I opened my eyes slowly to see it was sunrise, I couldn't remember anything from last night, all I remember was running out into the corn and getting attacked by a red light but the rest is a blur, I looked around to see the cornfield had burnt down, I smiled in relief and rolled over onto my back...it was over, I also noticed that I was on the side of the road but I had no memory of how I got here,

I felt something next to me and I looked to see a sleeping Isaac, he looked seriously roughed up and I heard a car engine, I jumped up and ran into the middle of the road "Stop!" I shouted, the car slowed to a stop and a woman got out of the car

"What are you doing out here?" she asked coming over to me "My friend was hurt, do you think you could call an ambulance?" I asked hopefully, she nodded and took out her phone, I stayed next to Isaac and made sure he was still breathing "They'll be here as soon as possible, do you want me to wait with you?" she asked stroking my head, I nodded.

After a few minutes the ambulance came, they asked me a few questions and I told them fake answers until they finally took off with Isaac in the back "So where are you from?" the woman asked curiously "I don't remember, I was knocked out" I lied, she nodded and we both got into her car

"So what's you're name?" she asked "Sarah Job" I replied, I would deffinatly miss my little brother and sister a lot "Well mine's Angela...Angela Casual" she said as we were driving, I nodded "You could stay with me, I have at least 3 spare room's in my house"

she offered, I thought about it and nodded "I would love that, thank you" I said smiling "So are you sure you don't have any parents or relatives?" she asked "No, I'm sure, I remember living on my own with David" I said, I was a pretty good liar apparently, I told the police Isaac's name was David so that any authorities couldn't find him

"Well okay, I live on my own so It would be good to have the company" she said, I nodded "Where do you live?" I asked "Hemmingford, it's not that long away" she said, I nodded and leant against my window...it was all over and I could finally be happy, I will miss my family so much, but now the past is behind me and I am never coming back to Gatlin ever again.

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