Happily Ever After

AN: Major spoilers for Episode 6 and 7.

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"Ah, but if you take this power, young one, you will not have any 'happily ever after'. You will die in misery and despair." "I don't care about any of that, I only want my revenge." This isn't your average fairy tale. AU Battler x Yasu/Beatrice


A young girl, about the age of fourteen, ran through a dense forest. The sun was just peaking over the horizon. Her long golden hair swayed back and forth as she ran, making sure not to scratch her legs on the small branches that littered the ground. From the looks of her torn and faded clothes, she was a peasant.

Soon the young woman entered a small clearing. It was filled with long grass, which reached up to her hips, and beautiful flowers. There was a slightly worn path that looked like it lead to the middle, as if someone has been using this area lately.

"Battler? Are you here? I can't see anything with all of this grass!" the girl shouted while she walked through the grass.

"You were the one who chose this place Yasu," a young man said while giggling at the girl's anger. Then, a puff of red hair came through the grass as the boy sat up.

The boy, who is called Battler, stood up to meet the blonde, who is called Yasu. Battler looked to be about mid thirteen. His clothes told everybody who saw him that he was a noble, most likely a prince.

"Yeah, well I would of picked someplace else, but you know how everyone is always looking for you," Yasu looked at her feet with a sad look on her face.

"Don't worry! This is the best hiding place yet! They won't find me here!" the red head said, trying to cheer Yasu up.

"Do you really think so?" Yasu asked with a hopeful expression on her face.


They spent the rest of the morning together watching the clouds in the sky and talking. A couple times they tried to catch butterflies. Well, Battler was the one trying to catch them, and Yasu was laughing at him.

"Ha ha ha," Yasu laughed at Battler's hopelessness. Every time he was close to catch a butterfly either the butterfly flies out if his reach, or he trips and falls. This time it was the latter one.

The blonde got up, walked over to Battler, and helped him off the ground. "You're doing it all wrong! Here, I'll show you how to do it," Yasu said, walking over to a big rock. She sat down and then put her hand out.

"That's not going to catch anything!" the red head said as he watched her. He's very impatient and not the type to just sit there and wait.

"Just watch. And be quite!"

Battler immaturely stuck his tongue, but he quietly lay down in the grass anyway. About three minutes later a big and beautiful monarch butterfly landed on Yasu's hand.

"Wow!" Battler said in awe as he looked at the butterfly, "How did you do that!?"

"It's called 'being patient,' something that you should learn," Yasu said, rolling her eyes at his childishness.

"The word 'patient' is not in my vocabulary," Battler said with a childish smile.

"Oh, but impatient is," Yasu said as she watched the butterfly fly away.

"Yup!" the red-haired boy said, jumping to his feet.

Yasu just sighed. Even though she acts annoyed at his childishness, she likes it a lot. The blonde quickly looked at the sun to see what time it was.

"It's almost eight o'clock. You should go before people start to look for you," Yasu said sadly.

"Don't worry! I'll be here tomorrow! And I can even try to come at night if you want me to," Battler said, trying to cheer the blonde up.

"Really!?" Yasu ask, cheering up already. She saw a lot of fire-flies gather around here the other night, and she really wanted to show them to Battler.

"Yes! I promise!" Battler said as he started to leave.

"Wish everyone a good day for me!" Yasu said. She started to wave goodbye to him.

"I will! See you later and have a nice day!" Battler said as he finally ran out of ear shot.

Battler, whose full name is Battler Ushiromiya, is the next in line for the throne of the kingdom Rokkenjima. Jessica, George, and Maria are Battler's first cousins, and Ange is his little sister. Yasu herself has never met them, but from what Battler and her friends say about them, they are really nice.

Jessica is the same age as Battler. She constantly talks back to her mother and many other people. Everyone keeps telling her that a fine young woman and woman should do what they are told. There is George, who is eighteen years old; five years older than Battler. He loves to read and wants to become a scholar someday. Maria is only a young, three year old girl and Ange is a ten year old girl.

Yasu watched him leave and let out a sad sigh. Then she started to walk back towards the village. The village was pretty big because it's so close to the castle.

The young girl slowly approached her home, if you could call it a home. It looked like the size of a small shed, and it wasn't in good condition either.

'This is what you get for being the lowest of the low,' Yasu thought sadly as she walked in her 'house'. The young woman is an orphan, and has been since she was six, and she is a girl. It's almost impossible for her to work because no one accepts her. Well, except for Battler, who the girl fell in love with before she even knew that he is a prince. Heck, she doesn't even care that he is a prince. Yasu has never asked him for money, nor has she told him how much she needs it.

Yasu walked over to her make-shift bed, which just consisted of many old and torn up sheets, and sat down on it. The blonde grabbed the money that she kept under the cloth to see how much she had.

'I have barely enough for food tonight,' she thought, 'Maybe I can see if anyone will give me work for money. I might get enough for tomorrow...' The girl got up and started to walk towards the village.

'Another trip to hell,' Yasu thought as she continued, 'But, isn't everyday hell for me?'

The poor girl didn't know that she was not even near hell, yet.

AN: This story is going to kinda follow Umineko's plot [Spoiler for Episode 7! (You know, Battler and Yasu fall in love, Battler leaves and forgets about her, Yasu goes insane) Spoiler End!] However, after that it's going to be different (mostly).

[Spoiler for Episode 7! Also, in this fic, Kanon and Shannon are not part of Yasu, nor is Yasu related to Battler Spoiler End!] Oh, just for a warning, there will be KanonxJessica and ShannonxGeroge, however this is mainly a Battler x Yasu/Beatrice fic.

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