Harry Potter, Dovakiin.

A/N: A little idea I had that turned into a full blown story in my head.

Sometimes, my imagination sucks.

Tamriel, Skyrim. Outside of Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.

Aela the Huntress fourteen years old, the youngest member of the Companions, and the Inner Circle of said group, also secretly a werewolf, was returning to Jorrvaskr, home of the Companions, after having tested her skills once again in combat with a giant.

She was tired, sore, sweaty and stank to Sovengard. She just wanted to get home, fall onto her cot and sleep, and maybe take a bath at the stream tomorrow.

But, it was not to be.

A flash of green light lit up the night. Alarmed, Aela drew her bow and knocked an arrow in an instant. She stepped cautiously towards the source of the green light.

"Who's there?" She called in strong voice, tightening her grip on her bow.

The answer was not exactly what she expected.

It was the wail of a child.

Keeping the bow drawn, she stepped forward. You never know what could mimic a child's cry. Aela nearly stumbled on a small, wrapped bundle that lay on the ground. Slowly releasing the tension from her bow, Aela bent down, and uncovered a small child.

A small child, with jet black hair, and a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Aela picked the child up gently, setting her bow aside. Feeling himself being lifted, the baby opened his emerald eyes and gazed into Aela's blue.

"Hello, little one. What are you doing out here all alone? Where is your mama?" She cooed softly.

The baby's eyes filled with tears and he began to cry. Shushing him and rocking him back and forth, she eventually settled the baby down.

"Would…would you like me to be your mama?" Aela asked gently. As if in understanding, the baby reached up and gurgled, trying to grab her nose.

She laughed softly, and carried the small bundle in Jorrvaskr.

"Now, what shall we name you, my cute little son?"

A/N: Here, the story diverges. One, goes to Harry Potter, Dovakiin and The Tri-Wizard Tournament, and the other, to Harry Potter, Dovakiin and Dragonslayer.

HPDTTWT (Damn that's long!) Will start out in the fourth year of Harry Potter canon.

The other, will start out in the beginning of Skyrim.

Oh, fuck me.