Internal Struggle

Return of the Beast

*Hey Everyone! This is my first fan fiction so please be honest yet courteous on your critiques please! I have been a huge BB/Terra fan, but for this I did BB/Rae.

I hope you all like it!*

Disclaimer: I have no ownership over the Teen Titans.

It's been a few years since their adventure in Tokyo. And the Titans have changed. Well, almost….

"Who wants waffles?" Cyborg called out ringing his triangle like in the rodeo. It was his favorite. And if he didn't say so himself, he made the best waffles in Jump City; if not in the world. Starfire shrieked in pleasure.

"Come, boyfriend Robin, Cyborg has made with the waffles!" She pulled Robin from his spot on the couch, making him drop his newspaper.

"The name is Nightwing, Star." He said for the millionth time. His hair was longer, reaching down to his shoulders. He wore all black save for a blue bird symbol across his chest. He kept the mask concept on, but lost the cape. Starfire and Robin finally got together after Tokyo.

Robin changed his image to Nightwing, even though Starfire still called him Robin. He was just like she saw in the future from that one adventure. But she still couldn't let go of the first image, the one she fell in love with. Her appearance didn't change, as she grew and aged slowly on Earth. She was small compared to his 5' 9" frame with his longer and leaner physique. Her 5' 5" frame didn't change at all. Only her powers.

"I'll pass," a monotone voice came from the hall. Raven had floated in and got herself her usual cup of herbal tea.

"Oh man, well, how about some of my grandma's home baked blueberry muffins!" He offered her a basket of the fresh baked goodies. She looked at him with his encouraging smile. It annoyed her. But they did look good. She sighed.

"Alright, but just one," she picked one and nibbled at it sparingly. It wasn't as bad as she thought. But then she saw the hopeful look Cyborg was building up in his eyes.

"Don't get used to it," she glared. That shut him down. Raven was about the same since Tokyo. She had grown in her spiritual powers. And like Starfire, her height wasn't going beyond her usual 5' 8" frame. She did allow herself to go into white. And her hair had gotten longer like Nightwing's.

She had gotten much wiser. Her eyes showed the wisdom she carried. And she didn't mind as much. Save for…

"Hey, where's BB?" Cyborg looked around. Because of his part-mechanical body, Cyborg didn't change at all, save for a few extra muscles where his normal body parts were. Everyone else looked around.

"Yes, where is friend Beast Boy?" Starfire had stopped squirting mustard on her waffles. She was confused.

"Does he not like to partake in the waffles anymore?"

"I admit, this is way late, even for Beast Boy," Nightwing pointed out.

"Raven, can you sense where he is?"

Raven closed her eyes and used her empathic abilities. A wave of concern washed through her as she tried to find Beast Boy. It wasn't hard to find him, usually.

"I can't, he's nowhere in the Tower."

Today was the day. It was another year. Another anniversary.

Beast Boy couldn't sleep anymore.

He crawled out of his too small bed and started to stretch, only to bump into the lamp in the corner. It wobbled but managed to stay in place. It was harder to do things in his room.

The now 6' 2" Titan started to rummage through his closes. Since he had such a heavy growth spurt, he couldn't fit into his old uniform anymore. He was working on another one, but it took longer than he expected.

In the meantime, he wore street clothes. When something came up, he did like the Hulk comics and sported a purple pair of stretchable gym shorts. This allowed him to change and still be covered when he went back to being human. It was better than running in his birthday suit.

He had gotten much stronger and faster. And unbeknown to the other Titans, Beast Boy had been able to secretly training to make his skin peach colored.

It almost made him human.

With a shrug he pulled on the purple gym shorts and a white pull-over hoodie over his long and lean muscles. He slipped on a pair of sneakers and checked himself in the mirror. With hair growing to almost cover his emerald eyes, he should comb it. With a 'good enough' shrug, he snagged his backpack and leapt out the window.

"They'll be fine without me," he thought. As he slid down and made a smooth enough landing, he looked out into the sunrise over the sleepy Jump City.

"I bet she'd love this," he started. But then he shook his head.

"What good will it do? The Terra you knew and loved is gone! And the only girl that looks like her isn't even remotely the same except in appearance! It's time to move on!"

With a change in color, Beast Boy slipped on his pack and started to run towards the city.

"Yeah, right…time to move on.."