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Me: OMG! OMG! Are you guys like excited or what?

Annabeth: You're insane if you think I'm ready to be made a fool of.

Percy: Don't be such a stick in the mud Annabeth.

Annabeth: Don't be such a stick in the seaweed Percy.

Me: That is like the lamest comeback ever, you guys.

Percabeth: Shuddup.

Oprah: And we're back with Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson. We've been taking questions from the audience. Everyone's curious about the lives of such famous demigods. So, anyone?

Grace: Hi. Umm… I was wondering if Percy was available.

(audience laughs)

Oprah: Percy?

Percy: Yes, I am and like Cody Simpson I'd always be willing to date a fan.

(flashes a winning smile and winks)

(audience laughs)

Oprah: Thank you Grace, that actually leads us to another topic. Dating. Are you two together?

Annabeth: NO!

Percy: I…

(audience laughs)

Oprah: Well, Annabeth seems certain, but what about you Percy. Are you interested in dating your friend?

Percy: Umm… noo. (seems uncertain) We're just really good friends. That's all. Right Annabeth?

Annabeth: Yes.


Oprah: Well. Awkwarrrd.

(audience laughs)

Oprah: So, even if there is no dating between the two of you, have you ever dated anyone else?

Annabeth: No. Well, at least I haven't. I don't really have time to do much dating, let alone brush my hair. When you're a demigod it's all just work work work. I mean it would be fun to have a boyfriend, but to me it's just another responsibility. I'd like to cross that hurdle when I'm older and my life's more stable.

Oprah: (laughs) Well, someone likes to talk. Percy, what about you.

Percy: Well, I did… a loonnngg time ago when I was like in fifth grade. It was this girl name Carly and she was really sweet. We like, broke up after I didn't get her anything for Valentines Day.

(audience laughs)

Annabeth: You never told me about that.

Percy: Why would I need to? It's not like she was a real important part of my life.

(In the audience Carly gets up and runs out crying.)

Annabeth: Umm… I think that was her.

Percy: Oh well, she was the one who was all selfish about not getting gifts.

(audience laughs)

Oprah: We'll be right back after the break.

Me: So… you like?

Annabeth: I think I have been scarred for life.

Carly: You've been scarred for life. Think about how I feel!

Annabeth: Get out of here Carly. No one likes you. Oh, hi Percy!

Percy: Who were you guys talking to?

Annabeth: Nobody.

Percy: Annabeth…?

Me: On with the story!