Chapter 9

Silent and Isolated part 1

A man wondered around d the desert and everything is isolated. When he realizes that war is over he joins a group of samurai and sometimes he was caught in a fight with a fellow samurai. He don't mind what the others will think besides during Great War, they been in different service and different allies.

One day, there's a group of man with a merchant ride a mechanical transport. The man came out and told to the samurai," Those who want live join me and your life spared." All are hesitating," And what will be the prize?" The fat old man smirked." To regain your honor."

The other samurai then chattered, then the others decide to accept the offer but except for one man. He was blond and silent, wielding two swords on his back. "What about you?" The man asked, he just glare and then spoke, "You said it will regain our honor."

"Yes, it will." The man replied.

He step on and he knows it will never his honor and make a disgrace on himself as a samurai.

Months had passed….

He was working as a bodyguard of a magistrate; he only heard the Nobuseri had been in many villages to steal rice from the farmers. He didn't complain to his job and he just let it flow the days will passed. When his guard was shifted to another samurai, he then go out and getting some fresh air.

He then heard a group of samurai surround a girl in the street, not far from his position but he saw everything from the top.

"Come on, just be with us. You are a fine woman." A man threaten' her.

But she didn't speak a word. All the men are just smirked until one of them get closer to her and try to grab her hand. But she then knocks them out by her undrawn sword which the cover of it is still t heir.

The man who been watching in the top was gain an interest to her. The girl rose and left the unconscious men. The men want to fight her and if she will be worthy enemy for him. But he never fought a woman but t makes his interest. On his shift he was with another samurai winch pair with him. "Hey, I see you make an interest for something, a worthy enemy isn't?" the man with a long black hair said. He never replied just stared.

The night fall and everything is silent, the man just sleep outside the magistrate room near by the outside walls. While the other is inside guarding the door where his lord is sleeping, the silent samurai hear a voice singing in the bright moonlight he walk and find that voice where it is. He know he left his pose but sometimes it's a possible threat, he then found the person who sing that song. The girl he seen before, she sang very nostalgic while moon shining in the sky. She then feels a present of a samurai and draws her sword which she saw him he was standing there and not draw his sword. She then put her sword back and left him. The man was surprise what he saw a girl who wielding with a rare beauty in front of him and him nostalgic when he heard her voice.

In the next he was very desperate to find her but his shift was in his way he have no choice but wait. After a week his had two days off make him find that girl who had that nostalgic voice. He heard it again that voice echoing in the wind and he then hurried followed it. The girl walking by, and go on to the place where she live. The man found her entering a building where a blacksmith shop. He then enters the shop and wondered, "Excuse me?" A large man behind ask him. He just glares at him and don't say a word then he speak, "I wondering, if there's a girl lives here?" The man then asks him. "What do you want to her?" he then turn his eyes on the man and said." Nothing, It's just… I heard a voice echoing last time. Never mind" He then live the shop.

The laugh at him and told him. "Are you interested on the girl? You know she lives her but she don't want to face trouble." He closes his eyes and turn. "I see." A simple replied then he rose, the girl came out and asks him, "Another customer you turn down." The man smiled, "Nope, he was interested on you Sasuke-dono." The girl wondered.

After a day, he goes back to the shop and this time he want to fix his sword it was been broken during the attack last night. But I's a perfect timing he saw the girl who sing the song. "Hey, Sasuke this is Kyuzo-dono. He's sword was broken last night it think I need a help." She then help the man and Kyuzo look at her and turn his head from his broken sword. "What do you want from me?" He then look at her, he didn't say a word just look at her and then look back again his sword. Sasuke just wondered when his sword is fixed perfectly when Kyuzo walk and then Sasuke catch up with him, "Wait, Kyuzo-dono." He turn seeing a young lady trying to ask him,"What is it?" he ask. "You didn't answer me." She replied. He then turn and told, "I heard your voice many times singing that song make me feel nostalgic." She was surprise when heard those words from his mouth. The man rose and Sasuke ask him again,"That's all. I mean…. In a few days ago someone watching me, it might be you?" Kyuzo turn his head and said, "It's alright to visit you."

The girl surprisingly heard that words and his companion just giggle when he heard those. "Am… it's not a problem actually." The girl said, then man walk and said, "See you then." Her companion then approaches her, "See, I told he was interested on you."

"Kurodo!" She yells,

"Sorry, then we have work to do." The man goes back inside the shop.

The man finally found the nostalgic makes him desperate to find her. And realize that she a samurai but more beautiful than he expected from before.