Happily Ever After

Major spoilers for Episode 6, 7 and 8.

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"Ah, but if you take this power, young one, you will not have any 'happily ever after'. You will die in misery and despair." "I don't care about any of that, I only want my revenge." This isn't your average fairy tale. AU Battler x Yasu/Beatrice

Note: "This" means that someone is yelling and "this" means that they are screaming at the top of their lungs.

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Chapter Three: Wish

Yasu quickly turned around when she heard the voice. It was hard to see in the dark, but it looked like the voice belonged to a strange young girl. Yasu walked up to the girl and saw that she had short blond hair and red eyes. The girl was wearing a pink dress and a pink hat with many red bows and frills on it. The weirdest thing of all was that she was floating in midair!

"Who… Who are you?" Yasu asked slowly. The flowing person in front of her could be real, or just a figment of her unstable mind. She thought the latter.

"I was going to ask that question myself if I didn't already know who you are!" The floating girl laughed. "My name is Lambdadelta, Witch of Certainty, and I'm here to-"

"You're a witch!? You look nothing like a witch!" Yasu said, suddenly cutting off Lambdadelta.

"Seeing that you didn't believe me when I told you, I guess the only way is to show you." The little witch girl said. She cuffed her hands. After a moment she opened them, and a piece of candy was inside. The witch threw it over to Yasu. "Go on. Eat it."

Being poor, Yasu has never seen a piece of candy, let alone tasted one. Candy was something only rich people had. The blonde popped the small piece of candy in her mouth. Her eyes widened as she tasted the most wonderful her mouth has ever had contact to.

"But how did you-" Yasu said before Lambdadelta cut her off.

"I told you I'm a witch." The witch said. Before she could say anything else Yasu started a barrage of questions.

"Can you make me a witch? Can I be a witch? If I was a witch would I be able to make more sweets like you did?" Yasu paused for a moment and looked at the floor. "Could I get my revenge? I could kill the people who treated me like dirt, right? I could make the person who betrayed me suffer."

"Well if you would have let me finish the first time then you would have known the answer to those questions." Yasu kept quiet as Lambdadelta continued talking. "Anyway, my name is Lambdadelta, Witch of Certainty, and became of a bet I made to a certain someone, I am here to grant your wish!" She threw her arms out in dramatic effect.

"I can get revenge," Yasu stated quietly.

"Well, it's not as simple as that. There are a few… requirements." Lambdadelta said, hesitating on the word 'requirements.'

"With only a few requirements I can get my wish? What do I have to do?" The human woman asked.

The witch was silent for a moment. She thought about how to word what she was going to say. "For one thing you would no longer be human. You won't age, you won't need food or water, you won't die by human weapons… And there would be no way you would become human again."

"That seems like a much better life that I have now. I would rather live without those things anyway." Yasu said.

"Ah, but if you take this power, young one, you will not have any 'happily ever after'. You will die in misery and despair." Lambdadelta said.

Yasu looked her straight in the eye. "I don't care about any of that, I only want my revenge."

Lambdadelta gave a creepy grin. "I knew I chose you for a reason. Oh, and one more thing…"

'Only one more requirement left!' Yasu thought in anticipation.

"Being the person who gave you the wish, you will have to follow my orders when I give them to you. And don't worry, I rarely give out orders." The blonde witch said.

"What happens if I don't follow one of these orders?" Yasu asked slowly.

"Oh, well you will just feel excruciating pain until you do what I say. No biggie." Lambdadelta said, shrugging her shoulders.

"Is that it? Is that all the requirements?" The human asked.

"Yup!" Lambdadelta answered. "So, do we have a deal?" The witch held out her hand.

It took Yasu less than a minute to think it over. "Yes," she said as she shook the witch's hand.

"Great! Now just say this," Lambdadelta leaned over and whispered something in the woman's ear.

"I, Yasuda, agree to follow Lambdadelta's requirements in exchange for the power of a witch." Yasu said firmly.

Yasu waited, but nothing happen. She finally opened her mouth and spoke. "Nothing is happening," she said slowly.

Lambdadelta looked as if she remembered something. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. It takes exactly twenty-four hours for it to start working. Enjoy your last human moments!"

"Wait!" Yasu yelled as the witch suddenly disappeared.

