Epilouge: A fond farewell!

"It was after my return from dealing with the fakies, that my position really rose in the eyes of the Canterlot elite!" Fancy Pants smiled at his company. "Oh, being a war hero was already an achievement enough. But to have rescued two members of the royal family? [i]That[/i] was an achievement worth the notice!"

"It wasn't just because of my modeling career... that we were getting invited to all of the parties." Fleur continued, nuzzling her life mate. "My Fancy had risen into the high society though his own achievements... and his own hard work."

"Fleur soon retired from her modeling career, and I used my fortune to become the most influential pony in Canterlot." Fancy continued, slipping his monocle into his eye. "After the royals, of course."

"He started from nothing, little one, and became everything." Fleur agreed. "Anypony can do it, if they set their minds to it!"

"And that, I hope, is the lesson you carry away from this little talk!" The unicorn gentle-stallion smiled down at him. "That hard work, determination, and perseverance can take you out of the lowest lows... and up to the highest heights!"

"Well, young colt." Fleur spoke kindly to their guest. "What have you to say?"

The young pony, who had been listening to the entire story intently, finally spoke up.

"Wow! That's amazing, Sir Fancy Pants! You're so cool! Your my favoritest unicorn ever!"

With that, the energetic young earth pony exploded out of the room, galloping toward the door, to find his own adventures to have, and his own fortune to find.

"My, your story made quite an impression on him, Fancy." Fleur commented, climbing up on his back. "It seems Princess Luna was right to have him come here from Ponyville, and hear your story."

"Ah, the exuberance of youth." Fancy took a sip of his tea. "In his eyes, I see the same determination and drive that I had at his age. That boy will do all right for himself, that is certain."

"You do take such an interest in those youths from the dregs of society, my dear." The unicorn mare commented. "Such a noble philanthropist I married!"

"They are our future, my dear. The herd will rely on their generation... to innovate, and push ponykind forward," Fancy shook his mane. "For if we ever cease to invest in our future... then Equestria will become a thing of the past."

"As much as I do love your dramatic speeches, my dear, it is getting rather late." Fleur yawned. "Shouldn't we go out, and see that young Pip gets back to his quarters in Canterlot all right?"

Fancy remebered a little colt, much like the young one from Trottingham who had just galloped out of here, and how nopony had believed in him. And he remebered what it was that had gotten him through even the worst of times, when everything in Equestria was against him.

"He'll be fine, my dear. Have a little faith." Fancy replied, smiling. "Just have a little faith."

-The end-