7.10 Death's Door tag – A series of drabbles

For ucat42 who inspired me to take a trek inside Bobby's custard

Father Figure

Chapter One – Best Laid Plans

I never wanted to be a dad.

Never wanted to extend the line.

Figured I'd be just like him.

A drunk and a bully.


It was all I knew.

It took two young boys.

Kids who needed someone to stand up for them.

A reflection of me at that age.

Scared, alone, lost.

John's abuse was more neglect.

Unreasonable expectations.

Lost himself.

I found myself looking out for them.

Like no one did for me.

All it took was the first glimmer of hope.

That first hesitant smile.

To hell with all my plans.

Those boys were mine now.

The End


December 2011

All standard disclaimers apply.

How much do I love Bobby? I love him as my own uncle, as that force of good in the boys' lives, as a hero and a man worthy. His gruff ways only make me love him more because he is a man you can depend on. A man who can bring the Winchesters to the verge of shattering because he is that important in their lives. Bobby made a difference…and he still does. We can't lose Bobby, we can't!

I hadn't planned on writing…was too immersed in the moment of the most gloriously passionate and heartfelt episode of Season Seven and then Caroline urged me on and got me thinking. So I guess, as time permits, I'll be writing a series of drabbles from Bobby's perspective. These days that seems to be about the only writing I can manage, something short and to the point.

I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment if it moves you or if you simply want to join in the Bobby-love and vigil. January 6th is a long way off…

Later, B.J.