The woman sat there and thought about what she saw. 'Am I going insane, or was that really real? I wouldn't doubt either of the choices.' Yasu got up to leave, 'I guess the only way to find out is to wait…'

Yasu stood there and watched the stars for a bit before she left. The woman didn't realize how tired and hungry she was until she got to the house. It was too late for her to go and buy food, so the blonde just went to bed.

When the woman got up it was the middle of the day. She didn't think about it much. Yasu looked to see if she had any money left. The blonde wasn't surprised to see that she didn't have any.

'Oh well,' Yasu thought as she left the place she calls her house. Not wanting to get in a fight with the 'sisters,' Yasu went straight to the fields, where she had the most luck. When she got there she was surprised that Garashi, Satina, and Belle were not there.

Many hours later Yasu finished her work. After she got the money, she went straight to the bakery. When the woman got there, Asune and Berune were not there. She was surprised about this, but happy too. 'To think, on my last day as a human, I'm not teased and bullied!'

On Yasu's way to her house, she quickly finished the bread. When she passed the cloth store, she found that she heard no yelling from inside. The woman quickly walked by it, just to be sure.

When Yasu approached the door of her so called 'house,' she saw that it looked different than it did when she left. The woman shrugged it off. Instead of going into the house, she decided that it would be better to spend her last few hours in the clearing.

As Yasu stepped into the clearing and a look a horror crossed her face. Garashi, Levina, Belle, Mana, Berune, and Asune were all standing in the clearing. Most of them were holding some type of sharp object.

"W-what are you doing her," Yasu asked. Some of the women chuckled.

"Why, we're here to rid the world of you!" Garashi stated.

"Yeah, you are already crazy. How long will it be before you attack us?" Mana asked.

Yasu shook her head in disbelief. "I haven't even done anything to-" She was suddenly cut off when she felt a shape pain in her arm. She looked at it to see Satina pull her knife out of Yasu's arm.

Yasu took a bunch of steps back until she was fifteen feet away from the other women. She shook her head. "No, you always thought I was crazy. Why now do you decided to get your hands dirty!"

Garashi gave a big laugh. "You better than I thought kid. There is another reason. You see, all of us have been having extremely bad luck these past weeks."

"My fiancé brook up with me," Levina stated.

"I twisted my knee in the fields," Belle said.

"Both of us got bad burns," Asune said, pointing to her and Berune.

Garashi continued. "And when I was working a couple people talked about a little wives tale."

"It was about how one can steal another person's good luck by giving them bad luck." Mana said.

"It also talked about how one can steal all of another person's luck, if they kill that person. It's not like anyone is going to miss you," Garashi completed with a laugh.

"You're wrong! I will be-" Reality suddenly snapped back to Yasu. The incident with the prince that happened many days ago came into her mind. 'She's right. No one will miss me.'

Yasu started to back away. 'But I can't just sit here and die! I have to know if I really weren't dreaming. If I wasn't then all the more reason to live so that I can give the pain that they gave me.'

"Don't let her-" Before Garashi could finish the sentence, Yasu bolted.

Yasu ran as fast as her thin legs could let her. While the other women were still scrabbled, Yasu took a sharp turn into the nearby forest. She continued to run. When Yasu stopped to catch her breath, she noticed a small ditch that she could fit in.

Yasu quickly slid into the ditch. It seems as if she stayed there for hours, when it had only been minutes. She didn't dare come out. The blonde let out a small gasp when she heard footsteps coming her way.

"Do you see her, because I don't."

"No. She must have gotten pretty far."

"It's getting late; let's go home."

After the sound footsteps faded Yasu stayed there. After about an hour, she thought it was safe enough to come out. The sky was already dark and the stars and moon were out.

"I mean the darkness is like despair and the moon is the hope that keeps you going,"

"Well, each star shines. They shine to be remembered, they don't want to be forgotten."

"Maybe the moon gives the sprits hope that someone on the ground will remember them."

Yasu quickly shook the memories out of her mind. She had to get back to the clearing to see if the witch would come back.

By the time Yasu got back to the clearing, the sky was pitch black, other than the stars and the moon. It didn't take Yasu long to find the floating witch in the moonlight.

"What took you so long?" Lambdadelta asked. Yasu opened her mouth to speak, but the witch beat her to it. "Never mind. It's time."

