Chapter Nineteen – Endings Are Hard

Everything's supposed to end.

He was supposed to end.

But not like this.



Out of control.

Possessing a girl.

Flying into a rage…

Breaking Charlie's arm.

Becoming something he'd hunt.

Needing to be put down.

No longer a hunter's funeral.

Now a salt-and-burn.

Vanquishing a vengeful spirit.

Losing him all over again…

Except this time by our actions.

Tossing his flask on the fire.

Watching as Bobby disintegrated in a fireball.

It was his choice.

Deciding now to go and not stay.

A decision that would have been easier in the beginning.

So hard letting go.

Rest, Bobby.

The End


June 2012

All standard disclaimers apply.

I'm firmly in the camp that Bobby needs to return. I don't care about the 'reality' of death or making it mean something in their universe. I know death and that reality, as do the Winchesters. Supernatural is fantasy and a suspension of our disbelief. Sam and Dean need Bobby, as much as I need them to have someone in their corner who cares.

I care about Bobby and righting a wrong! I care that the Winchesters have other players to react to and care about, that they aren't abandoned out there, alone, shut-off from all resources and left to fend for themselves. In theory it made sense for the season, but in reality it never felt like it was working as intended.

For S8, they need to bring back characters, re-establish bonds and let the characters interact and grow. Sam and Dean totally on their own is too claustrophobic after seven seasons. We gain much from seeing how they interact with characters that love them or hate them or are newly discovering them, and we can all use more Bobby-love when things get tough out there.

Who else is excited for S8? I love all of Supernatural, but I'm ready for Jeremy Carver to bring back more brotherly moments and to wow me again. Bring it!

This will be the last chapter until Bobby comes back. Then I might be inspired to add on.

As always, thanks for reading and reviewing, that is, if you choose to leave a note.