Warning! This will be a very short multi-chapter, maybe 3-4 chapters, not more. It is based on the PRESS RELEASE AND A VERY SHORT INTERVIEW WITH BRUNO HELLER about ep. 4.10, "Fugue in Red". This episode HASN'T AIRED yet, so EVERYTHING in this story is derived SOLELY from my imagination! Most likely, everything will be completely different in the actual episode, which I haven't seen yet!

This is much interior monologue, an inner journey, so to speak. It's not 100% PWP, but it doesn't have a whole lot of plot either- just read it if you want to find out what it is. But if you're absolutely against PWPs…maybe I wouldn't recommend this story.

The story begins after Jane's séance in the pub (which I have only seen on the promotional pictures, so I made everything up! 100%!).

The story is M! Extremely M! In the FIRST chapter, and even more so in later chapters! So if you don't want to read anything about adult situations (and let me tell you, I don't take any prisoners this time, not exactly sweet, tender love making in this one, especially in later chapters!), stop here!

Not nice and fluffy! Much hurt before the comfort! This is the ANGSTY angle on losing one's memory….it's what immediately caught my attention about this episode.

OOC for Lisbon, but if I'd let her play the ice maiden in my stories, I wouldn't accomplish anything. So sorry, Lisbon- but your self-control has to go.

Disclaimer: It's not mine, it's Bruno's, and to be honest- in this case, the idea is his, too! I just let my imagination run wild with it. I'm sorry.

Memory Palace

Chapter 1

Teresa Lisbon felt like a stern governess and didn't like herself very much at the moment.

The pint of beer in front of her was untouched.

She startled every time he laughed. She'd never heard him laugh that way before. Rich. Full. Bursting.

It wasn't him. Her Jane was hidden underneath all this…shallow charm, the seducer's facade he showed the world right now.

He flirted shamelessly, had kissed countless cheeks over the run of the night, and she couldn't help the slight pang of jealousy that pierced her frame whenever he put his hand where it had no business going. She sighed. You're a big girl, Teresa Lisbon, just suck it up.

Maybe he deserved to have fun for a change. She knew it would be devastating when his memory came back, and it would come back eventually. She would watch over him until then, do everything to protect him. Just like she always did.

She watched him. The irresponsible, mischievous little rascal. She'd thought he'd been a pest when she'd met him, damaged, traumatized, but still full of impish antics and reckless schemes. It was nothing compared to what he was like at the moment. Damn, she hoped he got his memory back soon, as selfish as that might sound. It was almost impossible to keep him under control like this.

Lisbon took a swig of lukewarm beer, her eyes following him wherever he went. No matter how much he deserved to have some fun and lightness in his life, she had to stop him from going too far. For he would remember what he did right now, while he was in the middle of his amnesia…and she had to prevent him from getting abhorred or ashamed when his memory restored itself. His memory of what he'd become. Of the gruesome murder that had changed everything. Yes, he had enough to carry as it was. She would do everything not to add to the burden.

Jane looked her way and smiled. They had told him that he had helped the CBI solving murders, and he had agreed to do so in this case- saying it "would be fun". Hell yeah, everything was about fun for him at the moment.

He laughed again, his arm wrapped around a young woman's waist, and Lisbon gritted her teeth. Big girl, Teresa. No problem. You just keep him safe. Piece of cake.

She hung on past midnight, when Van Pelt had long been gone, leaving her alone to watch over Jane. He looked at her occasionally. And thankfully, he didn't seem to plan picking up one of the countless girls he touched. They came and went, sitting on his lap for a moment before they trotted off again…maybe her death glare had something to do with it- who knew.

And finally the pub was almost empty, and Jane got up, moving his lean body lithely and gracefully, strolling over to her with a lazy smile on his face. She felt the soft spread of heat deep inside her and stifled a shudder he would have been able to hear in her breath. To no avail, she noticed when his smile deepened.

"You're done babysitting, agent Lisbon," he drawled, "I'm out of here. You hardly touched your beer- care to drive me to the hotel?"

"Of course." She said briskly, put some money on her table and took her purse, following him into the parking lot.


It was unnerving, the way he stared at her. She kept her face on the road, but she could feel his eyes on her, this soft, nonchalant smile on his lips. She didn't know if she wanted to slap him or…she took a deep breath and tried to concentrate.

But she startled violently when he suddenly lifted his hand and wrapped a strand of her hair around his fingers.

"I've been wondering, agent," he said "when I've been working on your team- you and me, did we ever have sex with each other?"

Thankfully, she'd just reached the hotel's parking lot and already killed the engine, or she would have steered the car against the next tree for sure.

"Of course not" she breathed "we've just been….colleagues." You're my friend. The only human being I need in my life. The one temptation I don't even want to remove. The reason I dream about the future sometimes.

She got out of the car before he could say anything more, her hair slipping from his grasp.