The witch snapped her fingers and Yasu was suddenly surrounded by golden butterflies. A moment later the butterflies flew away and left someone of looked completely different than the woman that was first surrounded.

"Welcome to the witch side, the Endless Witch, Beatrice."

Yasu, no, Beatrice looked at her new clothes in awe. What used to be dirty old rags turned into a beautiful satin red, brown, and gold dress. She brought her hands up to her hair. Her hair used to be a dirty, filled with knots rats nest. Now it feels like silk. She could actually run her fingers through it!

"This is-" Beatrice was suddenly cut off by Lambdadelta.

"Oh yeah, forgot one more thing…" The Witch of Certainty snapped her finger again. The golden butterflies came again, but instead of heading towards Beatrice, they headed towards an empty spot in the field. Out of nowhere, a man wearing a suit that corresponded to Beatrice's outfit appeared. He bowed to the new witch.

"This is your head furniture." The girl in the pink dress said.

"What is furniture?" Beatrice asked.

"Furniture are the witch's servants." The man stated. "It's nice to meet you milady. My name is Ronove. I am very glad to serve you."

"Well, that's it. You can go get your revenge on humans now." The witched waved her hand goodbye as she disappeared. "See you in the near future!"

Beatrice just stood there in shock for a few moments. Ronove finally broke the silence. "Milady, you wanted to do something?" He handed her a pipe. "You can use this to control your magic."

The witch shook out of her state of shock. "Ah, yes." She took the pipe away from Ronove. Beatrice waved it like a wand, and suddenly the butterflies surrounded her again. Within seconds, she was transported to a new area. The blonde almost screamed when she saw that she was over a hundred feet in the air. Her furniture reassured her that she wasn't going to fall, and if she did it wouldn't kill her.

Beatrice quickly found her target. The black haired woman was walking down an empty street in the middle of the night. She told Ronove to stay there. With a wave of her pipe she appeared right in front of Garashi.

"What the hell!?" Garashi yelled when she saw the witch. The items that were in her hands were now hitting the floor. Beatrice gave another wave of her wand to create a barrier so that the town's people would not hear them.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to walk around in the dark?" Beatrice asked with a sly grin. Oh, she was going to get revenge. She was going to make them suffer.

"Who the hell are you?" Garashi yelled.

Beatrice chuckled. "Oh, you should know me. You called my pathetic form a weed."

Garashi burst out laughing. "You're that filthy bitch? There's no way," she said between laughs.

"On the contrary, human. That 'filthy bitch' used to me. Now I'm what one of your kind would call a witch." Beatrice said with a smile.

Garashi just laughed harder. The witch was not happy with this, so she decided to do something about it. She brought her wand down with force like a butcher would when hacking up meat. In a split second the human's laughing turned in screaming when she saw her left hand rolling on the ground. She held her wounded arm close to her as tears of pain fell off her face.

"You know about the tale. Mean boys and girls get visited by a witch while they sleep."

"Bitch! I'll kill you!" Garashi went to grab the blonde witch, but instead of grabbing hair or skin, the human only grabbed air. She looked all around for the witch, until she heard a disembodied voice.

"She could kill them with a swipe of her hand, but she doesn't."

Garashi felt a sharp pain of a knife dig into her leg. She tried to grasp the knife, but it wasn't there. It was as if magic caused the pain.

"She makes sure that they wished they never were mean"

The human felt another pain, but this time it was in her abdomen. She tied to grip the painful spot, but it didn't work. It made it worse.

"And as they are at her feet begging for forgiveness…"

Garashi suddenly felt a stinging pain in her eye. Blood dripped down her face from her eye. She fell to her knees.

"I'm sorry!'She yelled. "I will never be mean again! Please stop the pain! Please let me go! I don't want to die!"

"What was that wives tale about luck again? If you kill someone, you get all their luck…" Beatrice's disembodied voice said.

"She moves her hand and off goes their heads."

"Please forgive m-" Garashi sentence was suddenly cut off when her body was no longer one part. Her head fell to the ground with a clunk. Her eyes were still wide with terror.

Beatrice suddenly materialized in front of what's left of the human. She let out a humph as she slightly kicked Garashi's head. The witch didn't fell satisfied. She wanted the human to suffer more for the years of physical and mental torture she gave her former self. The blonde felt like she got off easy.

