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Chapter 28: Calm before the storm.

"Mr. Di Angelo, Mr. Spurge, and Ms. Del Angeles…." The principal, Mr. Burns, said loud but slowly as he checked the files of the three one by one. He looked up towards the three who have extremely different expressions embedded on their faces.

Truthfully, it made Joel Burns pretty much amused even with the damage that they had caused.

Of course, what happened is something that is totally out of ordinary…

occasional fights with students happens regularly, but a fight where one of the student being thrown away towards a row of steel lockers and destroying them? It is not. It's a wonder why it seemed that Brent doesn't even seem to have a single scratch, but only just obviously shaken up.

The old principal wondered if Nico have some sort of supernatural powers. He almost snorted at that thought, such a fantasy like situation can never occur in real life.

He observed the three, Brent, as is said, is obviously shaken up and is leaning away from Nico with the look of undeniable fright.

Bianca frequently looks towards Nico with extreme worry in her eyes. Mr. Burns remembers this girl as a hardworking and kind girl as he had once been her teacher once on her freshman year.

Raising his eyebrow, and with an almost unnoticeable knowing smirk, he had made up his mind that the girl probably is in-love/have a crush on/attracted to Nico. What else is the reason? Friendship? Would a girl really look as worried as this if Nico is just her friend? Ha.

The said boy, Nico, meanwhile is just expertly twirling a pen he picked in the table of the principal. He had a bored expression that is perfectly describing how he really doesn't want to be in that room or that how he doesn't care about what happened. He's not even noticing or just even paying attention to the gaze that Bianca gives him.

Nico is really a curious case. That is what Mr. Burns had decided ever since the day he met the boy. With all of years he's teaching, he had already met bunch of different teenagers, he had met jocks that seems to only care about being a douchebag, geeks that only cares about knowledge and fantasy stories, he had also already met bunch of wanna be emo guys with all of his years of teaching but this boy don't seem to be really like anyone of them.

The normal wanna be guys are usually just those people who are going with the "fad".

Like emo's, he had scars…. They are obvious if you just look carefully, but obviously not self-mutilated. But it's as if they are from some sort of a fight. You can also see the dark tattoos peeking a bit under his sleeves. But he had always felt that Nico isn't like those weird, wannabe, overdramatic, moronic kids. He just gives this aura that he knew what he's doing even if you think otherwise.

The boy just seemed so mature. As if he had lived such a long life in which he had experienced everything.

"You guys know, how big of a mess you did, right? I could expel all of you for it, you know." Mr. Burns said while raising his eyebrow at the three, successfully breaking the ice. Brent's eyes widened a bit but recovered.

"Sir! It was all that freak!" Brent quickly said, more on shouted while pointing at Nico, which made him earn a round of rolling of eyes of Nico.

Bianca turned her attention to him and glared.

The old principal cleared his throat, trying to get back the atmosphere that was ruined by Brent's outburst.

Nico then just sighed and suddenly dropped the pen.

"How much?" he passively said.

Mr. Burns quickly focused on Nico, thinking that he had misheard what the boy said. Bianca and Brent looked at him too.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Burns said, leaning forward as if trying to make sure he properly hears Nico this time.

Nico, again, rolled his eyes.

"I said…. how much is the cost of the damage?" He said again with the same manner of tone and passiveness.

Mr. Burns cleared his throat. "Oh, yes… I'm not really sure since it's not yet properly investigated. But if I will say a price, then I'm pretty sure it'll be fifteen to twenty five grand." He said while calculating it in his head based on the amount of damage he had seen. And you know what? He's more or less, right since a part of the wall also broke.

This shocked Brent and Bianca, knowing that the price is too much for them. Brent, even though not poor, doesn't know how to tell this news to his parents who will surely kick him out. Bianca, even though she know that the UG will reimburse the payment easily, will surely be heavily reprimanded by her superiors for this mishap and will surely fall lower on the eyes of her colleagues that are already looking down on her.

He continued. "Now, I know how big that cost, but with the damage you had made, that'll be the-" he was cut by Nico who retrieved his wallet while the principal is talking. A big, fat, wallet.

