile as he already had about 30 pancakes made and ready to be eaten but he had way more going on the stove just in case they were needed.

As Monkey and Mantis watched their friends make breakfast Monkey and Mantis looked at each other with grins as they then turned their attention back to their friends.

"So are you two going to ask them or what?" Mantis asked the two friends who looked at each other and then back to Mantis with wondered and confused looks on their faces "Ask who and ask them what?" Crane and Po asked in unison as they had no idea what the insect was talking about causing Mantis to shake his head a little and to let a little chuckle out before he said "Tigress and Viper you two, are you going to ask them to marry you or what?" Mantis asked once again filling their empty heads on whom and what this matter was about. Once he asked this question the two looked at each other again.

"Now I know what you two are thinking, but we only asked this is because you two made a really big sacrifice for Viper and Tigress, I mean honestly, I'm surprised you guys haven't yet." Monkey stated with a caring tone as he looked up at Po and Crane who you could tell were thinking their friends words over quite well and before Po or Crane could respond, footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs as they already knew who it was.

"Just think it over you guys." Monkey said with a smile on his face and turned his attention over to the stairs where a snake and tiger had just come into sight as they took their last step from the stairs.

"Good morning everyone," Viper and Tigress said in unison as they bowed to their friends and lovers who also returned the bow and also said in unison "Good morning to you to you two." After they said that the girls returned to their upright positions and began to pick up on some heavily air, an air that began to make their mouths water with delight.

"Did you guys make breakfast?" Tigress asked as she her nose picked up the scent of freshly made pancakes and even freshly made dumpling stuffed with some awesome ingredients including one of her favorite foods tofu. Seeing their girls stand there and inhale the air Po and Crane slowly walked over to their lovers and gently grabbed their tail/paw and begin to walk them to the table.

"We sure did Tigress, and we hope you like it." Po said with a smile on his face as he and Crane continued to lead their girls to the kitchen table and when they arrived at the tables edge both Tigresses and Vipers eyes widened at the awesome sight as they saw the table filled with many pancakes which all laid on a big plate, a bottle of syrup next to it on its left, a big plate of breakfast dumplings to the right of the dumpling, glasses filled with cool and cold milk which laid were they were going to sit, and empty plates along with silver wear which was next to the milk.

"This looks amazing Po," Tigress said with a smile on her face as she couldn't wait to get some of that breakfast into her empty stomach "You got that right Tigress and it looks so delicious." Viper added with a smile causing their lovers to chuckle and smile.

"Well then let's not stand here and marvel at it, let's eat some awesomeness!" Po said with a smile as he and crane then led their girls to their seats and gently sat them down to which Po and Crane took their seats next to their lovers. Once seated everyone began to get their plates filled with pancakes and dumplings and drench it all in syrup and began to eat it.

"This taste so good," Mantis said with a grin as he kept shoving his mouth full of dumplings and pancakes over and over again which gained laughs from Monkey who said "Easy Mantis, we don't want you blowing up now do we?" As he said this Monkey also began to shove forkfuls of the breakfast into his mouth which sort of gained some disgusted looks from their friends mostly Viper and Tigress but even they had to admit they felt like doing the same thing.

"You like it Tigress?" Po asked his feline with a smile before he put some pancake in his mouth and began to chew on it which Tigress was doing to but after she swallowed it she looked over at him and said "Of course Po this tastes awesome!" Tigress exclaimed with a smile as she continued to eat her pancakes but as she did Po noticed that she had some syrup on her lips causing him to smile.

"Um Tigress," Po said in as soft tone trying to gain her attention and when he did she looked at him and said "Yes Po," When she said this Po began to move his thumb across his lips trying to get the message to her and after a second she brought her finger up to her lips and dapped her finger on her lips and sure enough she felt some sticky stuff on them making him blush from embarrassment "Sorry about that Po, I will get it off," Tigress said as she brought her arm up to her lips but before she could bring it up all the way, Po had put his paw on her arm causing her to look over at him only to see him smiling "That's alright Tigress I will get it off for you." Po said sweetly as he slowly brought his lips to hers and when they began to kiss Po licked the syrup of his lover's lips and pulled back leaving Tigress blushing as Po then said "That's some pretty good syrup." As he then went back to eating as did Tigress who had a soft smile on her face as she was glad she had some syrup on her lips.

