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Chapter 63 : New Era

Amegakure – City Walls

The noise coming from within the city, due to the repeated use of higher level ninjutsu in the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, suddenly ceased just like the rain that stopped falling all around them. Not even the sound of the wind blowing inside the deserted city could be heard as Naruto launched his jutsu.

The Kage were impressed by this unnatural phenomenon, most of them had read the reports from Naruto's battle against Nagato, the other Rinnegan wielder, in front of Sunagakure. They heard he had an ultimate technique that even transcended the Hiraishin, however, seeing it with their own eyes was really something else.

"Tsunade, is that the Hifujin ?" They were all pulled out of their thoughts by the arrival of both A and Killer Bee, as the Raikage was the one who asked Tsunade the question. Bee was back in his human form, healed but pretty much worn out from the overuse of youki and taking the Shinra Tensei head on.

"I don't really know, I have only heard vague descriptions of that technique from him. This is my first time seeing it and even for Natsuki, who was not there at that time, it's a first as well." The blonde replied without looking away from the battlefield.

True to her words, Natsuki, Naruto's mate and the one who taught him the most including the skills for his wind bloodline, was mesmerized. The red head had a millennium of experience in using the bloodline she gave Naruto and even she was impressed with his genius mind when it came to jutsu creation. She had never felt the need to further develop her skills beyond the standard level that she taught Naruto, as she never had anyone to call a rival or her equal.

The Alliance's leaders knew they were the witnesses of a battle that would mark this timeline. Just as the fight between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha marked a new beginning in the shinobi world, this one would also be the beginning of a new era in the shinobi world.

With Naruto

As soon as the fuinjutsu markings appeared on the ground, Naruto disappeared again from within the circle. A gush of condensed wind suddenly appeared all around the bodies of the Six Paths, forcing them to instantly leap away in six different directions before everything went silent.

They were still trying to use their eyes in order to locate the blond but failed to do so. For the six of them, even using the Rinnegan, there was nothing else inside that perimeter than them and Sasuke. However, what surprised Sasuke, the one controlling the Six Paths, was that their five senses seemed to be failing them.

At the exact same time, the bodies of the Six Paths were attacked by an unknown force. This could only mean that it was indeed Naruto, still using his genjutsu tricks, but the most curious thing was that they could feel nothing other than their own injuries caused by this unknown source.

No sight, no sound, no smell, no feeling of what was attacking them could be identified, it was as if time itself had stopped within the field. The only indication of Naruto's presence was the constant damage the Six Paths were taking as the wind was shredding their bodies into smaller pieces.

Quickly enough, the only two remaining inside the time trap were Naruto and Sasuke. The Uchiha had managed to once again escape Naruto's attack by moving out of phase with his own space time technique as soon as he saw the Paths getting destroyed by the blond.

However, as he tried to escape from Naruto's field he ran into a dead end. When he reached the limit of the field, his phase shifting jutsu failed and allowed Naruto to instantly locate and force him back toward the center. Naruto remembered a conversation he had with Konan about Tobi's abilities and how she had originally planned to fight against the man.

Flashback : One week after the spying mission in Ame

Naruto, Kurenai and Konan had just finished the debriefing from their mission in Amegakure. They were still in River Country, which had just been conquered back from Otogakure by Gaara and his forces.

They rented rooms in a small hotel, it was only temporary as they were to be redeployed quite soon. Kurenai had gone to sleep while Konan and Naruto were still discussing the events that took place in Amegakure.

"Konan, what can you tell me about that Tobi or Madara guy ?" Naruto asked.

"Not much, I'm afraid. He mostly talked with Nagato and I've never even seen his face. He called himself Uchiha Madara, one of the two leaders of the founding clans from Konohagakure." Konan replied.

"Do you know about his abilities, I'm mostly interested in that space time jutsu of his. It seems more versatile than the one my father created, even though it's quite slower. I'll need to find a way around it, if we are to one day face each other on the battlefield." Naruto explained.

"Before you came to save me, I originally planned to defeat him using my observation of his phase shifting jutsu. Once he launches this move, he cannot be harmed for as long as he keeps that jutsu active. However, for him to harm you, he needs to phase back into our plane of existence. That's the moment where he is vulnerable. From what Nagato and I were able to assess, he can keep the jutsu up for about five minutes at best. My first plan was to trap him in a containment field with enough exploding tags for a five full minutes of detonations." Konan told him of her previous plan to defeat Tobi if it came down to it.

"Five minutes uh ..." Naruto mused out loud as he made his way outside the hotel toward a training ground instead of going to sleep as Konan and Kurenai did.

Flashback End

When Naruto used the Hifujin for the first time, against Nagato, everything happened so fast since he had already individually defeated the Six Paths. The jutsu wasn't meant to remain active for so long when Naruto had developed it in the first place.

