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Chapter XV:

Attacked (Part IV)

Deuce walked inside her two-story home, helping her husband and cousin lift in some things for the baby's room. Currently, Ace and Rain were bringing the crib upstairs to the converted guest room.

"Easy, Easy, Rain, there's a bookshelf with a sharp edge behind you." Deuce said as they carried the crib. Rain immediately maneuvered to avoid the bookshelf.

"Thanks." Rain said and they continued on. Luckily, they managed to get it upstairs and took it to the nursery.

"Here we go." Rain said as they put the crib down. They spent the last 5 days redecorating the room. They painted the wall light blue because pink is too plain and red and green is too dark, so they settled for blue. Rain helped out, of course, when she doesn't have any patients to treat. The others gave them some toys for the baby while Rain gave them a changing table, bottles, diapers, baby clothes and books to read her. Yep, Deuce was right; she was going to spoil the kid rotten. The crib, meanwhile, has been an heirloom from Ace's family.

"I'll go get something to drink." Rain said and she headed downstairs. Ace and Deuce stayed in the room, however.

"In 8 months, our baby will be staying here. I can't believe we made it this far." Deuce said. Ace wrapped his arms around her lovingly and he kissed her cheek. Suddenly, Rain came up.

"Guys, be on guard. Machina and Rem just called. They said that someone might come and attack. A guy tried to kidnap Camille." Rain informed them.

"Well, how are they?" Ace asked her.

"They're fine, luckily." She answered. Suddenly, someone banged on the front door.

"Stay here." Rain ordered them. They did as she asked them but a few seconds later, they heard some crashing downstairs. They ran down and they saw Rain on the floor, with a man towering over her. They all noticed that the man had a wound in his left shoulder.

"You. You're the one that tried to kidnap Camille." Rain said. Deuce stood there in horror while Ace took a few cards from his back pocket and sent it flying towards the man's direction. Two of the cards hit him in the leg and the right shoulder but he still managed to run away. Rain chased him to the lawn immediately.

"Hey, stop!" Rain yelled at him. The man turned around with a gun in his hand and shot her in the shoulder. After that, he ran away again. Deuce and Ace turned to the wounded woman immediately.

"I can't use magic. We'll have to get the bullet out first." Ace said. Deuce nodded and they both got Rain in the car. Ace drove for the hospital as fast as he could immediately. Deuce checked Rain's pulse.

"Ace, she doesn't have a pulse!" Deuce exclaimed. Ace sped up to the Hospital. When they arrived, nurses immediately wheeled Rain to the ER. Deuce went with them while Ace left to find a parking spot.

"Ma'am, what happened?" One of the nurses asked.

"A robber shot her while she was at our house." Deuce answered. Rain was passed out cold on the bed, paled up and sweating bullets. Finally, they arrived at the operating room.

"Ma'am, you'll have to stay here." The nurse said. Deuce nodded and sat on the waiting room chair, hoping that Rain would survive this night.

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