As Viper saw this sweet affection from her friends she couldn't but hope crane would also get some syrup on his beak and as she looked up at him she seen something on his beak it wasn't syrup but some dumpling stuck to beak from some syrup that got on it and she then began to smile and blush at the same time.

"Hey Crane, you have a little something right here," Viper said as she looked at Crane who turned to his snake to see her brushing her tail against her cheek causing Crane to be a little confused on what she was trying to tell him, until he wiped his wing across his face and felt something was on it and that was then he realized he something on his beak.

"Sorry Viper, let me get that off right away," Crane said with a smile on his face as he brought up his wing like Tigress did with her arm but just like Tigress he was stopped by Viper when she wrapped her tail around his wing and brought it back down to his lap.

"It's okay Crane, I will get it for you." Viper said in a sweet tone before she slithered over to Crane and coiled herself around him and began to make her way up him until her heard was right next to the side of his beak and was staring at the piece of dumpling. She then kissed him on the side of the beak for about 10 seconds and slowly pulled off to which Crane then swiped his wing across his beak to feel nothing there now.

"That was an awesome dumpling." Viper stated with a sweet smile as she then slithered back over to her seat and continued to eat her food and as their lovers continued eating Po and Crane looked at each other and shared a smile before they then looked back down at their plates.

"There right what am I waiting for, I can totally see me spending the rest of my life with Tigress/Viper, as I love her so much." Po and Crane thought in unison as they thought about their friend's words and they were right, they have given so much up for them because they care and love them very deeply, and would love the idea of marrying the girls they truly love.

After about 10 minutes of eating their awesome breakfast, they were finished and put their dirty dishes along with their empty glasses into the sink and headed over into the living room where they all agreed on heading out and checking around their new village to see what all it has as they really didn't get a really good look at it the other day or have time to look around. So, the girls headed up stairs to get dressed for the outing and to make sure they don't look like they didn't just get out of bed leaving the guys down stairs who began to talk about something.

"So you guys do want to them marry them," Monkey said after Po and Crane informed their friends on what they had decided after thinking over their friends words.

"Of course, I would love to marry Tigress she is the love of my life," Po said in soft tone before Crane said "As I would love to marry my Viper, but the only thing is that… we don't have rings for them." Crane said in a depressed tone as his face began to sadden as did Po as he knew his friend was right.

"Don't worry you two I'm sure there is a jewelry store around this village somewhere, but the only thing though is that we can't have Viper or Tigress know about any of this," Monkey said as he began to ponder and think of a way to do all of this without the girls knowing about what they were up to.

Just as they were thinking of ways to do it Po felt his paw being grabbed and Crane felt someone slithering up him slowly but surely as the two seen it was their awesome girls as they saw how they were dressed in their amazing clothes and how they looked absolutely beautiful as you could not even tell they had just woken up. Sfter a few complements from the guys they then headed out and as they did Monkey patted his buddy Po on the back to let him know they will get the rings and he doesn't have anything to worry about.

"It sure looks like it's going to be an amazing day, Hu Po," Tigress said with a smile on her face before she tilted her head up to the crystal clear blue sky that was above them as well as the cool warm sun and the best part was there was not even a cloud in sight.

"You bet it is Tigress. So, were should we start everyone?" Po asked his friends before he gripped his felines paw and turned his head back to his friends who sort of just shrugged to the question as they didn't really know where to begin.

"How about we just walk around and see what we can find." Po suggested to his friends and this time he got a head shake from them instead of shrugs so in no time they started walking around the village to look at the many things in it.

