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Chapter 1: Miserable Me.


Percy's P.O.V

It's Christmas today. Everyone was in hurry to get to their homes.

Their homes full of happiness, joy, and laughter.

Lucky them….

Truth to be told, I envy them…

Me, a miserable, 18 year old homeless kid…

A guy, seeking for love and the warmth of the hearth…

Seeking for home in this cold alley. Yeah, after all the things that I've done, after all the things that I've sacrificed…

And still, here I am, betrayed, abandoned, and unwanted.

My eyes once sea-green, are now gray like the sea on a cold winter night, full of depression and loneliness, swallowed by apathy. I know, weird huh, but it's fine.

My tears flow like a water fall.

From my eyes,

To my cheeks,

To the snow.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my name, I'm Percy Jackson.


The hero of Olympus,

Retriever of Zeus master-bolt,

Defeater of Ares,

Retriever of the Golden Fleece,

Savior of Artemis,

Guardian of the Ophiotaurus,

Blessed by Pan,

Hero of the battle of the labyrinth,

Leader of camp half-blood,

Leader of the battle of Manhattan,

Defeater of Kronos,

Praetor of camp Jupiter,

Destroyer of the Giants,

Defeater of Gaea,

Blah, blah, blah…

Pretty long title huh? Yeah, guess so. Who cares?

You think that because of these things that I've done that the fates would stop messing with my life, right? You're completely wrong.

Because, after all of those tragic things…

Still, where do you think am I huh? Here, in this dark alley, homeless, starving, cold, and alone…

You wonder what happened?

Why am I here?

What about camp half-blood?

Wise girl?

My friends?

My father?

My mother?

Wise girl?


Camp Jupiter?

Wise girl?

Then here, let me tell you a story.

A story of a hero, a lover, a friend, a father, and a son.

A story of betrayal, friendship, love, family, pain, and forgiving.

The story of me, after the war.

The story of me, finding my home.

The story of me, finding my paradise…