Author'sNotes: So, this is from a comment fic-a-thon on LJ where people post prompts and you write a drabble and post as a comment to the prompt. I selected the prompt, "Maybe I should have told you sooner?" Anyway, it's a drabble, very short but I thought I would cross-post it here. I'm going to leave this story in progress in case I decide to add other shorter drabbles from time to time.

Mean Streak

It wasn't right. She knew it wasn't. But what most people didn't realize was that Maura Isles had a mean streak. She didn't let it out to play often, no, she'd become quite adept at keeping it reined in, tightly leashed, locked up and tucked away. But…sometimes it was nice to let it out for a little jaunt.

Jane made it entirely too easy this morning. She felt a twinge of guilt, when she woke up and rolled over into the naked expanse of Jane's body and spied the subcutaneous contusion of brilliant blue and purple on her neck. Maura smiled, recollecting all the pleasure she had taken the previous night in giving Jane that hickey. And by God, it was a beauty. The best yet, complete even with easily identifiable bite marks.

Yes, Maura Isles had a mean streak. They were running late: fervent love-making from the previous night having resulted in their neglect to set an alarm. Maura gently shook Jane awake, "Jane…Jane! We've overslept."

Jane groaned, rolling into Maura's arms as she nuzzled into her neck, hands sliding from her naked ass up Maura's smooth side to grope her breasts.

Maura giggled, "You're insatiable, you know that? But, no time. I'm going to shower, if you want one you'll have to hop in with me."

The thought didn't even occur to her at first, she just assumed Jane would see the bruise in the mirror as they got ready, but Jane's already minimal morning hygiene routine was thrown further off kilter by their rush. The bathroom mirror was still foggy from the shower steam as they brushed their teeth. Jane threw on an extra pair of clothes she kept at Maura's in the event of such an occasion and with nary a scant look towards any type of reflective device, she smoothed her hands down the front of her v-neck t-shirt and proclaimed herself ready to go.

Maura paused, eyes roaming from Jane's still slightly swollen lips, to the bruise, to her wrinkled and oh-so-Jane outfit.

"What? Do I not match?" Jane questioned as they grabbed their respective work supplies and headed towards the door.

A devilish smirk slipped across Maura's lips, "No, you match just fine."

A new case kept Jane mired in interviews, paperwork and deep thinking for most of the day. Yet, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was clearly up. Everyone was staring at her. When eyes finally pried off of her she would sit at her desk, check the zipper on her pants, try to subtly crane her head towards one armpit and then the other…she was sure she had remembered deodorant that morning.

"Ran a little late this morning I see," Frost ribbed at one point.

"Rough night, Rizzoli?" Korsak jabbed.

Whatthefuck? She couldn't figure it out.

Maura came up around lunch and reveled in the looks and giggles that floated their way as she handed Jane her lunch and announced that she had left it in her car when they arrived that morning. Yes, Maura Isles had a mean streak.

It was well into the afternoon before Jane even had so much as a chance to finally slip away to the restroom, the pot of coffee she had single handedly downed finally getting the better of her. She paid no mind to the mirror as she washed her hands and splashed the cold water on her face. Only after she had toweled off did she look at her reflection…

"Maura!" Jane stormed into her girlfriend's office in the morgue. "I have a giant hickey on my neck! No wonder everyone's been looking at me all crazy all damn day!"

Maura cocked her head, stood from her desk and walked towards Jane with a sheepish grin, "Oh? Maybe I should have said something sooner?"

"Ya think!" Jane growled, slamming the door behind her and closing the blinds before converging on Maura in a ravenous frenzy. She ripped the lab coat off and tossed it to the floor, marching Maura back until they slammed into the wall where Jane began to lick and suck at the tender skin of Maura's neck, drawing out vocalizations of increasing sound and intensity.

"What…" Maura panted, "What are you doing?" Her mind protested but her body overruled her, hands pawing at Jane's shirt and pulling it from her pants before wandering to her belt.

"Payback," Jane grunted as she sank her teeth into Maura's neck in a bruising kiss that nearly shook the M.E. to her knees.