"Might I suggest something, milady?" Ronove said as he appeared in a cloud of golden butterflies.

Beatrice gave a yelp when she suddenly heard the voice. She wasn't exactly used to the magical butler part yet. She gestured for him to continue.

"Once someone is dead, you can make then your furniture. Instead of then continuing to the afterlife, their soul will be within your hands." Ronove said with a smile.

'I can make her my slave? I can make her bow down and lick my feet for all of eternity?' The witch thought. The thought of it was very pleasing to her.

"So how does one go around making someone their furniture?" The blonde asked.

"Allow me," Ronove said as he walked up to the corpse. He looked like he was grabbing something from the corpse. Within seconds a woman who looked exactly like Garashi appeared in front of the witch, except 'Garashi' was wearing a skimpy strange maid outfit with a red jacket and tall boots with thigh high black socks. Her eyes were also a bright red color.

'Garashi' spoke. "It will be wonderful to serve under you, Lady Beatrice" The furniture bowed.

Beatrice was very impressed. There was only one thing bothering her. "Your name; you're not Garashi anymore so your name should be changed." She thought of a name while to other two were silent. "I know! You shall be named Lucifer."

"It is a wonderful name, Lady Beatrice. I couldn't think of anything more fitting."

Weeks passed, or was it months? The witch didn't keep track of time anymore since she became a witch. Anyway, some amount of time passed. Within those days Beatrice took the lives of the rest of the woman who teased her.

The town was still shaken since they found the body of the first dead woman. The young woman's head lay several feet away from her body. This grim sight brought the citizens into despair. Beatrice couldn't of been happier.

Soon she brought another one to the clutches of death. This time it was her 'oh so lovely friend' Levina. Oh how Beatrice loved it when each of her frail limbs fell down with a swipe and each time a blood curtailing scream came from her mouth. Her new name was Leviathan.

The witch was happy when she came to the next girl, Satina. She was the one who physical tortured the witch's former human self the most. Beatrice made sure that Satina felt the pain that the blonde endured tenfold! She wouldn't be allowed to die so easily. When the girl was on the floor begging for her life, the witch spit her stomach in half. Beatrice was laughing when her entrails fell from her body. After becoming the witch's servant, her name became Satan.

The feeling of revenge felt so good to her. She continued to the next girl on her list; Belle. The lazy girl promised to run through the entire country if she was give freedom. Beatrice felt joy when she heard that the laziest girl in the kingdom would do something that was so out of character. The witch felt more joy when she denied the woman freedom. She laughed when she slip the girl in half. Her laugh was no longer bright; it was the sound of what one would picture an evil witch having. The dead girl's new name was Belphegor.

The next victim of the witch's cruel crimes was poor Mana. The woman was still grieving over her sister-like friend, Levina. When Beatrice came to kill her, she secured the brass haired woman to the floor. She made sure to emphasize that she was the killer and give a detailed explanation of Levina's gruesome death. The witch gave a deep, evil laugh when the immobile girl threatened the blonde. Instead of mutilating her body, which she did with the other women, Beatrice decided to pierce the woman in several places until she succumbed to death. Once she was a servant, her name was changed to Mammon.

Days pass by. A couple weeks even. She couldn't stall herself any longer. The witch wanted to finish her revenge on the women who teased her former self. She only had one problem. Every time the witch wanted to kill Berune, Asune to too close! When Beatrice wouldn't take it anymore, she formed a plan. Instead of just killing Berune, she would kill them both!

When Beatrice gathered both of them, she made sure to kill Berune first and left Asune alone. The witch killed the women fast than she did the others, but Berune's last moments were still filled with screams of pain. Asune watched in horror as Berune came back to life, but as my servant. Beatrice ordered Berune to kill her sister. Oh how she loved in her last moment, Asune tried to convince Berune not to kill her.

"Berune, it's me! You sister, Asune! Why are you doing this?"

"I know you're my sister. I'm doing this because Lady Beatrice wants me to. The sooner I get to kill you the sooner we will serve Lady Beatrice together!"

"Y-you're insane!"

When they were the witch's new servants, she named them Beelzebub and Asmodeus.

Soon they were all dead. All seven women who tried to kill Beatrice's former self. She felt joy full that they were dead, but she wasn't satisfied. There was still one person who had 'killed' her the most.

