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Chapter 16

To my beloved and dearest son, Blaze

I am writing this letter with sadness and regret that you may be made to suffer any more than you already have. For the past year, I have felt someone tailing our journey. At first, they were unnoticeable, but over the last few months, their progress has become faster and more efficient. It is obvious that they are following my magic trail, which means that the people are extremely skilled and powerful mages. They are looking for you, and it has come to a point where my presence will place you in extreme danger. I cannot justify any reason of remaining by your side and ask of the biggest sacrifice that a child must make. When you wake up, I will no longer be with you.

Blaze. My dear, dear Blaze. You cannot understand how much this letter is killing me inside. For years I've hated the position that you, a small child, have been placed in. Why could we not be a normal family? Why do we have magic at all? Why am I not enough to protect you, MY child? This decision was only reached when I dreamt of your inevitable capture if I were to stay here any longer and I cannot sleep comfortably for fear of your life

Through all this, remember your mother's words; A person who gains strength through sacrifice will cherish their own. Always know that your body will not tolerate more than it can stand.

When you leave this room, never look back. Bring with you nothing more than the clothes on your back. Very likely, the mages will have a device that detect any traces of you from the surroundings so immerse yourself in the busy environment of a city. It will be hard, but the struggles are going to help you grow and, one day, your honesty and goodwill will attract good people towards you. It may take days, months or even years but never stop believing in yourself.

As the last living Sensory user, you must grow up and use your ability to better this corrupt world.

I will use this chance to return to the Choir Forest and search for your mother's remains. They are only a few steps behind me so before I am taken, I will bury you mother properly and give her the funeral that she deserves. If we are given the opportunity, we may meet again.

Stay safe, My son


Blaze read the letter for the third time under the shelter of a bus stop. He had barely woken up when he sensed a dangerous aura outside his flat. Within two minutes he had grabbed the letter placed on his pillow and started the climb up the chimney chute. He had deliberated, choosing to stay in the chimney for the next three hours and allowing the intruders time to search every nook and cranny rather than make an immediate move and alert others of his presence. Luckily, nobody thought to look up the chimney, obviously not familiar with the size of their target.

When he knew for sure that the room was clear, Blaze proceeded to climb up and out of the chimney and found his way towards the town centre, staying in the alleyways and shelters.

He was dirty and hungry but kept out of sight during the day, paying no thought towards anything more than keeping hidden away. With the rise of the moon, Blaze took shelter at a bus stop and only then did he choose to read the letter Tony had left behind. With emotions barely hidden behind a poker face, he read the letter slowly, memorising the last words his father would write to him.

Without sleeping, Blaze read and re- read the letter, taking in the tear stains and smudges, the wobbly writing and curled edged of the paper. At dawn, he made the decision to burn the letter and, with it, the last of his happy childhood. He silently swore that he would survive and seek the company of good people. He vowed that he would never resent the hardships he encountered and would stay alive long enough to free the world of his mother's murderers. With those promises in mind, Blaze Natsume crawled under the seats and slept.

The following few months, he survived through the scraps provided by kind proprietors and the fallen fruits that was shared amongst the homeless. Healthcare was not an issue, as hospitals at saffron town would heal any major wounds and injuries, regardless of a person's background. This practice was put into place by doctors, who felt that they could not be considered the best unless it was guaranteed that every member of the town was cared for.

Three months after receiving the letter, Blaze stumbled across an abandoned puppy who had suffered under the hands of careless owners. Without a word, he picked up the scarred pug and proceeded to use his basic survival skills to help heal the dog as much as possible. By doing so, he earned a friend and loyal partner for the rest of his time in the streets. The pug was named Tyson.

Together the pair would be seen in the corners of the streets, doing small errands in return for food and shelter. They weren't the cleanest workers, but locals soon gave them their trust and confidence in completing the small jobs. However, there was only so much work that could be entrusted to a child, so at times the duo would go several days without a full meal.

On his seventh birthday, Blaze decided to venture slightly further out of the town centre. He was growing bigger now, so needed to gain experiences that would help his future. Following a long road towards the city of 'Fiore' he came across a small cottage. Hearing the laughter of several people, he peeked through the gaps of the trees and watched a boy his age playing with several older people. The boy, who answered to the name "Lee", was very much a magic user and held the obvious love and adoration of everybody around him.

Lee would spend his mornings practising with an adult; sometimes he practised a form of Martial Art, sometimes he would learn to control his power. He thrived under the strict training and always set time aside for a solo session afterwards.

Blaze, in awe of this boy, would spend much of his time looking through the branches. He had fed on the fruits that fell on the ground from nearby trees (it would be stealing if he took them from the branches, right?), but his weight continued to fall, leaving behind a child with sunken cheeks and an almost skeletal figure.

One morning, Blaze had just made the decision to move further up when he felt a strange sensation. His fingers tingled, predicting the movement of danger behind him. Trying to keep calm, he moved into the shadows just as a carriage whizzed past, leaving behind a cloud of dust and debris.

In the milliseconds it took to pass, Blaze caught sight of the symbol painted across its side; A Dragon kneeled before the presence of a crown in an intertwined mess of vines and poisonous roses. His memories suddenly flashed to a time of total darkness, hearing his mother's pants and cries of pain as she ran, changing to the scene of his old room, listening to the intruders search his room from his spot in the chimney.

For certain, he knew that he had never seen the symbol at any point and that the symbol presented itself in a beautifully dark and regal manner. Call it a gut feeling, or maybe it was an image born out of his survival skills honed from living by himself, it was certain that this symbol represented the evil that caused his family to suffer and fall to pieces. Just the thought of it made him lose the remaining colour in his face and shake like a leaf.

Witnessing his master's distress, Tyson barked and sought assistance in the nearest building. He ran straight towards a training Lee and snapped Blaze's attention, who immediately tried to stop the dog.