"Here." He said as he threw a bunch of cash to the desk of principal who widened his eyes with the money on his front.

An awkward silence permeated the room as the three looks at that money with extreme shock.

"Thirty thousand dollars, I hope that'll be enough." Nico said with a tone of finality. The principal looked at him, as the other two, and somehow, felt incredibly intimidated. He is not glaring, though with his eyes, he had perfectly made them realize what he wants. He doesn't want trouble, he doesn't want to be the center of the trouble, and that he's really extremely annoyed right now.

They felt the room's temperature dropped, and noticed how the room darkened, as if something sinister is happening. It was terrifying. It made them feel like Nico have the highest authority there in that space, that one wrong move…is more terrifying than death.

But as quickly as it appeared, the feeling also quickly disappeared as Nico removed his sight on front of them. He patted Bianca's head like she was a kid.

"I'm going now, if you need more money, you can contact me any time you want." He directed this at the Principal, and then continued. "Bye Bi, I'll see you next period or so." He said nonchalantly while heading to the door. And as soon as he left the office, only then the three finally took in a breath.

And at then, as if on cue, Bianca's communicator beeped in which made her widen her eyes. She quickly apologized to the principal and quickly darted out of the office.

Chaos…is having a blast. That is a fact due to that she now getting to know Sally, the mother of Zephyr, her fiancé. Well, even though she did rejected him due to some instances, the instant she knew his real identity, nothing could stop her now. Perhaps, she's even willing to even destroy the Universe she had created if needed.

Sally closed the shop in the meantime.

Having a delicious cup of coffee while talking to Sally about the childhood of Zephyr who is back then still Percy, is surprisingly for Chaos, is one of the happiest she had been. Sally too, is having a blast. She's now smiling and laughing, even to the point of tears due to the reason that she now knows that her son is still alive. She no longer try to conceal her happiness, she no long needs to punish herself now.

The two showed each other their own pictures of Zephyr/Percy.

Sally showed Chaos the cute baby pictures of him, most of which are naked pictures and really funny ones. She showed him the picture of him smiling, holding a tooth that had just fallen, him, in his first day of school…him, in his early teens…him, in a tuxedo on Sally's own wedding day….and him, in the last picture they had both taken as a mother and son before that sad event happened….

She sheds tears with every one of them as she held them. It's still a bit unbearable for her to remember the past, but she is now slowly accepting it, and looking forward to the future, in which she will again, hold her son in her arms, with a promise to never let him go again…

It was a curious case for Chaos. She doesn't really go out much so she's not completely familiar with complicated emotions such the one Sally's having right now, crying while grinning. It might seem weird for you to believe that the all omnipotent Creator who all worship, is not really that omnipotent. In her defense, she just created things that are already been designed. She held Sally's back and caressed it, in an attempt to soothe her.

Chaos then showed her, her own treasured pictures. These are pictures that she had secretly taken and hid. In a normal case, she would not even dare show them to anyone, but this is a special case. She first took out a picture of Zephyr in which he had temporarily reverted back in his old form, his appearance when he is still Percy Jackson, in the picture; he is seen hugging Chaos from her back. It's a picture taken when he had lost in a bet against her.

If there's still a doubt nursing inside Sally's heart, now…there is none. A proof is here, that her son, her beloved son, didn't die. His smile never changed and still as vibrant as ever, showing strength, confidence, and assurance. There's a bit of a blush in Chaos' face in the picture, and if anyone not knowing the position of the two, one might think that it's a peaceful picture of two lovers.

"He had changed his appearance." Chaos said towards sally, a little bit of a heads up since the other pictures are caught in his recent form. Sally looked at Chaos in wonder, trying to understand what she had said, and because she is smart, she had realized that it's really possible that her son would change his appearance to forget his past. Anyone would probably do that. Getting shunned by your family, your mother that you loved the most, your lover, who will make you willing to be even in the deepest part of hell, and the world, the world that you had saved countless of times, fighting beings that no child would ever dream to encounter… anyone would try to forget that.