However, at the time he had just released Natsuki from the seal and was still in the process of taking full control of his gigantic youki reserves. It took him some time and lots of effort but he somehow managed to extend the time he could keep the jutsu up.

Sasuke made a total of three attempts to leave the field and each time he collided with the invisible barrier Naruto had set up. Each failed attempt had allowed Naruto to deliver severe injuries to his opponent. After his second attempt failed, Sasuke even tried to phase back inside the field in order to launch a Katon jutsu around him and counter Naruto's wind mode. That also failed miserably, as the Uchiha never even had the time to channel chakra to his lungs that Naruto was already on him, giving him another injury.

It had been four minutes since Sasuke's last appearance and Naruto had already kept his field active for five minutes. This was the best the blond ever managed to reach in training, but he knew he had to keep on going. Sasuke, for his part, had already sustained several critical hits on his body and the next one would probably kill him too.

It was now a race against time between the two, on one hand if Naruto was the first one to concede and break his containment field, Sasuke would get a last chance to kill the blond since the blond would be too tired to even fight back, or the Uchiha could also escape, albeit severely injured but still able to live and fight another day. On the other hand though, if Sasuke was the one to phase back in first, with his five minutes jutsu coming to an end, then Naruto would be the one to kill his opponent with his force field still active.

With the Kage

Ever since the battle had reached the state where Naruto launched his Hifujin, the Kage, Bee and Natsuki had the hardest time to follow the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. To them, after seeing the Paths being defeated by an invisible force, the field looked completely empty.

The only exceptions to that were when Sasuke tried to escape from the circle thrice, and also when he attempted to phase back inside and launch a jutsu. Other than that, absolute silence was all they could get from that fight.

Tsunade had been sad and relieved at the same time to see that Jiraya's body ceased moving. This was for the best, so now she and Natsuki were praying for Naruto's safe return among them. They had been joined by the highest ranking officers from their army, for Kakashi, Gai, Anko, Kurenai, Karin and Konan from the Leaf had joined Tsunade's side. Yugito, Darui, C as well as Samui and her team from Kumogakure had also joined the Raikage and Bee. Most of those powerful warriors had come here to witness the end of Naruto's fight.

The snow, right outside the walls of the city of Amegakure suddenly ceased to fall, only for the rain to start pouring down on them all over again. The sounds from the wind blowing and the rain falling down on the ground could also be heard again from within the city. This could only mean one thing, the fight was over and, for better or for worse, a winner had been decided.

Center of the City

In the center of the ruined city of Amegakure, laid the bodies of both Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, as the rain was streaming over them. Naruto's dragon summons had long gone back to their realm when the blond used up all his chakra reserves.

Natsuki was the first on scene, as she managed to slip out of Gaara's restrains when the Kazekage temporary lost his focus, with the rain suddenly falling down on them again. The vixen was scared to death when she saw Naruto's unmoving body on the ground.

She rushed to him, only to see that he was still breathing and just unconscious. Tears of happiness rolled down from her eyes as she held her mate in her arms. He had a nasty injury right above his heart but it wasn't life threatening and he would live with the appropriate treatment.

They were soon joined by all the other observers, who were amazed by the damage taken by the city from Naruto's and Sasuke's fight. Tsunade quickly stabilized Naruto and patched him up for Natsuki to bring him back to their home.

She then went to see Jiraiya's downed form while Konan went to look after Nagato's, both had been relatively kept intact, despite taking Naruto's most powerful jutsu. Most likely, a final act of loyalty from Naruto to his late master or to his cousin. It had been especially visible once compared to the remains from Orochimaru, Danzo, Itachi or Kisame, Naruto had been merciless with them, as they could barely be identified.

Once the Alliance's members made sure their hero was alive, they looked at Sasuke's body. The Uchiha had multiple injuries all over his body, all from taking on Naruto's space time technique. The most noticeable ones were the gaping holes in his chest cavity, right where his heart was supposed to be, as well as in his eyes. It seems that Naruto had made sure to extract what made Sasuke such a threat to everyone, his Rinnegan and Sharingan eyes.

Looking all around them, no one could find where the blond had put those two powerful eyes away, maybe he just destroyed them, they would have to wait for him to wake up to learn more about that. For now, all they could do was to leave this cursed place and go home to their loved ones, for the war was finally over.

Thus ended the Fourth Great Shinobi War, where the combined forces of the Five Great Villages fought against a common threat, Otogakure and its leader, Uchiha Sasuke. The Hero of this war, Uzumaki Naruto, was also the Leader of that Alliance. Naruto was the one who ended this war, by fighting and killing the man responsible for all of this.

Timeskip – Six Years Later

" … and this is how daddy managed to win against the man with those powerful eyes and put an end to the Shinobi War." Naruto finished his tale, as he held his six year old daughter on his lap.