As they ventured around the village their eyes came across stores, many food carts mostly noodle carts, some barbeque joints which made Monkey and Mantis jump up excitedly, and they even came across a little park for children to play in and as they were walking by it there was about 20 to 30 children playing on the swing sets, jungle gym, and even on the gravel as they were pretending to fight each other with their kung Fu skills making the others giggle a little.

"They sure do look like they are having fun," Tigress pointed out with a smile on her face as she seen the children laughing all with smiles as they were playing with their friends. But as they passed by the park one of the children who were a little bunny girl noticed them and stopped her playing.

"Guys look who it is!" The bunny girl shouted to all the children in the park causing them all to stop only to see it was the dragon warrior and the legendary furious five which made them all lite up and rush towards them as they hopped of the fun equipment and over to the warriors who could hear all the footsteps coming towards them causing them to look behind them to see all the children coming towards them.

"Uh I think they know who we are guys." Mantis said as he could tell by just how the children were running towards them that they knew them very well and before they knew it they were surrounded by the excited children.

"Oh my gosh it's the dragon warrior and the furious five, you're my heroes!" One little piglet said with excitement in his voice as he and the other children began to say such awesome things about them and as they did they began to start in a riot of questions for their heroes to which Tigress raised her paw in the air to try and quite her fellow fans down.

"I'm glad you all have questions for us, but is it alright if we have everyone raise their hands if they want to ask a question please?" Tigress asked the children in a sweet soft tone who all without hesitation gave a little nod to her causing her to smile "Thank you, now who would like to ask us a question?" Tigress asked the children whose all hands shot up at the same time making her wonder who to call on first but she decided to call on a little sheep girl who was in the back and slowly made her way up to the front of the crowd.

"Hi there little one what's your name?" Tigress asked the little sheep who seemed to be a little nervous from standing in the presence of the people she admired the most but slowly and surely she answered the tiger as she softly said "M-My name is Ming."

"Ming Hu that's such a pretty name, well Ming what's your question?" Tigress asked the little sheep in a soft tone hopeing to calm the sheep's nervousness which seemed to work as the little sheep then looked up at Tigress.

"Well what's it like being herwos?" Ming asked the tiger as all the children then looked up at her as they were wondering to and Tigress along with Viper couldn't help but giggle at the cute little question from her and how all the children were giving them such cute looks.

"Well... where can I begin?" Tigress asked as she knelt on the ground while Viper slithered herself off of Crane and seated herself nicely next to her best friend, "For starters, it's a great honor to know we have the power to protect such sweet and innocent children, like you," the feline began before she and Viper chuckled when the children immediately surrounded them. Seeing a sight like this made both Po and Crane smile.

"They are so awesome with kids," the panda whispered softly, the bird nodding in agreement. After a moment or two of watching their lovely snake and tiger talking and playing with the children, both felt a tug on their arms. Looking down, they saw that the culprits were Mantis and Monkey.

"C'mon you guys! Now's the perfect time to go 'shopping'," Mantis stated quietly after he hopped onto Po's shoulder, while pointing out the word, shopping.

Knowing what their friend was saying, both Po and Crane nodded before they turned their gazes once more to their lovely girlfriends.

"Hey girls," Crane began, getting not only their attention, but the attention of their little fans, "Hope you don't mind, but Mantis and Monkey are dragging Po and I to that barbeque joint they saw… guess the-"

"C'MON! I'm STARVING!" Mantis and Monkey interrupted at the same time as they played along, acting like they were really in the mood for barbeque. The sight made not only the girls, but the children giggle. After taking a moment to compose herself, Viper replied back to the guys.

"Sure thing guys! Tigress and I are going to stay here for a while and play with our fans," upon hearing this from the snake, cheers rang out from the little fans, who were very excited that the two female warriors were going to stay with them. Both females chuckled at the sight of their little fans all excited, before waving to their retreating boyfriends and friends as they began to leave.

"See ya later!" Po called over his shoulder while he and the rest of the guys waved farewell for now to their female companions. As soon as they were out of hearing range from the girls, who were now answering more questions from the cuties, they began to talk about the important matter at hand-err paw.