And with that, Chaos showed a picture of Zephyr, in his dark colored armor with the insignia of CGF, looking proud and determined, with his silver hair and dark grey eyes. For Sally, he looked as if he had been worn out with all of the problems of his past. The loss of his beautiful jet black messy hair, and her most loved part of him, his sea-green eyes is quite disappointing for her. But she understands. He's in pain and needed to show his back to the past and embrace his future.

She smiled. At least, his wonderful smile didn't change.

As Chaos watched the different emotions come and go with every picture she looks at, and she was quite fascinated. A true loving mother, she said to herself. It's mysterious, the mind of a mother that is. Chaos had almost tried to read Sally's thoughts, but she refrained, this is her future mother in law, and even if it's that easy for her, she wouldn't do it.

Then she randomly grabbed a picture again, and she then furiously blushed. A message was written on the back with beautiful calligraphy.

"A gift, from me to you, milady –Primordial Eros"

The image in the picture, is them, kissing.

Sally slowly grabbed it, and even though Chaos does not really want to show it, just let her see it. And a huge smile from ear to ear appeared on her face.

It was beautiful.

She was also quite amused by the deep blush Chaos has, while trying to look away from her. It was…a funny sight.

She doesn't know who she is completely, only that she's the fiancée of her son, but she felt like she really makes a connection with her. This seemingly young and very beautiful woman made her remember the times when she first met Poseidon, her first love, and the father of her son.

She sees her son's eyes as he looked at Chaos with love and care. Something that she had already seen back in the day when he is still with Annabeth.

Perhaps, with the time he had been gone, he showed that same expression of his eyes towards many women, perhaps, it's not as special as the first time, but yes, it's sweet.

"Um…can I take the picture back?" Chaos said shyly at Sally who just smiled at the shyness the girl showed and then gave it back. And as she took it, a smile also crept in the Creator's face, a simple, yet a beautiful smile.

Time passed, and Chaos had shown all of her prized pictures that numbered in hundreds, not talking, just silently enjoying the peacefulness and the smell and taste of coffee, blue cookies and muffins.

Zephyr, is having fun with Lil Artemis. His wings are fully open, gliding in the sky while holding a small loli in his arms which is Lil Artemis who is screaming n delight. Of course, at first she's really scared and might have puked her heart out a bit because of the aerial tricks that Zephyr intentionally did to mess with her.

"More! More!" lil Artemis said as Zephyr continuously did a barrel roll in the air, her expression while this s happening is really cute so zephyr happily obeyed her. They played throughout the day, laughing really loud as they watch the birds in the sky scatter in panic because of the two people messing with them.

To be honest, this is Zeus realm, and because this is the ancient time, the god of lightning is supposedly stronger this time so he should have picked up that something is amiss in his sky right? But Zephyr, even though severely weakened because of his current form that the Unknown had forced upon him, is still leagues in power compare to the Sky god.

It's like, comparing a Chihuahua to the Lydian Drakon. It's a given that Zephyr had blocked his presence from the detection of Zeus. Besides, it seems that Zeus is… currently busy with another woman so…he is focusing his powers on hiding himself from Hera.

Their fun continued through the night, and only then something happened.

Fenrir, the wolf that the Gods of the Norse feared, the wolf that every howls signals a huge disaster, the great and strongest monster of all wolves, the mighty wolf of Ragnarok …is having a panic attack.

Leto is currently gripping his neck really hard that he had feared that she will decapitate it. She's in labor and in a great pain, far worse than when she gave birth to Artemis.

Truthfully, Fenrir is happy for her, but because he's not really that concerned, he just wished this to end. He's uncomfortable with what is happening. A birth…is not really his forte, you could say. If you are talking about an apocalypse, or making a god into a delicious dessert, then yes, he'll be more than happy to be in that, but yeah, birth is really…

"Master! Master! Hurry!" he shouted telepathically to Zephyr with all his might. He knew that his master can easily handle this kind of things, he firmly believes on his master's title of God of all trades, master of all.

His panic and begging had perfectly gone through Zephyr. At first, he smirked, because at least, this had served Fenrir for joining Blackjack, for making fun of him. But a face of worry quickly permeated on his face when he had felt Leto's suffering. He quickly looked at Artemis on his arms and smiled.

