A Plotless story

(This, I made it with my friends –It was teamwork but I don´t see the union of the team)

I only own the plot ( Although it has no plot)

-Beginning and the end of the world-

(English class)

¨Guys, did you brought your teamwork stories?¨ Said Teacher Vero

¨Yes¨ Everyone said

¨Ok, Liz let us hear your story¨ Veo said

¨There was a family that lived in the forest, they had many love between them, one day the father bought a dog for the child.

Then the aliens came to rule over the world, they kidnapped the dog and the kid, later on Princess Candelita came to the rescue with a bazooka and blew up the brains of the aliens, the boy, dog and the princess became friends. Candelita ruled the world until…

People decided to rebel against princess Candelita who was a mean princess, the people captured the princess and imprisoned her but the boy and the dog freed her from her prision because of that, they were beheaded (the boy and the dog).

The reason that people were trying to kill princess Candelita was because anyone whom weared blue clothes would die. Everything had to be pink.

Suddenly global warming and many natural phenomenas ended with life on Earth. Some years later Wall-E came to Earth to pick up the mess that was left and turned it to cubes.

A while later Phineas and Ferb came out of a portal with a dinosaur, then a gigant Leoplurodon ate Phineas, Ferb and the dinosaur.

The leoplurodon felt sick so he puked all life on Earth as it is right now.

From all that is from where we come from! ¨ I said happily

¨Liz, I doesn´t have sence¨ Vero said