Hey guys!

My current schedule:

Mon- work

Tue- uni

Wed- uni

Thu- uni

Fri- work

Sat- uni


As you can see, ive got a full week, barely any time for sleep

My work days are frm 9- around 5;30

My uni days are worse; can be from 6:45- 7;30. I live 2 hrs away, so I wake up EXTRA early and get home EXTRA late.

Someone may notice that I go to uni on Saturday…. Its because I have to work with a business. It's the WORST….. I seriously have to change trains 3 times; and lets not forgt the 25 minute hike up a steep hill either.

I apologise; I did say I may have more time, but the less commitments I take on, the more work I have to do. (I mean, I used to do martial arts but had to stop)

The only thing I can promise is that my mock exam is in a few days. HOPEFULLY after that I myt have those lecture days a little free. Also my business pitch is coming up as well, so wish me luck!

Small fact for the story…. Juvia? Yeah, shes not meant to exist (not yet anyway)… any sign of her was a ghost in disguise yea?

Also? Carina, Karina… Ill make my mind up of the spelling when I can get to it

Fact 3: Blaze's dog is actually still around, just as silent as Happy. I really should remember to bring these animals in… maybe a short story around them? Nah too busy