Hope Leads to Happiness Again

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It was still surreal to Mac that he was going to be a father. There was times he thought he might be dreaming. If he was, he didn't want to wake up, ever. His wife Hope was four months pregnant. It may not have been considered 'normal' but it wasn't exactly uncommon for a man his age, forty-two to be becoming a father for the first time nowadays. Neither was the fact his wife was fourteen years his junior.

At sixteen weeks gestation the couple's unborn child now resembled a baby and was about the size of a banana. Her condition was beginning to show on the mother-to-be but not quite to the point where maternity clothes were needed. Hope was also beginning to feel a few flutters when the baby moved now but it was too soon for her husband;s palm to feel. The selfish 'trend' of Mommyrexia may have hit Manhattan but not Hope Taylor. She was looking forward to showing off her belly. The mere mention of this 'trend' made Mac's wife's blood boil. She couldn't believe a woman would risk her child's health out of vanity. If their figures were that important to them then maybe they shouldn't get knocked up in the first place. Hope had never been shy about experiencing this opinion to anyone, either. At their latest appointment—the one where the ultrasound print that sat on Mac's desk was taken, the expectant parents could have found out the gender of their baby but decided to wait.

For now at least.

Part of them really wanted to know, the other wanted the surprise.

What was considered 'healthy' eating was considered "for the birds" to Hope Taylor. But she was trying to at least eat healthier, if only for the baby she was carrying. Giving up junk food, especially caffeine and her beloved chocolate was the hardest part.

Hope's parents couldn't put their excitement into words to be expecting their first grandchild. They ignored the looks they got when they told people it was Hope who was pregnant. Some of Alicia's friends wouldn't say so but thought Hope's marriage was "inappropriate" and the fact she and her husband were having a baby "even more wrong." These were "fighting words" for the Conways and their friends knew it. Alicia and Nathan were currently planning another trip to the big apple to see their pregnant daughter. Rhode Island wasn't that far from New York but the older couple wished it was closer. Moving to New York City wasn't an option for the Conways. Manhattan was a great place to visit but they could never live there. Even before she had met her husband, Hope had started to feel like New York was home she spent so much time there. She had been excited to be offered a job there. The moment she met Mac Taylor Hope knew she was truly home.

Nathan Conway knew he and his wife would be visiting the big apple so often in the future that they "might as well" move there but with that not happening they were going to rely on air miles points and seat sales. Just because New York City wasn't for them, didn't mean that their grandchild—and hopefully grandchildren wouldn't do great being raised there. That came to parenting, not location. And this child was going to have amazing parents.

The way Mac doted on his pregnant wife was a surprise to no one. He knew how to be attentive to her but not "smothering." He couldn't wait to be able to feel the kicks from the baby in his wife's belly against his palm. According to Hawkes that might be in as soon as another two weeks. He would have teased his friend about his excitement but he knew this were a big thing for most expectant fathers.

"That's the little Taylor, huh?" Hawkes said, noticing the printout on Mac's desk near the end of the day.

"Yeah," Mac said as he proceeded to put on his jacket, not able to suppress a smile.

"You guys know the sex, yet? They can tell you now."

"Yeah. We're trying to see if we can wait. Not sure how far we're gonna get with that though."

Putting off finding out the sex of the baby was something they weren't going to be able to do for much longer. However picking out names and buying baby items was being put off for another few months to make sure Hope's pregnancy continued to go smoothly. The urge to buy things was big especially when Hope saw baby clothes in camouflage. She knew the sex of the baby was irrelevant but part of Hope had her fingers crossed that she would give Mac Taylor a son—even if he wasn't going to be called Mac Taylor III.

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