Happily Ever After

Major spoilers for Episode 6, 7 and 8.

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"Ah, but if you take this power, young one, you will not have any 'happily ever after'. You will die in misery and despair." "I don't care about any of that, I only want my revenge." This isn't your average fairy tale. AU Battler x Yasu/Beatrice

Note: "This" means that someone is yelling and "this" means that they are screaming at the top of their lungs.

Chapter Two: Liar

Yasu took a peak through her window. 'The sun is setting,' she thought, 'I bet Battler is there now!' The girl quietly walked out the door and through the woods on the slightly worn path. 'I can't wait to see him again!'

Yasu continued through the path until she got to the clearing. "Battler! I'm here!" She called out. There was no response. "Battler," the woman called out again.

'Strange, he's not here,' Yasu thought as she continued to look for the prince. 'He has always told me when he missed a whole day…' The girl continued to look for the prince for about an hour until she came up with an conclusion.

"Maybe Battler just had unexpended work to do," the blonde said quietly to herself.

This continued for a days, and then weeks. Every day Yasu would walk to the clearing and every day she would find it empty. She would spend hours calling his name; hours looking. But she would never find him. Not even a trace. Every day she looked for him and with every unsuccessful trip she would come up with the same conclusion.

"Battler must be busy with his duties."

Yasu's mind started to consider the thought about Battler forgetting her. However, every time there was a trace of those thoughts, she thought the same thing.

'He couldn't have forgotten me. He promised.'

It has been a month since Yasu's last meeting with the prince. A month was all the time that it was needed for the news of what really happened to the prince to get out. However, since the poor girl was hated by most of the village citizens, she was never told what happened.

A happy lie might be better than the sad truth.

Yasu walked down the cobble stone streets as she admired her pay. It wasn't much, but it was more than she got on most days. Maybe if she saved up she could get better clothes. Then when Battler comes he would say how pretty she looks-

"You've heard about the prince, right?" All of Yasu's thoughts stopped as she walked by Garashi and Belle. They were talking to each other, and Yasu could hear the conversation loud and clear. She stopped walking and looked back at the two women.

"Yeah. I heard that the king's wife died and he married another woman the same day! The prince couldn't take it and left," Belle replied.

"From what I heard he left to live with his late mother's grandparents in the neighboring kingdom." Garashi sighed, "If only I was there with him and not stuck in this lame village. Then I could comfort him."

The money in Yasu's hands fell to the ground with a clank. Garashi and Belle looked over to see a blur of blonde hair and torn clothes turn a corner. Belle was the first one to open her mouth. "What's her problem?"

'No. No. He couldn't of left. He couldn't…' Yasu ran through the streets without a single glance back. Hot tears started to run down her face and then on to the ground as she continued to run. The poor girl didn't even stop once she reached her home. She continued past it, past the woods, and into the clearing.

Once the blonde stepped into the clearing her she felt like the whole world was on her shoulders. Her legs couldn't take the weight and hit the ground with a thunk. The girl sat there with her hands covering her face. Her hands soon became wet with tears, but Yasu didn't care.

'He promised he would come back. And he left... He's gone.' The girl continued to sit there and drown in her own sorrow. 'I knew it was too good to be true…'

After a while Yasu's mind started to clear up. She started to think that maybe Battler didn't forget her. "Maybe he just had to leave and is coming back soon. He promised to swift me away on a white horse and live happy ever after in a castle until the day we die. He promised he wouldn't forget me." She said quietly to herself.

"That's right. Battler didn't have time to tell me but he will be coming home whenever he has the chance to." The girl continued to endlessly repeat those words to herself to kept her sane.

Soon Yasu was able to stand up without her knees buckling. The tears that flowed through her eyes moment before were gone. The only trace is her slightly puffy red eyes. Her mouth was no longer in a frown. No, her lips were curved up into a real smile. The blonde's eyes were not dull, but shining with life.

Yasu dusted off her dirty dress and laughed to herself. "What was I thinking? Battler will never forget about me," she said to herself. Her voice was not a whisper, but as if she was talking to someone in front of her. "I guess I just lost myself for a moment. Now I better check if the money I dropped is still there."

Days continued the same. Yasu went though the same forest into the same clearing every morning before dawn and every night before dusk. She sat there for about an hour, sitting on a rock, with a smile on her face. She continued even longer than before. Not only did days and weeks past, but also months and even years.

