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This is the story of Naruto as he discovers his burden the night of his sixth birthday. Everyone knows that Jinchurikis get special abilities from their Bijuu as the Ichibi's ability to control sand.

Now contrary to popular belief, what Naruto gained from his burden was not a high healing regeneration power. What he gained is the power to bend a particular element to his will, mastery over Nature's most secretive and discrete power, Wind.

Now watch as Naruto armed with a new power changes the world to become what everyone in the elemental nations will one day know as the Wind God, the Kaze No Kami.


Naruto x Fem. Kyuubi

Chapter 1: First contact

It was late in the night of the ever peaceful village of Konoha, one figure could be seen walking in the woods behind the Hokage monument. It was a young boy with bright blond hairs and deep oceanic blue eyes. It had been a month since he was thrown out of the orphanage and he was seriously starting to feel hunger, thirst but above all sadness …

Naruto wandered the woods with no particular goal in mind, just thinking about why everyone in the streets looked at him with hate and disgust in their eyes.

"Damn I'm so tired, it's been two days since I last ate" he thought, as he remembered behind the Akimichi barbecue restaurant where he found some leftovers in the garbage that was still edible.

Then all of a sudden he sees something moving behind between the bushes, a kunai suddenly embedded in the tree only an inch apart from where his head is.

"There he is guys, it's our lucky day the demon is alone in this remote place!" said a man.

He was not alone as Naruto could hear numerous more footsteps coming in his direction.

"What do you want mister?" asked Naruto with obvious fear in his voice.

"What do I want? I want my son back you monster" said the man as the other men and women who had been with him gathered around Naruto.

"Your son? Where is he?" replied Naruto not understanding what this man's son had to do with him.

"Don't play the innocent with me demon! You killed him and I'm finally gonna get my revenge tonight." said the angered man as more and more people joined him.

Then the crowd broke apart to let one man advance, he was dressed in shinobi gears but Naruto did not know how to tell which rank he was. He started to see that the crowd was actually composed of several of those shinobis all wearing headbands with a leaf sign, between the people in regular civilian clothes.

"Mister Shinobi-san please help me! This man wants to hurt me but I'm innocent I swear!" said Naruto with tears in his eyes.

As he was about to add something else, he never saw the man taking a kunai from his pouch and throwing it hard in his direction. The kunai hit his chest and Naruto could only gasp as the pain he felt prevented him from saying anything. Then all went dark.

Hokage tower:

Hiruzen Sarutobi sat behind his desk contemplating the volume of paperwork he still had to do before he could call it a night. The council he had just left was more or less a repeat of what happened every year at the same date for the last six years.

The council was composed of three powers, the ninja, the civilians and the elders.

The ninja side was composed of the different clan heads of Konoha's noble families:

Fugaku Uchiha from the Uchiha clan,

Hiashi Hyuuga from the Hyuuga clan,

Tsume Inuzuka from the Inuzuka clan,

Shibi Aburame from the Aburame clan,

Shikaku Nara from the Nara clan,

Inoichi Yamanaka from the Yamanaka clan,

Choza Akimichi from the Akimichi clan.

Asuma Sarutobi from the Sarutobi clan.

The civilian side was composed of the most powerful civilian families and finally the elder side was composed of Sarutobi's old teammates, Koharu, Homura and Danzo.

Today's council meeting had been initialized by the civilian members once again with the same subject: Naruto Uzumaki.

Flashback: Council chamber

"We cannot let that demon continue to grow up Hokage-sama" said one of the civilian representative.

"We have to kill it before it is too late!" added another civilian before the sandaime flared his killing intent in the room silencing all the civilians while the shinobi experienced mild discomfort.

"You will do nothing to the boy! And need I remind you all fools that the law regarding his tenant is still effective, the next offender will be accordingly punished!" barked Sarutobi.

Seeing an opening, Danzo tried to play his cards "Maybe a compromise, Sarutobi. If I could ..." started Danzo as he was immediately cut by the sandaime.

"He will not be placed in one of your "youth centers" either Danzo" added the sandaime as he thought about ROOT and even though he knew Danzo never really abandonned his operation he had no proof to stop the man.

"Maybe if we could adopt ..." started the Inuzuka clan matriarch Tsume only to be cut by another clan head.

"Never, the Uchiha will not allow that demo... thing to be adopted in a Konoha noble family, it would ruin the balance between them!" said a smirking Fugaku ignoring the glare he received from Tsume.

End of flashback

Today's meeting ended in the same manner as all the meetings about Naruto in the past, any idea to improve the boy's life was either blocked by the civilian council or the elders. Any attempt to adopt the boy was also vetoed. Sarutobi could only block the civilians ridiculous attempts to kill the boy he came to see as a grandson.

Speaking about the boy, Sarutobi had just came home from a long month trip to Suna and wondered what his surrogate grandson was doing. He tried to visit the boy as often as he could but his responsibilities as Hokage never allowed him to visit the boy more than once a month.