"Arty, we will go home now." Zephyr said to lil Artemis in a calm and soothing voice. Of course, she pouted and started protesting. She's really having quite some fun. She really likes the scenery. What more, she extremely like it that Zephyr is holding her really close to him. His wings are really beautiful, she thought.

"Your mom needs us now, she's in pain." Zephyr said with the same soothing effect but now it contains a bit more weight, the way he talks to his children back in the day.

This made lil Artemis widen her eyes. She really loves her mom to the point that she'll probably hunt down anyone who will make fun of her, whether they are mortals, animals, monsters, gods, or whatever. She glared, but her eyes contain heavy worry.

"Let's GO!" she said with fierceness that rivals a war god. This made Zephyr smile. Artemis love for her mother is really something that can be admired by anyone. With this, he immediately message Blackjack telepathically, and quickly teleported towards the cave.


"MHashter!" Fenrir shouted happily as he saw Zephyr appear out of thin air. Lil Artemis is a little shocked with what had happened. It's her first time to teleport so the experience made her wonder for a bit. But when she had laid her eyes on her mother who is embracing Fenrir's neck, she quickly became worried, she wanted to cry, but she forced her tears down, she don't want to show a bit of weakness to her mom.

Leto looks like she's really struggling. Her face is flushed and sweat covered her beautiful face. Fenrir too, looks in pain but this is due to the mighty grip of the woman on her side, Zephyr and Artemis chose to ignore him.

Lil Artemis quickly ran towards her with intent to help her, but Zephyr stopped her by holding her hands.

He perfectly knows that in the myth, Artemis was the one who helped her mom in her labor which is the reason why she became the goddess of birth, but still, why would you let a little kid do that if you have someone as Zephyr who had countless of experience, and is actually the one that designed the process of it? You may already forget it, but he's the one who designed the universe that Chaos had created, making him the Great Architect. (Yeah, girls, he's the reason for all of your periods, and birthing pain)

Anyway. Zephyr looked at Artemis and just smiled, reassuring her.

"I got this." He said to her full of pride.

Light quickly enveloped the cave, and somehow, it became in the shape of a cube, with a weird blue liquid substance that is glowing of healing energy. When Leto was submerged on the holy water, her pain had quickly left her. Fenrir is really happy that Leto stopped choking him and quickly got away from her, hiding in the back of Lil Artemis in the corner.

Zephyr approached Leto who, even without pain, is breathing erratically. She had her eyes closed, but she had already seen what had happened, that the cave was illuminated and that she was half submerged in weird water. She cannot really explain what the hell just happened though she is eternally grateful that the pain had already subsided.

Lil Artemis is really happy that her mom seemed to be pain free again, which is extremely good. Though, even when Zephyr said that he'll handle it and that he had stopped her earlier, she quickly swam in the weird liquid towards her mom. though, this time, Zephyr didn't stop her, in fact, he just smiled. Leto too, smiled as she saw her daughter and held her little hands.

Zephyr then summoned Fang and O'leary so that they can help him. Of course shocked Lil artemis and Leto first, who wouldn't be if you saw a huge hellhound that is so huge that it barely fit on the cave no matter how big it is. Fang too, is in his snake form but his size is of a normal snake, of course, he wouldn't even dare show his real size, it is because of the fact that his size is actually bigger than the earth. in the past, he was called the serpent who wraps the whole midgard, but now, he can even swallow the solar system with ease. He is really, big. Understanding the situation, they quickly changed into their humanoid form.

It took quite a while, but the birth was successful. Truthfully, Zephyr could had just teleported the baby out of Leto's womb without a going in the whole process, but he didn't because he believe that this process binds the mother and her child tighter.

Lil Artemis is happy and jumping all around, celebrating the fact that she is now a big sister. Fenrir, Blackjack, O'leary and fang are all amused by her actions.

Leto too, smiled at her daughter, and then she looked down at the child that is suckling in her breast, he smile widened and the twinkle in her eyes became brighter.

The room was cleaned and was furnished into much more comfortable room for a newborn baby. This is courtesy of Zephyr, a simple gift from him.

