Hello, everybody! Here's a Nightmare fic that actually takes place in the first night (meaning before Jar Jar and before Drunkman). Here we go!

Virginia Sims tossed and turned in her sleep, having a… sigh, I still don't think I need to point it out.

Inside her nightmare, Virginia awoke to find herself in some bright pink room. "Huh? Where's this?" She then noticed she was in a bright pink dress as well. "What is this, a doll house?" But after looking closer, she realized she was in, "MY ROOM! MOOOM!" she yelled, running downstairs to her mother. "Mom! Someone decorated my room pink, and put me in this dress!"

"I know. You did, Darling."

"HUH? !"

"You were getting tired of the whole goth thing, so you decided to go with pink."

"WHAT? But I don't wanna wear pink! I like being a goth!"

There was then a knock at the door. "Hey, Virginia! It's Bartie!"

"Eeek! Oh no! I sure hope he doesn't mind seeing me like this." With that, she walked over and nervously opened the door. "Uh… hey, Bartie."

Bartie's expression looked freaked. "WHOA! Virginia? ! What's with the change in appearance?"

"Ooh, I don't know! I woke up just now and-"

"Know what, never mind. I don't wanna hang out with some pink-obsessed freak. Good-bye." With that, he ran away.

"Bartie! Wait! I'm still the same Virginia! I don't like pink! Bartie! NOOOOOO!"

"AAHHH!" Virginia screamed, waking up in her room, gasping for air. "Phew. Thank Zero, it was only a nightmare."

"Heh. Hehehe."

"Hey." With that, Virginia got out of her bed and looked underneath. "Grandpa."

The Nightmare King stuck his head out. "Hehe. I gotcha."

"Grandpa!" Virginia chuckled playfully as she punched him in the shoulder while he came out.

"I always bring the good stuff, don't I?"

"You sure do, Gramps!"

"Ah, yes, well… I have to go scare…" He checked his list. "Sonya? Oh my God, I swear these long distances… Well, at least it can't get any worse. Okay, see you later." With that, he flew away.

Alright, then he goes to scare Sonya, which has been done for ages. Oh boy, this out-of-order timeline. Later.