Killing the prince wouldn't be enough. Turning him into her servant wouldn't be enough either. That's when it came into her mind. To be satisfied, she needed to harm the people who he cared most about. Sure, he probably cares about his citizens, but not as much as he cares about his cousins. When Battler used to talk about them to Yasu, he spoke of them as if they were best friends. They were the perfect victims for Beatrice

She observed them from the shadows for weeks. The witch learned many things in those few weeks.

Jessica, the blonde woman who was the same age as Battler, was very loud and hot tempered, but she was very quiet around one of the castle's servants. Why, she acted as if she was in love with him. However, she never told him.

The servant, whose name was Kanon, is a very frail boy with medium-length dark gray hair. He is a few years younger than Jessica. From what Beatrice could tell, he is also loved the woman. However, the boy tried hide his feelings from her and tried to convince himself that he cannot love her because he is just a servant.

Then there was George. He had short brown hair and was five years older than the prince. He acted like a perfect gentleman. George did every he was told to do. He did everything to please his parents. However, he was secretly having a relationship with one of the castle's maids. The man knew that he could never tell his mother because she wouldn't approve. The mother seemed to know about it, however.

The maid… The maid was the same servant who was present at the prince's ceremony. She was the one who tried to talk Yasu away. Her name was Shannon, and she was a busty brunette. The girl was only a few years younger than her love. Also, she was apparently the older sister of Kanon. She loved George with all her heart.

It disgusted Beatrice. Why were they allow love and she wasn't? Why were they allowed a happy life while she had a cruel one? It enraged her. The witch thought that they need to pay for it, even though it wasn't their fault nor did they have any control over it. She decided to attack the servants first then go after the other two.

Beatrice waited for a day when Shannon and Kanon were doing chores at night. She formed a barrier around the two.

Kanon stiffened. "Did you fell that?" He asked.

"I felt something too." Shannon said. "It's probably just the wind."

"Oh, so now I'm stooped to being the wind? That's not nice," Beatrice said; her voice coming from behind them. A few golden butterflies appeared.

They both jumped. "Shannon, remember that story? The one about how spider webs can defeat witches?" The boy said.

"Yes," Shannon said slowly. Then she gasped. "You don't think-"

"Go get one just in case."

Shannon started to run down the hall way. She stopped as soon she began when a woman in a strange maid outfit with twin pigtails and a glowing red sword on her arm appeared.

"Were do you think you're going?" The girl holding up the red sword said sweetly. Shannon gasped and quickly backed away.

"Shit!" Kanon yelled as he started to run the other way. Another woman, who was similar to the first except she had white hair, appeared. Kanon cursed again and also quickly backed away. She sliced part of his arm before he could get away. He gripped his arm as he stood next to Shannon.

Beatrice materialized in front of them. "Do you really think I'm going to let your crimes go unpunished?" She asked.

"Crimes? We haven't done any crimes!" Shannon yelled.

Beatrice seemed to ignore her. "Killing you now would be too easy. You need to suffer for your crimes."

"We haven't done anything wrong!" Kanon yelled.

The witch continued to ignore them. "But physical suffering does not bring enough pain."

"Are you listening!? We have done no crimes!" Shannon yelled desperately.

"Ah! I know!" Beatrice said to herself. "I will just kill your lovers! Weren't their names Jessica and George?"

The servants tensed as if they were pierced in the back. "I don't know what you what are talking about, but whatever it is Jessica and George have nothing to do with it." Shannon said.

"Oh but you need to pay for your crimes! It's the only way," Beatrice said. She gave a sadistic laugh.

"Leave them alone! They had nothing to do with whatever you're talking about!" The boy yelled.

Beatrice thought for a second. "It's the only way, unless…"

"Unless what?" The brunette asked.

Beatrice smiled. "If you get on your hands and knees and beg I might tell you."

Shannon immediately got on her hands and knees while Kanon was a little reluctant. They started to beg.

"Please! We'll go anything if you leave them alone."

"We'll pay for the crimes if you leave them alone."

"Good," The witch said with a smirk. "Now, the only way that you'll be able to pay for the crimes is if you…" She whispered the next part.

"What was that?" Shannon asked.

"The only you'll be able to pay for the crimes is if you brutally reject you lovers!"

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