"So, you guys think about what kind of rings you want to get your ladies?" both Po and Crane blinked at the sudden question that Mantis asked, before thinking for a moment.

"Well… I know I want to get something that'll be just as beautiful as Tigress, if that's even possible…. But I have NO IDEA what," Po admitted quietly after a moment. Crane nodded his head in agreement to this.

"Yeah…. I want to get so-" "Hello my friends!" The four males jumped at the sudden voice that interrupted Crane, but soon relaxed when they saw who it was.

"Hey Lei! How's it hanging?" Po asked before he and the others bowed in respect to the eagle. Said eagle merely chuckled at the four.

"I am doing very fine on this wonderful day! And please, you do NOT have to bow to me! After all, we are all friends, are we not?" the four male warriors chuckled at the question, before they nodded at their friend. As soon as they were done, Lei noticed that the two females of the group were missing.

"May I ask where Masters Tigress and Viper are?" upon hearing this question, both Po and Crane began to blush, while Mantis answered the eagle.

"We left them to play with some of our fans, while the two lover boys here pick out rings for them!" Lei gasped in amazement at this sudden info, before looking at the two blushing warriors.

"You are planning to propose to them?" Both Po and Crane just nodded, now smiling a little at the thought of asking the two for their paw/tail in marriage. Lei's face broke out into a big grin as he grabbed Po's paw and Crane's wing and shook them with joy.

"This is the happiest of news! I am very happy for the both of you AND your future brides! Come! You will need the FINEST rings possible, and I know just the person to go to for an honor as big as this!" before anyone could reply to the excited chief, he began to pull the bear and the bird along with him, making Monkey and Mantis follow while the two try to hold in their snickers.

As Lei continued to pull the bear and bird for about 5 minutes or so they were coming across what seemed to be little shops that either sold blank scrolls, paints, paintings, and another assortment of stuff, but Po couldn't help have a wondered look on his face as he was fascinated by these awesome shops but he seen none that carried jewelry or even remotely close to that as he then bent his head down to Lei.

"Umm Lei are you sure we are going in the right direction? Because I'm not seeing any jewelry at all," Po stated as he continued to look around his surroundings making sure he didn't miss what he had asked Lei only chuckled slightly and looked up at Po.

"Trust me my friend we are going in the right direction." Lei stated with a smile on his face causing Po to smile back and nod as Po didn't believe him as this was Leis village after all, I mean he should know where everything is, but even sometimes you can get lost in your own home.

After they walked some more distance, Lei could see the place they were heading to as he then stopped causing Po along with the others to stop and look at each other with confused faces as to why they suddenly stopped.

"What is it Lei? Is something wrong?" Crane asked the golden eagle with a wondered look to which Lei then turned his head to everyone and smiled.

"Of course not my friends, it's just that we are almost there, you see that's the place right there," Lei stated before he turned back to the front and pointed his golden wing out straight ahead causing the others to follow the wing until they were all starring at what it was pointing at. As they saw a medium sized shop bigger than the other little shops that they had passed by before and they could see that it had a huge billboard on top of it, in which big white Chinese lettering was written and from what they could tell, it said: 'Su's jewelry shop the place for everything fine and awesome.'

"The place of awesome Hu, sounds like it's the right place to me," Po stated with a grin on his face as when he seen the word awesome on the bill board he knew that was the right place for them to get the rings.

"It sure is Po, and let me just say you couldn't ask for a better Jeweler my friends, Su is the finest jeweler in all of the lands," Lei stated in a firm tone causing Crane eyes to widen to hear such words as he then asked "Is she that good Lei?" After hearing the question the bird asked Lei gave a firm nod "Most defiantly trust me, now let's get going as you guys have some rings to get and besides I'm sure she would be glad to meet you." Lei stated before he continued to walk towards the shop and without hesitation Po and the others followed Lei until they had reached the shops doors.

