Chapter two

It was another school day and Michael was busy typing, in truth though his mind was not on the job in hand. He couldn't stop thinking about Sian and the way that they had left things. Every time he thought about that sad look on her face and the way she had rushed off to stop Jez, it broke his heart, oh how he longed for it to be different. Suddenly there was a knock on his door,

'Come in?'

Janeece suddenly entered, 'Sorry sir but there's a lady outside to see you, she says she's an old friend.'

'Oh! Show her in.' Michael replied, intrigued.

'Hi Michael!'

'Carol!' Michael was delighted, he stood up and kissed her, 'My god it's been a while! Can I get you something?'

Carol smiled ' no thanks, not stopping.' She looked around, 'So…this is your office? I heard you'd made it! Mind you; you always were a workaholic!'

Michael smiled, 'Yes well, old habits die hard! How are you?'

'Oh the usual! Successful business, divorce, crocodile tears to win custody over the Jag you know the sort of thing.'

Michael laughed, 'You haven't changed then.'

'Hell no! Anyway, down to business.' Carol replied, 'Do you know where Sian has been for the past week?'

'Ummm….Playing happy families with Jez?'

'Wrong! She's been lying on my sofa, utterly heartbroken.'

Michael frowned, 'Jez kicked her out?'

'No… She left him, said she can't take anymore.' Carol watched Michael's alarmed expression and sighed, 'Oh really Michael! You know she's always loved you!'

'Yes but-but she went back to Jez!'

'Oh come now! Both you and I know that what Sian does and what she wants are two very different things! She's too nice to follow her heart.'

'And so that's why you're here!' Michael replied, grinning.

Carol shrugged, 'Well…do my bit, I know you were messed up but so was she, I mean when she heard you'd been stabbed, she was inconsolable, crying and crying as if her heart would break. Then she finally finds out you're fine and you wake up and say you think you two should break up! How did you expect her to react?'

Michael sighed, 'I know and I live with that guilt every single day, if I hadn't've broken up with her then none of this would've happened.'

'Well…now's your chance to redeem. Come on!'

'What now?'

Carol sighed, 'No, next year! Yes now!'

Michael sighed, 'Look it may have escaped your noticed but I do have a school to run!'

'You've got another Deputy haven't you?'

Sian had managed to get up, she had taken her cup out to the kitchen, Jez had rung again. Out of desperation, she stopped his call and blocked his number. She knew it wasn't fair but she just couldn't take it anymore, she needed Michael. Suddenly she heard the key turn in the lock,

'Hey Carol! I've just tided…up…a…bit…' She stopped as she saw Michael, her Michael standing in the doorway, her heart quickened, her depression lifted and, as she ran to him, pressed her soft lips against his and felt his warm arms wrap tightly around her she knew that the battle between her heart and her head was over, there was a clear winner.

There you are guys! Hope you liked it!