AN: Okay, now that my story, Night terrors, is done this is what probably would be my last Type-0 story. Basically, this is how I pictured what Class Zero's lives would be after the war. It doesn't take from any of the endings. There are some spoilers in here, so once you read this AN and you don't feel like reading anymore, don't and feel free to kill me (virtually) any time you want. Main pairings are Ace x Deuce, Machina x Rem, and Nine x Queen.

Genre: Romance/Family/Crime/Action

Chapter I: A not so happy day

It's been 6 years since the Oriense war. 4 years ago, and 2 years after the war, the members Class Zero finally graduated and started their own lives outside the academy. All of them even got married. King married Sice, Jack and Seven got married, Trey married Cinque, Nine married Queen, Machina and Rem got married, and finally Ace and Deuce got married 5 months ago and have returned from their honeymoon recently. The students who have fought long and hard for their country are now living the peaceful lives they have yearned for so long. Now, Ace and the others are finally happy.

Ace walked to the balcony of his two story house, which overlooked the town. He was enjoying the scenery; he was looking at the fields nearby. He went back inside, took a shower, and got dressed, which consisted of jeans, a white shirt and sneakers. He went outside the bathroom and he saw his wife shifting in her sleep. Smiling, he walked towards her and cupped her cheek, and he leaned down and kissed her forehead. When she calmed down, he stood up and left the room.

Ace walked downstairs and made pancakes for breakfast. He took a tray and a plate and stacked the pancakes on it. He retrieved to glasses from the cabinet and poured some orange juice in them. He looked at it and he felt that something missing. Then, he suddenly remembered what is was; he took the small crystal vase and he got a rose from the garden and he placed it on the tray. Then, he took it and went upstairs to their bedroom, where he saw Deuce beginning to wake up. Smiling, he walked towards her.

"Good Morning." He greeted her.

She smiled at him and replied

"Good morning."

"I made breakfast." Ace said as he set the tray down on her lap.

"You're sweet." Deuce said while smiling at him. Afterwards, they ate and suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello." Deuce said as she held the phone to her ear.

"Deuce, you guys better come here, Rem's giving birth and we thought that it would be better if she had some moral support." Machina yelled from the other line, clearly panicking. Rem found out that she was pregnant on Machina's birthday last September (AN:I have no idea when Machina's birthday is because they're still not telling when, so I'm going to muster a guess).

"Say no more, we'll be there in a few minutes." Deuce replied and she hung up.

"What is it?" Ace asked her.

"Rem's giving birth and Machina wants us to come for moral support." Deuce replied.

"Okay." Ace said and he walked out of the room, taking the tray with him. Deuce took a shower and got dressed and she went outside, where she saw Ace in the car. She got in and they drove to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital, everyone was there; King and Sice with their baby boy, Adam, Eight and Cater, Jack and Seven, Trey and Cinque and Nine with Queen, who is 7-months pregnant. They sat down on the couches when Machina came out of the Operating Room. He looked sad and almost like he was going to cry. Jack, being the optimist, approached him and patted his back.

"How is she?" Deuce asked.

"She's in so much pain." Machina said, and his voice cracked while saying it. Suddenly, the doctor came out.

"Mr. Kunagiri, we're ready."

"Go, we'll be here. Good Luck." King said. Machina simply nodded and he went inside.

3 ½ hours later

Machina came out of the OR still looking sad. He looked around and saw that almost everyone was still there, with the exception of Nine and Queen.

"Nine and Queen had to go. They said that they're sorry." Eight said. But Machina stayed silent and simply nodded.

"How is she?" Cinque asked.

"Um…well, there were some complications and they're still trying to revive her." Machina said.

"And the baby?"

"She's fine. Nothing's wrong with her. She didn't inherit Rem's illness." Machina said. A few minutes later, the doctor came out again.

"Mr. Kunagiri."

Machina turned to face him.

"How is she?" He asked.

"We managed to revive her, but she's in a coma. She lost a lot of blood. Despite her disease's miraculous disappearance, there were still some complications. We were lucky we still managed to revive her." He said.

"Oh god. Can we see her?" He asked and the doctor nodded.

They went inside and the saw Rem. She looked paler than she usually is and there was an oxygen mask on her face. The sight made all of them sad and worried. Machina sat down beside the bed and he held her hand tightly. His eyes had the look of pain and sadness in them.

"Mr. Kunagiri, do you want to see your daughter?" The doctor asked him.

"No, I'll see her when Rem wakes up, why don't the others see her." He suggested.

"Okay, we'll go see her." Cater said and she and the others were led by the doctor to the maternity ward.

"Rem, please, wake up. Please, don't die on me. I need you, our daughter needs you." He pleaded, tears coming out of his eyes. He laid his head beside her and he wept silently.

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