"I see you to your room, Jane," she muttered when she heard his door slam shut, his footsteps resounding from the pavement.

Yeah, agent Lisbon. How smart was that?

Unfortunately, this thought didn't really enter her mind before the doors of the lift whooshed shut behind them, trapping her inside with charming, sexy, tempting Patrick Jane much too close by her side.


He continued to play with her hair. Came close. Closer. So close his lips grazed her ear when he spoke.

"I want to, you know?" he whispered, softly kissing her neck "Have sex with you, that is."

Remember, Lisbon? You wanted to stop him from doing something stupid. Something like…

His lips were warm and soft, and she realized that he'd never kissed her- not even a friendly peck on the cheek. She turned her head without thinking, and his mouth met hers without hesitation. He clearly wasn't in the mood to fool around, the kiss hot and passionate, firm lips moving against hers, and when she was about to pull back he pushed his tongue into her mouth, and Lisbon was lost, all thoughts draining from her mind in a violent gush.

She hardly heard the door open, Jane walking her backwards to his room, hot lips fastened on hers, his breath intruding, filling her up, making her drunk, wild. He inserted the key card into the slot, his arm wrapped around her waist, trapping her against him while he breathed into her, not giving her the chance to escape.

When her back hit the mattress, she had no idea how in hell she had gotten there.

She tried to push him away, but her hands against his chest started to rip his shirt open all on their own, and he assisted her with his vest before he started to undress her, the night quickly dissolving into a flurry of movement, clothes flying everywhere, until she was naked beneath him, his lips like a hot lifeline in the dark of the night. And when she felt his giant erection against her abdomen, she knew she couldn't, wouldn't turn back.

The night was spent in a haze, his laughter close to her ear, his smile boisterous and care-free, he was like a stranger, but his passion swept her away, leaving no room for questions, doubts. His skin was warm and smooth beneath her hands and he reacted strongly to every touch, moaning in bliss and ecstasy wherever her hands slid. Begging for more. His body thirsty, ravenous, he sucked on her nipples like a starving man, groaning and sighing when her fingernails left red streaks on his upper back.

He was huge and hard, his erection so demanding she felt burned every time it touched her. The intimacy stole her breath, every touch brought him closer, his lips busy against her skin, damp with perspiration, his tongue adding more moisture.

She was so aroused she hadn't even known she could feel like this. Hot lust pooling between her legs, running down her thighs. Her hips undulating against his body, she couldn't hear anything but the rush of her own blood and his soft humming, vibrating on her skin while he licked and tasted and nipped. She moaned, so close now. Feeling drugged from his mouth and his hands, unable to surface.

Patrick Jane tasted clean and warm, sweet like dark caramel, his skin baby-soft beneath her lips. He allowed her to touch everywhere, and damn if she didn't take her chance. Maybe she would never again…

He pushed into her and everything that was coherent left her body, he was so huge and hard and hot, filling her completely, her breaths gasping gulps of air that seared her lungs, his groans deep and ecstatic, reaching into her body like fingers, touching everywhere.

He pushed his hands under her buttocks and angled her hips, going even deeper with the next thrust.

Lisbon cried into his mouth, and he chuckled softly. She was lost, mind dissolving more and more, the rhythm of his movements a sharp throbbing that grabbed her utmost depths, reached into her soul.

He thrust harder, faster, her fingers dug into his back, her body quaking under the impact of his vigorous, hammering strokes, and when his cries got louder and louder she came undone, her climax washing through her like a thunderstorm. Her strong muscles clutched his length and she managed to look into his face then, his head thrown back, eyes clenched shut, a wild smile on his lips that didn't dissolve until he went over the edge full force, his seed shooting into her in hot, endless spurts, gushing against her constricting walls until her tears started to run over her face. He collapsed on top of her before he rolled to his side, his breathing harsh and erratic, giddy, unrestrained laughter bubbling up from his throat.

"Damn," he groaned "and I didn't do that before? No idea why…I usually recognize a good lay when I see one."

His lips met the corner of her mouth before he curled into a ball next to her and fell asleep with a happy, exhausted sigh, his quiet breathing almost loud in the silent darkness.

Lisbon closed her eyes. Oh my god, what had she done? His last words had finally managed to wake her from the haze she'd spent the last hour in. She felt as if she'd been doused with ice water. He wasn't her Patrick Jane. He was what the amnesia had left of him. And she had ruthlessly taken advantage, plastering their future with emotional landmines that would most likely kill everything that came close.

She'd played with the one thing that held the most meaning for her these days- the friendship of the only man she'd ever truly loved. The realization felt like a cramp deep inside her guts, like the harsh grip of an ice-cold fist.

When his memory came back, he would remember. And he would hate her for this.

She slowly got up, taking care not to wake him, and dressed in a hurry. When she softly closed the door behind her, the carefully contained sobs finally tore free and she realized that her face was already streaked with tears.

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