AAAHHH I accidently uploaded the wrong document to this story.


1) Tell Annabeth he's dumping her for Ariel.

2) Tie him up and force-feed him fish

3) Take a wet fish and start slapping him around the face with it.

4) Steal Riptide and replace it with an ordinary ballpoint pen

5) Constantly poke him in the small of the back (his Achilles heel)

6) Inform him about all the Percy/Luke and Percy/Nico fics

7) Tell Artemis what 'Pertemis' is, she will do the rest.

8) Tell him that you know he's the lightning thief

9) Fill his cabin with seaweed

10) Tell him that 'Pothena' (Poseidon and Athena) are getting married, so Annabeth will be his new sister.