I was infected… with the plot virus :P. That plot is, a Homestuck and Harry Potter crossover! I was severely disappointed for the lack of HS crossovers here, so I decided to do something about it. I'll just write the intro this chapter, but if anyone is interested in reading more, let me know! :D


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P.S. This takes place during 5th year, but I'm planning on making a whole different plot than what actually happens in the book, so that's a thing. :) ENJOY.

The place is Voldemort's castle. He must not be named himself sat at the head of a grand, expensive looking table. On the opposite end was none other than Beq Noir, the doggish looking demon with wings and a sword through his middle. The reason these two had met tonight was no mystery to the many death eaters who stood protectively by Voldemort's chair.

The two villains both had a desire to kill innocent people, gain power, and be unstoppable as possible. The death eaters were fairly certain they were not going to organize a flowery picnic.

Soon, a deal was reached between the two mass murderers. Beq Noir had somehow managed to convince Voldemort and the death eaters that these so-called Troll Kids and apparently four human muggles would cause a threat and they should do something about it.

After Beq Noir apparated to god knows where, Bellatrix approached The Dark Lord. She was wondering why on Earth he would think some 16 meddlesome babies would be worthy of his attention.

To which he responded, these ignorant children may be mere muggles, but it was obvious they all had powers that, if no one "disposed" of them, it might cause a slight inconvenience in the future.


This was a first time Bellatrix Lestrange had been to a comet. Of course it was a piece of cake to learn the intergalactic-traveling spell, but it just seemed a tad weird. And this was coming from Bellatrix Lestrange here, so you know it must be pretty loony.

Bellatrix breathed in the cold oxygen she was getting from a different enchantment. She had been told by the strange creature thingy Beq Noir that the trolls would all be gathered in the building structure that loomed in front of her, and at the time all in the same room.

The witch cast a simple location spell, and was led inside the building and to a door with a crude drawing that said "KEEP OUT" taped onto it. Bellatrix laughed loudly and tore down the piece of paper. When she barged into the unlocked door with a few killing curses on the tip of her tongue, she was extremely surprised at what she saw.

"Ah, Ms. Lestrange. Glad you could stop by, would you like a cup of tea?" Bellatrix Lestrange's mouth practically hit the floor.

There, right before her eyes, sat the friendly old bespectacled man we all know as Albus Dumbledore, surrounded by 12 grey skinned and orange horned adolescent children. Some of the kids held teacups and were sipping them tentatively.

Needless to say, Bellatrix backed down; at least being sane enough to somewhat value her life. However, this was not before trying a few curses and having them being blocked easily with no hope of getting through. The Dark Lord is not going to be happy about this, she thought.


"Who wath that crathy bitch?" Sollux asked immediately after she had gone. This elder human male had shown up at their door no less than an hour ago, claiming to be a wizard. He told of an evil wizard called Moldymoth or some shit who wanted to kill them, along with the Humans some of the trolls had been trolling.

Only several of the trolls, Eridan, Feferi, and Tavros included, actually believed Dumblydoor. That is, until he demonstrated by a number of unexplainable feats that he was indeed magic.

He set his beard on fire, made Tavros fly, flooded the room with orange juice, and fixed Eridan's computer instantaneously before the stubborn ones, i.e. Karkat, could fully believe him.

After the incident with Bellatrix, The headmaster explained about Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and told them very quickly about the wizarding world.

There were minimal interruptions, which was kind of surprising considering the typical personalities of most of the trolls.

After a large amount of begging, pleading, commanding, and yelling amongst themselves, the troll kids agreed that they would spend a year at Hogwarts.

Karkat and a few others were naturally opposed to the idea, being opposed to 90% of ideas they were confronted with, but eventually came through. Eridan was practically peeing his pants about going to a school for magic.

There was even a greater amount of arguments and excitement once the troll kids found out that Rose, Jade, John, and Dave had already agreed to go to Hogwarts before hand. Dumbledore waited patiently on his chair, not saying a word, knowing full well that the answer would be yes. These kids were magical after all.


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