Once arriving at the doors which were made of thick bamboo and brush, Lei gently pushed it open and stood to the side and brushed his wing inside the shop telling the others to go ahead of him and that's what they did as they slowly entered the shop and once they were all in, they marveled at its beauty as they could see many paintings hanging from the which had perfect colors to them and the drawings were just as amazing, they then could see that shop had little showcases which had little fake jewelry most likely for the little children, and that's when they could see the real jewelry which shined insanely brightly as they ranged from gold necklaces to silver rings and all the more stuff that just made their jaws dropped.

"Man, even I have to admit that's a pretty freaking awesome necklace!" Mantis said as he could see a gold necklace which had red markings going across it almost like a dragon making its way up a pillar or something and then could see that it also had black flame patterns on it making him want it even more.

"Wow Lei I have to admit this place is severely cool," Po stated with a smile on his face after Lei had joined Po by his side and couldn't help but chuckle at how much Po seemed so excited by this place.

"Isn't it Po, well let's go see if Su is around here after all we need to get those rings for you." Lei stated snapping Po and the others out of their Trans like states as he was right and begin to follow him again as they then began to make their way to what seemed to be a counter that was made out of wood and it seemed really smooth as there was no cracks or rough spots in it, and as they walked closer they could see that a figure was behind it as they could only see their back as their back was turned, but they knew it had to be a bunny because of how they saw the ears and how tall the figure was.

"Hello my old friend, how are we today?" Lei asked the figure in a friendly tone before he walked up to the counter and placed one his wings on the counter and leaned on it trying to make himself look cool. After the figure heard the question they turned their head a little so that the corner of their eye could see who was talking to them and after they saw who it was they smiled.

"I'm doing fine Lei, how about you?" the bunny asked as she kept her back to him and continued to do what she was doing before she stopped to talk to Lei which seemed to be unpacking boxes.

"I'm fine, but I have some friends I would you like you to meet, if that's alright with you?" Lei asked with a wondered look which caused the bunny to smile and to stop what she was doing to reply with "Sure I would love to Lei." As the bunny then walked from behind her counter and out to the front and when she did Po and the others could get a way better look at her.

As she was wearing a bright red silk robe which had the pattern of white diamonds along with a bright yellow pattern of little gold rings which made her look beautiful and even more she wore a couple of diamond earrings that matched with her silk robe perfectly.

"Su I would like you to meet-," But that was all Lei could say before the bunny said the rest for him "The dragon warrior and furious five well the furious 3, it's an honor to meet you and have you in my shop," The bunny stated as she respectfully bowed to the heroes of China to which Po returned the bow "And its honor to meet you to, and if it's alright I ask, would you be the great jeweler named Su?" Po asked in a polite tone as he figured she was when she said her shop.

"Yes I'm Su, forgive me for not introducing myself before but I was thrilled to have such great warriors here in my shop," Su said in a soft tone causing the others to blush a little but she couldn't help but have a wondered look as she then said "But if you don't mind me asking, where is master Tigress and master Viper?" When she asked this question Po and Crane looked at each other and began to blush a bright red.

"Well Su right now they are playing with some children and are answering their questions and well we sort of made up an excuse and left them there for a little," Crane said in a shy tone as he rubbed the back of his head nervously and upon hearing this Su couldn't help but feel confused as to why they did that, that was until Po said something.

"But we did so, so they wouldn't see what we are up to, you see we came here with Leis help to well… get some rings for them," Po said with a smile on his face as he also had a little red on his cheeks.

"What kind of rings dragon warrior?" Su asked the panda who was having trouble saying the words afraid that the bunny would think it would be weird and that's when their friends stepped in for them.

"They are looking for some wedding rings Su," Monkey said with a smile on his face as he walked up to Po and Crane putting both his hands on their backs and then Mantis said something after he had hoped onto Po's shoulder "As they want to propose," And after Mantis said that Lei walked over to the 5 and stood next to Crane as he then finished the chained sentence "To master Tigress and master Viper." Upon hearing those words Po and Cranes hearts began to beat pretty fast as with Su a soft smile appeared on her face before she walked up to the blushing warriors and looked at them with her still soft smile.

