Hey guys! I'm writing another Fairy Tail story! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Don't be fooled by the prologue though people, this is NOT a humorous story and may lead to a few tears in the eyes.

Written and edited by moi


DISCLAIMER: I do not, and I never did, own the original Fairy Tail. Mashima Hiro is the genius behind that



Lucy and Natsu had just finished another mission and were content in lying on the ground, looking at the stars.

"Hey Luce" Natsu said softly to his best friend "If by some weird reason, I might have left you behind on a mission, would you still trust me?"

Lucy leaned up to look at Natsu, giving him a weird look. "What made you ask that? That's a little deep isn't it?"

The pink haired boy grinned as he clasped her hand tightly. "Just answer the question!"

"Well of course! We're partners dummy. Why? Would you call me a traitor and break my heart if it happened to you?"

"Hmmmmmm... it depends"

"NATSU!" Lucy scowled deeply at the person beside her and proceeded to pinch him wherever she could. This was a difficult task as the person being pinched was all muscle, no flab.

Unable to hold in a chuckle, Natsu gathered Lucy in his arms for a loose hug and continued to stare at the sky. Lucy shuffled to get into a better position before sighing happily.

"I would never lose my trust in you Lucy. I love you." Natsu whispered huskily and started to stroke the girls back. "If there was ever a time that you disappeared on a mission, I would wait patiently for you to return, I promise. Never doubt me Lucy, that in itself would break my heart."

In reply, Lucy raised her arms and wrapped them round her boyfriend's neck, kissing him softly. As well as being best friends, the two had finally confessed their feelings the week before. They became inseparable, as new couples were, and were approved by the entire guild.

"I'll hold you to that promise Natsu"

It was the first and last time the young couple joined as lovers before the tragedy occurred, a tragedy that broke them apart and tested Natsu's real feelings behind a promise that may have broke them apart forever.

...To Be Continued...