I was cautious as I walked into the castle, tip toeing in as if the kings could hear me. I looked around the room and then entered the code to open the vault. Once it had opened, I dug around until I found a small golden locked box. I pulled it out and then closed the vault. I sat down in the throne and tried to put the thought that Brady is known to sit on the throne naked out of my mind. I unlocked the box with a key on my necklace, I pulled a small golden book out of it. As I opened up the beautiful book, I felt an arm around my shoulders. I grabbed onto it and flipped the person onto the ground.

"Oh! King Brady I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed as I rushed over to him to check to see if he was okay.

He opened his eyes and stared at me with his majestic brown eyes. He smiled that sexy smile that he always gives me and then replied, "Its okay, you can flip me any day you want."

I tried my best to ignore his comment. Then he got up and brushed some dirt off his striped pyjama pants. I rushed over to the throne and grabbed the book and the box.

"Hey what's that?" Brady asked.

"Nothing," I answered quickly as I rushed over to the door.

Brady ran over behind me and put his hand on my shoulder, "Mikayla, you can show me. If it's embarrassing or something, I promise I won't laugh."

I sighed and then walked back to the throne and sat down. Brady sat down on the arm rest and put his arm around me. I quickly pushed his arm away. I put the box down on the floor and then opened the book. It was an old dusty scrapbook.

Brady looked very hard at the first picture and then commented, "These people look familiar."

"That's because it is a family picture of your mom, your dad, Boomer and you on you and Boomers first birthday," I explained.

"Wait, how long did we live here before leaving?" Brady asked.

"You stayed until you were two years old then your mom ordered your aunt and uncle to take you guys to Chicago with them," I continued to explain.

Brady lightly touched the book and flipped the page, which made me all tingly since the book was on my lap. He looked at the next picture and smiled, he recognized the people right away, "It's you and me."

"Yeah, my dad said we used to be great friends as toddlers but we lose touch when you left, I didn't know any of this until the day after you arrived when my dad showed me this," I explained.

Brady lost his balance and slide down beside me. We were so close, our arms and legs were pressed together. I felt the tingly feeling again so I quickly got up and started to pace.

"So um why are you up?" I asked trying to distract myself.

"I'm not sure, I had this amazing dream and then I suddenly woke up and I had this feeling I had to come down here," Brady replied.


Brady laughed, "No, I had to go to the bathroom but Boomer clogged the toilet last night so I was looking for another one."

I sighed with relief, "Well you should really be getting back to sleep."

"Why are you down here?" Brady asked as he looked at me with a loving gaze.

"I couldn't sleep," I lied.

"Really? You are a pretty heavy sleeper," Brady commented.

"And how would you know that!"

Brady rubbed his head and then replied, "Well it's getting pretty late I should probably go to sleep, I'll see you in my dreams."

I laughed at his cheesy comment but as he was walking away, I felt my heart begin to ach then I called, "Brady! Wait!"

He turned around and looked at me with those capitalizing eyes. I walked over to me and put his arm around me but this time I didn't push it away. "What's wrong Mikayla, you have a weird look on your face."

I couldn't resist, I grabbed his face and kissed him. Once I realized what I was doing I let go and shyly walked away, "I'm so sorry Brady."

He lightly caught my arm and spun me around to face him then he asked, "You like me?"

I tried to hid it but I knew my eyes and blushing was giving it away. He stroked my cheek with his hand and lightly pulled me into a kiss.

My hormones kicked in and I found myself with my arms around his neck, passionately kissing him. We walked over to the couch as we kissed, then he lightly pushed me onto the couch. He got on top of me and we continued kissing. I put my hands under his shirt and pulled his shirt off him. I was stunned at his body, he had abs!

Brady pulled a blanket over us and pulled off my shirt...

I woke an hour or two later. I had my arms tightly wrapped around Brady with him hugging me as he slept. He began to open his eyes, he looked at me and smiled.

All of a sudden the door burst open and standing in the doorway was my dad Mason and the guards! Brady and I jerked up, I held tightly onto the blanket. My dad was furious! "Brady!" He growled.

Brady would have run away but since he didn't have any clothes on, he just sat beside me shaking in fear.

My dad slowly stomped toward us, when all of a sudden Boomer appeared and exclaimed, "What's all the noise down here?" He looked over at us and smiled, then he looked over at my dad and ran away.

"Daddy! please don't do anything!" I begged.

My dad gripped tightly onto his machete as he walked closer to Brady. Once he was standing right in front of Brady, he barked, "How could you!"

"Mason, I'm so sorry but we love each other," Brady replied.

"Okay, because you love each other I will give you a ten second head start," my dad stated fiercely.

"Daddy please doesn't hurt Brady," I begged again but he just ignored me.

"ONE!" my dad exclaimed.

Brady quickly grabbed his clothes off the ground and pulled them on. Then he got up and sprinted away screaming.

"Please don't do this," I begged one more time.

"Mikayla, you are my little girl and I'm going to protect you," my dad stated and then he ran off after Brady.