"Well then… you came to the right person!" she chuckled merrily, before leading the group of males over to a large selection of beautiful rings of all different varieties, sizes, colors… and the jewels... each one sparkling radiantly as the rays of sunlight hit them, making them look even more breathtaking.

"Wow." was the only word that could manage to find its way out of the Dragon warrior's mouth after a moment of looking at the beautiful rings. Crane, Monkey, and Mantis could only nod mutely, too awestruck to even think of something to say. Lei and Su chuckled at the awe struck warriors, before Su cleared her throat gently, making everyone snap their attention to her.

"So… what kind of rings do you two want for your ladies, hmm?" Po and Crane took a moment to look over the rings once more, but…. Couldn't really find anything that they thought would fit the beauty of the ones the two loved the most.

"These are all awesomely beautiful Ms. Su… but none of them…. Well," seeing that his large friend was having trouble with finding the right words, Crane placed a wing on his shoulder to silence him, before taking over where Po left off.

"None of these seem to fit the ideas of what we feel for Tigress and Viper…" Su merely smiled at this, as an idea popped into her head.

"That is quite fine my friends! For if you like, I also take orders to make pacific types of jewelry. Just tell me what you'd like the rings to be like, and of course the size if you know them, and I'll have them ready for you before tomorrow afternoon! AND, as an added bonus, these rings will be one of a kind, like master's Tigress and Viper. To let them know how special they are." Crane and Po both blinked in surprise at what the master jeweler had just offered them, before face splitting grins appeared on their faces.

"Thanks so much Su!" Po exclaimed in excitement, causing the group to laugh at his excited tone.

"Think nothing of it Dragon warrior! Now, both you and Master Crane can come with me to my back room and we'll design the rings you wish to give them!" the two males nodded at her instructions, before they were lead behind a rose colored cloth door in the back of the shop, while Mantis, Monkey, and Lei waited for them.

"So… what kind of rings do you think they're going to have made for them?" Monkey asked after a moment of silence. Upon hearing this "Well then… you came to the right person!" she chuckled merrily, before leading the group of males over to a large selection of beautiful rings of all different varieties, sizes, colors… and the jewels... each one sparkling radiantly as the rays of sunlight hit them, making them look even more breathtaking.

"Wow." was the only word that could manage to find its way out of the Dragon warrior's mouth after a moment of looking at the beautiful rings. Crane, Monkey, and Mantis could only nod mutely, too awestruck to even think of something to say. Lei and Su chuckled at the awe struck warriors, before Su cleared her throat gently, making everyone snap their attention to her.

"So… what kind of rings do you two want for your ladies, hmm?" Po and Crane took a moment to look over the rings once more, but…. Couldn't really find anything that they thought would fit the beauty of the ones the two loved the most.

"These are all awesomely beautiful Ms. Su… but none of them…. Well," seeing that his large friend was having trouble with finding the right words, Crane placed a wing on his shoulder to silence him, before taking over where Po left off.

"None of these seem to fit the ideas of what we feel for Tigress and Viper…" Su merely smiled at this, as an idea popped into her head.

"That is quite fine my friends! For if you like, I also take orders to make pacific types of jewelry. Just tell me what you'd like the rings to be like, and of course the size if you know them, and I'll have them ready for you before tomorrow afternoon! AND, as an added bonus, these rings will be one of a kind, like master's Tigress and Viper. To let them know how special they are." Crane and Po both blinked in surprise at what the master jeweler had just offered them, before face splitting grins appeared on their faces.

"Thanks so much Su!" Po exclaimed in excitement, causing the group to laugh at his excited tone.

"Think nothing of it Dragon warrior! Now, both you and Master Crane come with me to my back room and we'll design the rings you wish to give them!" the two males nodded at her instructions, before they were lead behind a rose colored cloth door in the back of the shop, while Mantis, Monkey, and Lei waited for them.

"So… what kind of rings do you think they're going to have made for them?" Monkey asked after a moment of silence. Upon hearing this question, the eagle and insect shrugged their shoulders.

