Dragon Puncher's Big Glitz Pit Battle

It's a beautiful day at the Glitz Pit where I was about to face off in the Championship Match against Rawk Hawk. I smiled to myself and said, "Wow! The championship match is here and I'm going one-on-one against the champion! If I win, then I'll be very happy to go home as the Grand Champion! Well, it's time to fight!"

At the arena, Jolene came in with the mic and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the final battle of the tournament! Today's Championship Match will determine which one of these two fighters will walk away with the trophy! Now, let's meet the fighters!"

The crowd cheered as Jolene is about to introduce the first fighter, "First up, we have a veteran who burned the competition with his fire breath attacks. He's the warrior with the passion for fighting and now, he'll face his toughest opponent yet. Making his way to the arena in the Red Corner is the tournament's favorite fighter. Here he is, the Fire Breath Punisher… DRAGON PUNCHER!"

The red spotlight shined on the door as the doors open up. I entered the arena with a big smile as the crowd cheered for me. I gave them a high five as I enter the ring for the final match. Jolene came to me and said, "Welcome to the finals, Dragon!"

"It's an honor to be here, Jolene!" I said with a smile, "I'm so pumped for this matchup against Rawk Hawk and with my fire-based attacks, he'll be one roasted chicken when I'm done with him!"

The crowd cheered for me as Jolene said, "That is what I like to hear. Well, are you ready to meet your challenger?"

"Of course I'm ready! Let's do it!"

"Alright then, let's meet your challenger! Our challenger is everyone's favorite champion! He's been fighting every opponent since his first appearance and now, he'll face off once more. And now, entering the arena in the Blue Corner is the Feral Nuclear Reactor. Please give it up for… RAWK HAWK!"

The blue spotlight shined on the door as Rawk Hawk enters the arena. He waved to the crowd as they cheer for him as he entered the ring. Jolene came to him and said, "Tell me Rawk, what do you have to say to Dragon Puncher?"

"I would say that he's been fighting various opponents during his run and now, he's facing off against me for the trophy!" Rawk replied, "Dragon, prepare for a rawkin' grand finale!"

I looked at him and said, "It will be my pleasure to do so!"

Jolene smiled to them and said, "Well, now that we met our two fighters, it's time to find out who will win the trophy! Fighters, take your places!"

I came to him, shook his hand and said, "May the best fighter win, Rawk?"

"May the best fighter win." Rawk replied as we took our fighting positions.

Jolene smiled to the crowd and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is it! Are you ready for the championship?"

"YEAH!" The crowd agreed as they cheered.

"Alright then! Shy Guy, do the honors!"

Just then, Shy Guy came in with the gong and said, "Alright fighters, I want a good, clean fight to the finish! Remember, this is for the title of Grand Champion. Rawk Hawk, are you ready?"

"Yes, Shy Guy! I'm all ready!" Rawk replied.

"Dragon Puncher, are you ready?" Shy Guy asked me.

"All set!" I replied with a thumbs up.

"Alright then! When you hear the gong, you may begin. Ready…"

As we took our fighting positions, the crowd grew very silent…


We took a big deep breath, looked at each other once more and then, it's match time…


With the word shouted, the gong has sounded and then, we ran to each other. The match has officially begun!

I started the match with some fire breath and it hit Rawk. Rawk kicked me and said, "Take this!"

I smiled to myself and said, "Not bad. But, can you handle the heat from my Fireball Punch?"

Then I punched him with a Fireball Punch and the crowd cheered for me. I punched him again and said, "Feeling the heat?"

"I'm just getting started! Flying Strike!" Rawk replied as he flew straight at me and then, I dodged it out of the way as the attack missed me. Rawk said, "Rats, I missed! I need to work on aiming better so I can get him!"

As the match heats up, the crowd starts to cheer for these two fighters. I looked at my Power Meter and said, "Alright, time to burn up this competition because this ends the match, right now! Dragon Puncher… FINAL ATTACK!"

I flew up high and charged up my fireball. Rawk said, "This is for the trophy! Final Attack… POWER UP!"

Then Rawk took aim at me with his energy as he charged up from his hands. The crowd watched as we await the final attack, hoping for a victory.

When everything is all set, I said, "Final Attack! Dragon Blazing Fire Breath…"

Rawk held out his hands with his full power and said, "Hawk Final Fury…"

As the energy reached full power, we let out one final cry…


And then, we let out the attacks as the crowd cheered. I burned him while Rawk kicked me with his kicks. The attacks were so strong, it cancelled each other. I said, "No way, our attacks has been cancelled out! What am I going to do?"

Then Rawk came to me and said, "You lose Dragon! Final Fury Strike!"

As the kick is about to reach me, I said, "No! It is you that is going to lose because I have one more attack! Get ready for my super finale! Dragon Puncher… SUPER FINAL ATTACK!"

Then I caught his foot as I threw him up to the sky. I flew up high, took aim at Rawk and said, "Rawk Hawk, you've been a great opponent but, this attack will end this match for real! Dragon Super Blazing Fire Breath…"

As the firepower reached full power, the crowd grew very silent. I took a big deep breath and then, I let it out with one big shout…


With the word shouted, I breathed a lot of fire at Rawk Hawk and then, it hit him! The force of the fire breath was so strong, it sealed Rawk in a big fireball. I went to the fireball, took aim at the arena floor and then, I let it out with one final shout…


And then, I kicked him to the floor and then, the fireball fell on the arena floor. I flew down to the arena and counted down to the end of the attack, "3, 2, 1... FINISH!"

And with a snap of my finger, the fireball exploded, finishing the Dragon Super Blazing Fire Breath Strike!

The crowd watched and waited for the explosion to settle and then, the smoke cleared and Rawk Hawk was still standing after the final attack. Rawk said, "That is an impressive attack! But I can still fight with everything I got!"

As Rawk Hawk was about to attack, he fell down on the floor. The final attack knocked him out for good, which ends the match.

Shy Guy hits the gong and said, "FINISH! Dragon Puncher is the Grand Champion!"

The crowd erupted in big cheers as I jump for joy, claiming me the victory! I smiled to the crowd and shouted my victory cry, "The fire breath burns another opponent once again! Dragon Puncher has claimed… VICTORY!"

Then Shy Guy gave me the trophy as I held it up high and while I was doing that, confetti fell on the stadium as the crowd cheered even louder. I smiled to the crowd and said my battle cry, "Burning with passion, blazing with fury! The warrior of the Mushroom Kingdom… DRAGON PUNCHER!"