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The crimes that Mac, Danny and Don had investigated in one night were a "prime example" of life in a city of over eight million people. And how it was "far too dangerous" for any member of her family, Jesse's grandmother thought.

The toddler whose assault Don Flack had investigated was now a murder case. As predicted the boy had died two hours after arriving at the hospital. And now preliminary autopsy results were indicating that the boy was the victim of abuse prior to the assault that took his life. Reading the article from her home computer, Alicia Conway thought, being a horrible but familial crime, it could have occurred anywhere. However the seemingly random murders that Mac and Danny had investigated were examples of why the big apple wasn't a safe place to raise a child.

Especially her grandchild.

How she wished every night the three would move away from there.

But Jesse Taylor had the most protective parents and circle of friends who were surrogate family. Hope was a stay-at-home by choice, not necessity, so the chance of Jesse ending up in the newspaper as the victim of abuse or worse by a nanny wasn't possible. The very thought of leaving her son in someone else's care for such an extended period of time, no matter how much she had to pinch pennies because there was only her husband's income to support the family, was unheard of to Hope. She would miss too much if she choose to work outside the home. Even Lindsay Messer wouldn't work more than part-time hours since Lucy had been born four years ago—unless it was an "all hands on deck" call. And in a case like that a lot of time, she would ask Hope if she could get the babysitter to bring Lucy over to the Taylor home. Hope had always said yes. Lucy was such a sweet child and easy to look after. Likely it was because Hope wasn't her mother, that the almost four-year-old girl listened to her so well but nevertheless, it was a breeze to even get the child to got to sleep which often happened on the times her parents worked late enough for her to go to the Taylors'.

It was two nights after the November first night of crimes that all had to stay late. The Messers felt a mix of relief and guilt about their daughter being over at Mac's home. Relief knowing that Lucy was no doubt beyond content over with Mac's wife but guilt thinking that Hope had enough on her plate with baby Jesse. Sometimes though it was a comfort for the two because if Lucy got to missing her parents and crying for them, Hope had the ability to comfort the child much better than the babysitter. Tonight was one of those nights.

"I want mommy and daddy," the child sniffled, hugging into Hope's body on the sofa.

"I know you do, sweetheart," Hope rubbed the girl's back, Lucy had her legs wrapped Hope's waist and her face buried in her shoulder. Time had to feel longer for someone so young. And it wasn't as if Lucy was asking for a lot, just to see her parents.

Poor baby, Hope thought.

Lucy's parents and Mac arrived at the apartment after 11 p.m. that night. Lucy was sound asleep on the sofa. Hope had got her to settle two hours ago. The two thanked Hope again and gathered their daughter. Lucy stirred but didn't wake when Danny picked her up. Alone now, Mac took his wife in his embrace and kissed her passionately. Hope returned the gesture, running her fingers through his short hair.

"I missed you, too," she smiled.

Mac grinned. Knowing their son were asleep ,for the moment, and a few moments might be all he would have with his beloved before their precious son woke up, Mac picked his wife up in his arms bridal-style and carried her to their bedroom.

"I'm sorry," Mac whispered to his wife, between hot kisses on her now equally hot skin. "I'm sorry I wasn't here much the past two days."

"Shh," she admonished him, silencing him with a kiss. "That doesn't matter."

It never had mattered. As much as it difficult only seeing the man she loved for just a few hours in the past two days but it was a sacrifice she had signed on for. When he was home, on her time, in her "precinct," Mac was present in every way with her and their son. That was all she would ever ask of him. The two had an hour together before they heard Jesse on the monitor.

"I'll get him," Mac said, giving Hope's hair a gentle stroke before he got out of bed. He knew his love wouldn't be awake when he returned to the room after attending to their bundle of joy. He wouldn't expect her to. In between his naps, Jesse was exploring the world and learning new things all the time, keeping his mommy on her toes. Just to lay next to her and hold her sleeping form was enough for Mac.