Past and Present

Chapter One

Everything belongs to Shed/Shed Scotland Productions. (I swear to god, I am getting sick of writing that! Still…Needs must!) Lol! ;-)

Sian lay on the sofa, tears running down her face, she felt drained and dazed, she just couldn't carry on any more, 'What have I done?' She whispered. She heard a bang as her friend, Carol put a big mug of tea down on the coffee table.

She sat down next to Sian and slowly pushed some of her hair away from her face, 'You did what you had to do.' She whispered, 'Personally, I don't know what you saw in Jez in the first place!'

Sian shrugged, '….He…' She paused, not entirely sure of her answer than said, 'He was what I needed at the time.'

'Then why didn't you just have a fling like everyone else?' Carol sighed, 'Honestly! You are too sincere Sian!'

'Well…he didn't deserve to be led on!'

'Yes and look where it got you! C'mon Sian! You're unhappy, you're not sleeping and you're drained! This isn't you!'

Sian knew that it was true, since getting back with Jez, it had all just gone downhill again, she needed Michael, she yearned for Michael.'

'I blame Michael for this!'

She looked up at her, 'What?'

'Well…if he hadn't've broken up with you in the first place none of this would've happened!'

Sian shrugged, 'He was in a mess… he'd just been stabbed Carol!'

'Yeah? So? He didn't die did he?' Sian looked at her horrified, 'Sorry, sorry, that was insensitive. Look what I am saying is that you shouldn't've made a rash decision in the heat of the moment.

'I know!' Tears fell down her cheeks, 'And now I'm trapped! Trapped with someone who I have never loved as much as Michael and never will! Oh god! What is wrong with me!' She started to cry.

'Hey! Hey! Shhhhh! We all do stupid things.'

Sian blew her nose, 'But he is my husband! I can't just abandon him! He doesn't deserve that!'

'Oh for god's sake!' Carol snapped, 'What is this? The nineteenth century? Listen to me. You shouldn't settle for second best Sian! I mean do you really want to be tied to someone who you are not happy with for the next fifty years or so?'

Sian didn't reply.