War is a fucking mess.

People die, things get destroyed and even if you win the scars of war are still there you know.


It was such a fucking mess when we fought in the shadow of Olympus.

You know, there were demigods in the Titan's army? My family. I swear I once hacked at someone with eyes as grey as my own; they fell to the ground and I didn't (couldn't) see them get back up again. I think I was sick after their army withdrew but I don't really remember.

Every time we gathered together after a battle there were less faces there. People just kept on disappearing. Half the time, you didn't know whether they were wounded or dead.

But we kept fighting.

We fought against the monsters and family members gone astray. We fought for a family that was growing smaller by the day.

We won though, that's got to count for something right?

I mean, it was worth it, wasn't it? It was worth the blood spilt? The dead piled high? The enemies pardoned in an act of grace?

You know, I'm not one of the 'special' children. I'm not a favourite of my mother, Athena. I've never been on a quest, and sure, I'm smart, but I'm not a genius; I don't stand out in my cabin.

Does she even know I exist? Does she even care?

Does she care that I fought until the end? That I hacked my way through members of my family like a butcher because they chose the other side? That I fought for her?

I have so many questions; they're piled high, like the stones in the wall of Troy.

I don't think I'm going to get any answers in return though.

War is such a fucking mess.