"Who knows? But, knowing those two, I think they got the right ideas for the perfect rings," Mantis stated with a firm nod. Lei silently chuckled at how serious the insect looked, but before he could add anything, Crane and Po came back out with Su following them.

"What beautiful ideas you've given me my dear friends! I'm sure both Masters Tigress and Viper will love them!" Po and Crane both smiled and nodded at the jeweler, happy she thought so…. And also hoped she was right about their ladies.

"Thanks again Ms. Su! So, how much do we owe you for the rings?" as Crane asked this, both he and Po we're about to get their money out, when Lei stepped in front of them.

"Not to worry my friends. This is on me," both warriors blinked in shock at this.

"Bu-but Lei, you've already done so much for us! We can't just-," Lei held up a wing, silencing the giant panda before he could say anything else.

"My friends… you deserve MUCH for protecting the lives of the innocent. Count this as MY personal thanks for all you've done for all of China," hearing this left the bird and bear speechless for a moment, before they then gently smiled and bowed to the chief.

"Thank you Lei," they stated in unison, VERY grateful for the generosity that the village chief had just bestowed upon them. Lei just chucked happily.

"Think nothing of it! Now, why don't you four get back to Tigress and Viper while I wait for the rings for you? I'm sure they're wondering what's taking you four so long," Upon hearing this, both Monkey and Mantis stepped forward with grins on their faces.

"Oh, don't worry about that sir! We told them we were dragging them to one of the barbeque joints with us… and we usually take HOURS to finish!" Crane and Po chuckled when Mantis said this, know it was SO true.

"Even so, we should probably get back now. Knowing them, they're missing these two like a child misses candy," Monkey added with a sly chuckle, causing both Po and Crane to blush at that before they were pulled out of the shop by the prime ape and bug, all while waving at their two friends. Question, the eagle and insect shrugged their shoulders "That was such a nice thing you did for them my friend… your father would be very proud of you," Su stated once the warriors were out of her shop. Lei merely sighed, before turning to his friend.

"It is what he would've wanted… these people are great heroes after all… and it is the least I can do for them, for all they have done for the innocent," was all the village chief could whisper out, before he cleared his throat.

"So Su… when will the rings be done?" hearing this made the bunny chuckle, before they began to get down to business about the wedding rings.

(With Tigress and Viper)

"Bye little ones!" Viper shouted to the retreating forms of the little fans as she and Tigress waved after them, which they all gladly returned, all shouting their own farewells and such. Once they were out of sight, both girls were slightly startled when they felt arms wrap around them from behind... arms they knew all too well.

"You guys are great with kids," Po whispered into the feline's ear, causing her to shiver a little, before she gently smiled and placed her paws over his.

"I'll say… you're going to be great moms someday," Crane whispered just as sweetly to Viper, who in return giggled and wrapped her tail around one of his strong wings. The sweet sight made Monkey smile… while Mantis just pretended he was vomiting. After a moment, the bird and the bear released their loved ones so they could turn to see their faces. Smiling his trade mark smile, Po then decided to ask Tigress something.

"So, beautiful… how's about tonight we go out on the town? You and me? The stars above us? All alone?" Tigress gave off a small giggle at Po's attempt to be smooth with her….. This was working to be honest, before she then leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, my brave Dragon warrior," was all she whispered against his lips, before the two shared a loving hug. The sight made everyone, minus Mantis who continued to pretend to be sick, smile warmly at the two, before Crane turned his warm smile to the beautiful snake before him.

"So Viper," he began, gaining her precious attention, "How about we have a night to ourselves as well? We can see if there's anything in this town that can come CLOSE to your beauty? Though, I highly doubt that," the Beauty part made the snake go red for a moment, before she once again smiled and wrapped herself lovingly around her avian.

"I'd love to Crane… you're the best," was all she got out, before she lovingly pressed her lips against his beak, which he responded immediately. And after the cute little moments, they all began to head home to get ready for what Po and Crane knew could be the biggest night for them and their lovers lives.

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