The girl no longer doubted the fact that Battler would come back. No, she thought of it as a love trial. The only way Battler would remember her would be if she continued to believe he would. If she even doubted once she would never see him again. Every day when she leaves she thinks one line over and over. "Battler will come back soon."

Five years past since the last day that Yasu saw Battler. During the years the girl still thought it was a trial of love. It didn't help that some of the village's woman put their anger on Yasu by saying that it was Yasu's fault that the prince left.

"It's your fault that the prince left. He would have married me. You don't even deserve to live!"

"Just die already! The prince would have love me and still be here if it wasn't for you!"

"Don't you get it? He left because you're so horrible. You're a bitch who deserves to rot in Hell."

Kumasawa was the only person who helped Yasu. The old maid gave her food or money. On rare occasions, she would even give Yasu clothes. Kumasawa also gave the girl courage and hope by saying that it wasn't Yasu's fault that Battler left and that he would come back soon. If it for Kumasawa, Yasu would of already failed the love trial.

The old lady even gave Yasu information about Battler. If he sent a message to the place or if there was new news about him, Yasu would know about it before the majority of the people.

On days that Kumasawa had off she would tell Yasu the stories of witches and magic. Yasu was fascinated with them. Magic which could make a cake as tall as a building from a measly piece of bread? If only she had the power to make that…

"…and then it started to rain cookies!" Kumasawa finished with a grin on her face.

"Really!?" Yasu said with wide eyes.

"Not only cookies, but candy too!" The old lady replayed.

"Wow, that's amazing! Having powers like that would be wonderful!" The girl's wide eyes seemed to get wider.

"I would watch what you're saying. I heard that witches have to give up important thing to have magic."

Yasu processed what she said. "Are you saying that humans can become witches?" She asked.

Kumasawa laughed. "Well, I have never met a witch so I'm not sure. But from the stories to become a witch you must strong emotions for something or someone so much that you're willing to give up your whole world for it. And once a person becomes a witch, they are no longer human or alive. They exist in a place of their own."

The girl looked sad. "Oh, so does that mean if I became a witch I could never see you again?" Yasu asked again.

The old lady chuckled. "From what I heard a witch can still interact with the human world."

The blonde's face lit up. "So that means that if I became a witch you and I could live together with duties. And we could eat all the cake we want!" She continued to think more in her mind. 'And Battler would join us too. We would like happily ever after!'

Kumasawa laughed some more. "I would love to join you and the cake." She noticed the sun going down outside the window. "I better get going soon before it gets dark." The old lady started to leave when she remembered something. "Oh, that's right! I almost forgot the whole reason I came to talk to you."

Yasu gave her a curious look. The old lady walked up to the girl and put her mouth near the girl's ear.

"I'll be busy for the next week or so. I heard that Battler will be announced as the new king in a couple days so he will be arriving tomorrow. Once announced king he will be parading the streets." Yasu completely froze.

Kumasawa and Yasu said goodbye and the old lady left. Yasu didn't know what to do. She just sat thinking, 'He's coming back.'

Over the next couple days the news spread like wild fire. It took two days for everyone in the village to know. It was the biggest news since the prince left.

Yasu couldn't contain her happiness. She would cry happily to herself thinking, 'I did it. I completed the Trial of Love! He's coming back!'

Soon the day came. The day Battler would be announced the new king. As soon as the sun came up Yasu jumped out of bed. She put on her best clothes, which were nothing more than a simple dress with a few tears, and walk out the door.

When an Ushiromiya becomes king, it is tradition that he walks through the town greeting his new citizens. He is accompanied by a couple of servants and a bunch of guards, just in case anything happens.

Yasu stood towards the end of a line of people. There was a fair amount of the people who fought to be right next to the chapel that Battler would be crowned king. The crowning was a privet event that only family attended.

The girl looked at the group of people in the beginning of the line. There were far away, but Yasu could still see the seven women who hated her guts. 'I swear they are sisters,' the blonde thoughts were soon silenced when she heard the trumpets go off, signaling that the crowning ceremony was done.

Yasu watched as Battler's guards walked out of the chapel first. They cleared a path for the new king of the kingdom. The next person who came out was King Battler. He was followed by two servants; a busty brunette and a boy with dark grey hair, or at least from what the blond could tell.

She could see her old friend. He had grown a lot. His hair was still as red and as wild as she remembered. He was wearing some type of white outfit with a black cape. Battler looked handsome. When he notices Yasu he will apologize. He'll swipe her off her feet.