Leto looked at him gratefully.

"Please name this child," she said with content. of course, she knew that the name of her baby will be apollo since Zephyr deliberately said that to him, but she just really is happy that she wanted him to bless the child with his name.

Zephyr awkwardly did that and gave lil Apollo his name. Apollo just gave a pure, bright, toothless infant smile. He looks so innocent that Zephyr and the others that had known the old Apollo felt really weirded out.

That, ended the fiasco happily.

Bianca is confused and conflicted. Her designated time on earth is not yet supposed to end. She knew that she still have two months at most before she is summoned back to the Milky way base of the UG. But just now, she just receive an important order, saying that she needed to return immediately. She hadn't even finished her report.

She felt her heart Burn in sadness. She's thinking that she wouldn't see her treasured friends again. A tear escaped from her eyes. she wondered what will happen next.

A time and place was already given, and it is ten minutes from now in the rooftop of the school.

She really don't have much things that she own, and she is trained to always bring all of her things with her, and she is helped by her standard dimensional ring that can at most, store a house. so she don't really need to panic on what things she needed to bring.

As she took a step, she felt that it's as if the gravity multiplied.

She only had a few friends in all of her life. Her life is kinda tragic you see, she was abandoned at birth so she had been in a countless orphanages. She is clumsy and not all that pretty. Well, she is pretty, but it's just that she never showed it. her face is always covered in dirt and her clothes is always dirty. Added the fact that she give an aura of death, she was often hated. Bullied throughout her childhood, by either the children or the adults. Not even animals like her. she was labeled a cursed child since everyone that approach her became really unlucky.

She had enough and ran away. She is smart, so she lived in the street. Though even there, she never had a friend.

Then one day, just after her twelfth birthday, in rare stroke of luck, she found her first friend. That friend is a girl that seemed like just a few years older than her. Her name is Van, a kindhearted company commander of UG that is on vacation. She is also talented and great and topped every test and classes that is given by the UG.

She took her in and convinced the other members of her company to recruit her into the UG. Though it seemed that no one in the company liked her, only then she found happiness.

But then, Van was promoted, more like, she was recruited again. Recruited by the CGF.

Bianca knows about that Group. More like, she can't not know what they are. they are basically the greatest group that is on the Holy tier. Even the top officials of the UG, the officials that an ordinary people could call again will readily abandon their position in order to join the CGF, even if it's just a lowly member position.

It's definitely not easy to join. You need to be recruited. And your chance to be recruited is almost nonexistent.

The CGF accepts only recruits a few tens to hundred people in a universal millennia which is really long.

It is already a huge boost of honor for a whole galaxy if there is one chosen from that place.

It's safe to say that Van didn't even hesitated. The Milkyway UG department partied for days after her departure. Though Bianca is the only one unhappy. She's again, alone.

She was branded a failure, and because of her heritage, and without Van's protection, she was bullied again.

Then she was ordered to observe the Earth. The planet she was from.

Earth is looked down upon by everyone outside it. Yes, it may seem a paradise with it's beautiful sceneries, but the downside are it's sentient guardians.

The humans.

The humans sucks. They have the capability to be great, but they chose to be fools. some of their culture are great, but...they seem to forget that and focused on dulling their brain by worshipping "artists" that isn't really that great. They had forgotten countless gods, and they chose to be hypocrites. Though their worship of the Creator is great and is accepted, but really they still sucked.

It may be clearer now why Bianca is bullied by other species because of her heritage.

She hated the mission at first, but somehow, she had gotten two friends, somehow, it became bearable, it became enjoyable. And now, she's leaving them without even saying goodbye. She will again, be alone. She could not help but cry.

She stood in the middle of the rooftop, waiting for the teleportation laser. Counting down the seconds she had left on the planet. Silently crying.




She counted, but then a hand grasped her right shoulder from the back. this of course, shocked her.

"Bianca... Are you crying?" The man who is grasping her said. She quickly looked at him and her eyes widened.

"Nico?" before she had pushed him to stop him from being transported towards the base, the Laser already came, with Nico, still grasping Bianca's shoulder.

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