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"W-Wait a minute.. What the hell just happened? How the heck did I get into this situation?"

The stellar wizard is now panicking thinking, figuring out just how did she end up trapped between the arms of her fire breathing friend.

"Ssh.." whispering his hot breath against her bare neck. "It'd be over.. quite soon.." inserting a devilish smile.

"I-I-I.. I said I'm sorry! It was all for fun! A joke! A..-" trying to defend herself.

Putting a finger on her soft, delicate lips, he looked into those beautiful eyes of hers. Those eyes that he loved so much. He loved everything about her. He hair, her hands, her voice, her touches. The constant feeling of being with her making him longing for her more.

That instant moment, when he took in her sweet strawberry scent, he knew just what her punishment is.

"I figured out what's your punishment is going to be Luce.." grinning at his victim.

"W-W-What are you gonna do.." gulped in fright as the young wizard awaits her punishment.

"Pfft.. Don't worry! I wont do anything pervy, naughty or anything like that baka.."

"I wasn't thinking that!" blushing furiously at him. She'll never figure out just how was he and probably always be able just what's on her mind. Did he learn telepathy magic from Warren or something?

"Bla.. Blaa.. You talk too much. And since you just lied.. AGAIN.." making a clear point on that one, he taped her mouth with a strap of duct tape which he so conveniently brought?

"Your punishment is to hear me talk all I want and you cannot say anything against it." Turning his head away hiding his blush. "I promise I wont hurt you.. So please, just her me out okay? You don't have to say anything just sit back, relax and open your ears.."

Lucy was shocked when he finished his request with a smile. Not a grin, not his usual idiotic smile.. for the first time in her own eyes, she saw he is forcing himself to smile.. A sad smile.

"Natsu.. What is so important that you wanted to tell me that you had to put that smile on.." thinking of her nakama.

"It's just a story! But I have to tape your mouth so you wont dare to interrupt got it? After that, you could do anything you want.. Run, scream, hit me, tell Erza.." gulping at that last option.

"Okay I take it back.. Anything but that last one!" begging for mercy. "So Miss Liar, do we got ourselves a deal?" putting her down making her sit back against the tree. He was sure to make her sit in the shady part of the tree before joining in sitting beside her awaiting her answer.

Giving it a quick thought about his offer, and he would probably never let her go unless she agrees plus the fact the sadness in his eyes just now. She just had to know the reason behind it so, she gave him a slight nod.

"Is that a yes?" looking at her. He didn't need to ask further when she gave him another nod and a thumbs up.

"Yoshaa!" pumping a fiery fist onto his hand before he calms back down to start his tale.

"Actually..:" beginning his story with a slow but clear voice. "I'm.. in love with someone." blushing at his confession.

Lucy who is currently heartbroken and hurt hearing the guy that she has been keeping her feelings hidden for so long is in love with another girl.. showed a blanked expression.

"Lucy..? You okay?" tilting his head.

She just gave a silent nod before giving him permission to continue on with his story.

"Well then.. She's a guild member at Fairy Tail. I saved her when I was on a mission. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.. She can be a annoying sometimes.. a lot actually.. but that's what make her fun!" grinning at Lucy.

"You know how I can be.. destructive, scary, dense and everything else? But she has always been beside me through thick and thin. I can't imagine being away from her even a day.."

Lucy tried her best to hold back her tears. She tugged on his arm pointing it to the tape on her mouth asking if she can take it off.

"Hm? Oh sure.. But no interrupting got it?" slowly pulling the tape away from her mouth.

"Thanks.. And from what I've heard so far, she seems really nice. She's one lucky girl.." said with a heavy heart.

"I was suppose to hang out with her today too.." smiling softly at his beloved.

"Eh? Sorry! I didn't know.. You should go and see her then. Tell her that I'm sorry for dragging you out here!"

"Didn't I say you cannot interrupt me idiot? Besides, she played or planned to anyways to pranked me today. Though, she should of known best not to lie to the Great Natsu!"

"Pranked you? How..?" looking at him dumbfound.

"She.." taking one final breath before she'll figure out the truth. "She was sick of the constant fighting between ice-brain and me, so she and Mira collaborated on this stupid plan." showing her the plan which was originally hers.

"But.. That's mine.." pointing at it.

"Exactly.." giving the plan back to her. "There, my story's done. Your free to go now.." scoffing off the dirt on off his pants standing up.

He suddenly felt two arms that he knew too well wrapped around him from his back.

"Natsu.." gripping tighter. Are you saying.. that.."

He hold her arms while turning to face her. He tilt her chin back up so their eyes could meet and see that cute lovingly face of hers. "Yea Luce.. I'm in love with you.."

There they were, two wizards who just found love on a hill under the tree. He leaned closer to her lips before planting a very soft tenderly kiss. Their very first kiss.

He was surprised that she didn't punch him back, in fact he was shocked to find that she's wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, kissing him back.

After a few minutes, they slowly pulled apart breathing heavily trying to catch their breathe. Natsu just looked away trying to hide his red face.

"I love you too baka.." whispered the girl slowly to him. "Always have.."

"W-W-What?" he looked at her with a confused look.

"I said.. I'm in love with you too. Or I wouldn't return the kiss just now baka!" giving him a warm embrace.

Returning the embrace, he is feeling so happy he could hardly speak.

"Guess my plan backfired huh? Mira's hard thought plan went to a waste.." giggling at him.

"Hm.. I don't think it was a total waste.." leaning closer to her. "I'm sure she wont get mad if I tell her that Miss Liar is mine now.." giving her another quick kiss.

"Ready to get back oh Great Natsu?" packing up her belongings.

"Of course! I cant wait to tell everyone about your ridiculous plan which totally failed!" running down the hill laughing maniacally.

"Oi! You don't have to tell anyone!" chasing after her new boyfriend back to their beloved guild ready to hear the cheers from all the members about the newly couple.

Meanwhile, back in the park.

Two mages finally popped their heads out of the bushes gasping for air.

"Damn! How long does one idiot need to confess? We've been stuck here for hours listening to all those lovey dovey stuff! Bleh! It makes me sick.."

"Oh come now Gray, you promised you'd help me out on this plan. If you didn't continue fighting with Natsu, then Lucy would never asked for my help and this would never have happened!" smiles the cunning white hair mage.

"Yeah, yeah.. I know Mira..Well, I guess I am glad those two are finally together."

"Ahem! Since you lost our bet on my brilliant plan.. you have to ask Juvia out when we get back got it?"

"Oh shoot.. Did I agreed to that?" blushed the ice mage.

"Yep.. and no backing now.. If you want, I can think of a new plan for the both of you!"

"No,no,NO! I can ask her myself!" ran back to the guild as fast as he can.

"Oh Mira.. You are such a brilliant love doctor!" praising herself before walking back home to congratulate the newly couple.

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