'Battler will have a white horse. He will take to the castle where we will live together forever. He'll marry me…' Yasu thought, deciding if the last one could happen. She would love to marry Battler, but will he want to marry her? They're friends, but will he not approve of being more? Yasu wants him to be happy more than herself.

Yasu continued to let her thoughts go wild as she waited for King Battler. She thought about how her life will change when he sees her. She won't have to get beat up, emotionally and physically, everyday. The girl will have incredible food; never again having to live off of stale bread.

Her heart felt like it was pounding out her chest she Battle approached. 'Almost there!' She watched the new king greeted the people on one side of her. The blond watched in excitement as he approached her. It was time for her life to change.

"Hello madam. It's a great honor to protect you and these lands from danger." Battler said as he held out his hand for her to shake. Yasu grabbed it and instead of shaking it, she held it close to her body.

"Battler, it's me! I'm Yasu!" She said with her voice a little desperate. When the king didn't recognize Yasu when he saw her she was a little worried. However she thought that he's memory just needed to be reminded.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know you. Maybe you're mistaking me for someone else."

Yasu's mind shattered like a piece of glass. The whole world stopped, as if time stopped. She felt like she was in the ocean with a weight tied to her leg. Endlessly falling; never stopping. Never able to free herself of the pain of the water that filled her lungs making her unable to breath.

"But… But you said…" Yasu said trying to make a sentence. It came out as a whisper. The shock hit her so hard that she couldn't even talk, and she could barely tell what was happening around her.

Batter looked at her as one looks at a wounded puppy. He called over one of his servants.

"Yes my king?" The servant asked. It was the brunette.

"Could you help this woman home? She looks as if she is lost." Battler asked. After she agreed he thanked her.

The servant walked over to Yasu. She still was stuttering the same thing over and over again. The brunette walked over and grabbed her arm. "Let's go," she said. The servant started to walk away, and Yasu refused to move.

Yasu was panicking. 'No! I can get Battler to remember! He promised!' She ripped her hand out of the servant's grip. The blond ran to Battler gripping his shirt with desperation.

"No! No! Battler, it's me! Remember! You promised me that you wouldn't forget me! I'm your friend, Yasu. Battler you have to remember!" Yasu yelled, pleading to him. Tears ran down her face in rivers, staining the red head's shirt.

Two of the guards grabbed Yasu off of the king. "You have to remember Battle! You promised! You-" One of the guards backhanded her. Her screaming stopped.

"I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. If I had a clue I would say something, but I'm sorry. I don't." Batter said, slightly confused. After ordering the guards not to harm the woman he started to walk back to the castle. His servants followed.

The citizens had just stood there and started at Yasu's outburst. No one thought that a small, quiet, and poor girl like her would do something like that. After Battler entered the castle, the guards let go of Yasu. The blond just slumped to the ground. The rest of the citizens wandered back to their homes, most of them whispering to each other about the blond.

"I knew she was crazy. She seemed off," Belle whispered.

"Yeah, like she had a lose bolt in her head." Mana said.

"I hope that it's not contagious!" Asune said a little louder than the other two.

Yasu couldn't hear the comments about her. Her whole body felt numb. None of her senses were working. After a while she was able to drag herself out of the sun and into the beat up house.

The girl didn't move the rest of the day. She was curled up in a fetal position, rocking slowly. The sun started to set. Yasu knew about it getting dark, but her mind was not completely conscious of that fact. However, as if in a trance, she got up and walked to the clearing that the two used to play together years ago.

"Just as I thought. There is no sign of Battler." She said quietly to herself.

This continued on. Every day, morning and night, she would go the clear like she used to. Only this time, she was like a robot. Everything she did was completely hollow. No joy, just pain and misery.

She didn't even eat. Only every once in a while she would get up to drink. After Yasu came back from the clearing she would sit on her bed. Her thoughts ran threw her head. In the beginning she just thought that it wasn't Battlers fault that he forgotten. As the days go by, however, the girl began to think that it was entirely his fault. That all her pain for the last six year was caused by him. By day ten her thoughts were only filled with hatred and rage.

'He lied to me. He lied to me. It's all his fault he promised that he would never forget me. I kept thinking about him. I kept looking for you. You forgot about me. I kept thinking about you. You forgot about me. I kept living for you. You forgot about me.' Yasu thought to herself as she sat on a rock in the clearing. She mouthed some of the words.

"I'll make you pay. I'll make you pay for all the misery and pain you caused me. I'll make you pay a hundred fold. For six years I've been looking for you. It's time for you to chase me." She said to nobody as she stood up.

Her thoughts stopped as she heard someone behind her.


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