He was a bit surprised that the civilian representatives had asked for a council meeting just after his return to the village this morning but thought no more of it and decided to postpone his visit to his grandson to tomorrow.

That was when he felt an explosion of chakra, so dark and evil that it could only mean one thing … "Naruto!" said the sandaime as he used his crystal ball to locate the boy. His eyes widened at what he saw …

Naruto's location in the woods:

Bodies were flying everywhere, blood covered the whole area as Naruto stood there, in the middle of this hell. His eyes were slitted and red, his whiskers marks were more pronounced. He looked around to see that no one from the previous crowd was alive, Ninja and civilians, men and women all dead. Then slowly he closed his eyes as he fell to the ground unconscious.


Naruto wandered through what looked like sewers, he felt like someone or something was pulling him as he moved in auto pilot to reach his destination, a giant prison cell with a sign that read "Seal" on it.

He paid no mind to the bars and easily slipped through and went further inside the cell. He took a few steps inside when he saw a woman on the ground, panting trying to regain her breath. She was beautiful, she had red hairs and red eyes. She wore a black kimono and no shoes. She had the body of a goddess and what surprised him was the two appendages he saw on her head that looked like fox ears and more importantly the nine tails that were flowing behind her back.

"Ano … Miss are you alright?" he asked.

She turned her head in his direction and her eyes widened when she saw him. "Naruto-kun! You're here!" She said as she ran to him and enveloped him in a hug with tears in her eyes.

"I was so scared for you when I saw what was happening outside" said the woman as she continued to hug him.

"Do I know you miss? How do you know my name?" asked the boy a little embarrassed with the first contact he ever shared with a woman.

She released the hug at his question and took a few step back before lowering her head, She mumbled "I'm so sorry Naruto-kun, I am the reason why everybody hates you, why you are all alone in this world" she said with tears freely flowing from her red eyes.

"How is it possible, I mean I never saw you how could you be responsible for what the villagers call me?" asked the boy.

"Do you know of what happened six years ago when Konoha almost faced total destruction?" replied the woman.

"Yes the Kyuubi attacked the village and killed a lot a people before the Yondaime killed it" answered Naruto.

"No that's not entirely the truth of what happened, you see Kyuubi cannot be killed, even if it sustained important damage it would just reform somewhere else after some time" said the woman before continuing. "The Yondaime had no other choice but to seal the Kyuubi, he sealed it inside a newborn to ensure that the mass of chakra could be absorbed and not destroy the chakra system of an already developed body."

Naruto's eyes widen as he realised where what she said was going, "Me ..." he said in a low voice.

"I truly am the demon who took so many lives" he continued before she cut him

"You are wrong Naruto-kun, I am the Kyuubi and we are two different entities" She said.

"Then that means we are ..." he started.

"Yes we are in the seal in a dimension that you could call your mindscape" she said.

"When you were stabbed earlier I forced all the chakra I could out to help you" She added.

He stayed silent for a long time then he asked her "Why? Why did you help me if you are the same demon that attacked the village 6 years ago?"

"I will not tell you everything but I can tell you that It was not my intention to attack the village, I was forced to do it by someone with incredible powers" She answered.

"You did not answer me, Why help me don't you have the chance to escape if I die?" He asked again.

"I never wanted for you to suffer, I tried desperately to contact you for all those years but the seal prevented me from doing so. The injury you received tonight triggered something that allowed me to help you tonight." She told him.

He closed the distance between them and then completely surprised her when he hugged her and said "I believe you Kyuu-chan, you are the only one besides Jiji who ever helped me in all my life"

She was surprised that he did not feel hatred towards her but returned the hug and said "Do you not fear me now that you know that I am the Kyuubi?"

"Why should I fear you, you are the most beautiful woman I ever saw Kyuu-chan you can't be a bad person" he said to her.

She blushed at his answer before she shed more tears and smiled at him "Thank you, thank you so much Naruto-kun I'm so relieved that you don't hate me. But you should know that my real name isn't Kyuubi, Kyuubi is my tittle, my real name is Natsuki."

"It's nice to meet you Na-chan, I am Naruto Uzumaki Future Hokage of Konoha!" he said with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes.

She blushed again at the nickname he gave her "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Naru-kun, I will do everything within my power to help you achieve your dream. For that our encounter has unlocked your ability from me being sealed in you" She said.

"What ability?" he asked with excitement in his voice.

"You have now the ability to control the wind to a level no one has ever reached. With the appropriate training you will become unstoppable" she answered with pride.

"Sugoi! I'm awesome!" He exclamed.

"We will talk about training later, you must go for now you are starting to wake up." She said.

"Will I see you again Na-chan?" he asked blushing.

"Yes, we can talk to each other now that we made our first contact" She answered with a smile as he started to fade away.

Konoha Hospital:

As he started to wake up, Naruto opened his eyes and saw he was in a hospital room. Then he saw his grandfather figure.

"You're finally back Jiji ..."

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