"Sugoi daddy ! Please tell me another story from your adventures with mommy." The young girl pleaded with her father. Naruto chuckled at this, it was really difficult for him to say no to her.

"I'm sorry Kushina, but it's getting late and your mom doesn't like it when you stay up late." Naruto replied as he put his daughter in her bed. Kushina was born six months after the war ended, she was named after her grandmother, since the former jinchuriki also represented the link between Naruto and Natsuki, it felt right to name their daughter after her.

Natsuki's pregnancy had been found pretty late, since the vixen had no prior knowledge about those things. Naruto was the happiest man alive when Tsunade and Natsuki gave him the news. Their wedding came right after that, as Naruto was set on marrying Natsuki before she gave birth to their unborn child.

The ceremony was presided by Sarutobi Hiruzen himself, it took place in Konohagakure, on top of the Hokage monument. Guests and friends from all over the Elemental Nations came to attend the wedding, as Naruto was the most famous shinobi in the world.

Obviously, the Five Kage were there as well. However Naruto was quite surprised, or maybe he half expected it since he was the one who teased them the most about it, when Gaara brought Kurotsuchi as his date for the wedding.

Everyone in Konohagakure was happy for their Hero, his friends, the shinobi and civilians. There was one person that missed the wedding though, not that she could be called a friend to him, they still grew up and went to the academy together. Haruno Sakura was executed, three months after the war ended. No matter how hard the Civilian Council protested, this was a shinobi matter and that decision had been made during an Alliance's meeting, with all the other Kage attending no less.

Sasuke's other accomplices that also followed him without the use of the brainwashing technique were sentenced to death as well. Kabuto had been captured during the siege while Juugo, Suigetsu and Kimimaro were found half dead in the ruins of Amegakure.

Tsunade had been sad by the death of someone she once loved like a daughter. She decided to take a short vacation to gather herself, and in her stead, she named Naruto her temporary replacement. It was a good training for him if he ever wanted to succeed her in that position. This only lasted for a few months, since she promised the blond she would take care of Natsuki's health monitoring with the pregnancy.

Naruto was pulled out of his memories when he heard the front door of his house opening. He left his daughter's room and made his way downstairs to the living room. Once he arrived there, he was greeted by the presence of his wife, Uzumaki Natsuki and his two sisters, Konan and Karin. The three of them had been visiting Kumogakure since Natsuki missed her sister Matatabi. Naruto had asked Konan and Karin to act as escort to his wife during her vacation.

"Hello you three, how was the trip to Kumo ?" Naruto asked.

"It was great, all our friends from there send you their regards." Konan replied.

"That damn musician Killer Bee was still annoying as hell." Karin added.

"Everyone's doing fine, especially my sister. I think she is making poor Yugito crazy with her antics each time they switch possession for the body." Natsuki finally said with a smile.

"I'm glad that everyone is fine. You should go see Kushina, she really missed all three of you girls. I just put her to bed after telling her a story, but she was far from tired and if she's anything like me or you, I bet she's still up." Naruto told them.

As the three Uzumaki women went to see Kushina in her room, Naruto was once again left alone. Telling his daughter the story of how he ended the war made him remember his final fight against Sasuke all over again, especially the ending of that confrontation.

Flashback : Final moment of the fight

As he and Sasuke had both reached their limits in holding up their respective jutsu, they tried to summon every last bit of strength they had. Looking around, each of them found something that decided of the outcome of that fight.

Sasuke gazed at the dead form of his brother, Itachi, as the sole reason that made him want to become stronger in his original timeline, only to find out that everything he believed in was a lie.

Naruto had no way of knowing when his jutsu would fail and was faced with a choice. He could still try to dispel the field and attempt to escape and fight again another day or he could keep on going and hope for the best. Naruto looked around and saw all his friends looking at him from the walls of the city. He also spotted his reason to live, Natsuki, and knew he had to finish this now for hers and everyone's sake.

That was the tie breaking factor, the difference in support they had allowed Naruto to phase back in a mere fraction of second later than Sasuke did. It allowed him to reach further into his enemy's guard and place a hand, right where Sasuke's heart was located to launch a Shin'Zou Hakai. The Uchiha blindly tried to activate a chidori and still randomly managed to hit Naruto, but not in a critical spot.

As Hyorinmaru was dispelled, the rain fell down again on them, revealing Naruto's presence right in front of Sasuke with a hand ripping out his heart while the Uchiha barely managed to merely injure the blond.

Despite the pain, Naruto summoned his last strength into plugging out Sasuke's eyes from his head, throwing them in the air for Ryuoh to burn them before the Dragon King was also dispelled. Both warriors fell to the ground and everything went dark.

Flashback End

Naruto decided to go to bed as well, tomorrow would be a long day since it was the chosen day by Tsunade for him to formally succeed her as the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure. The last six years had been especially peaceful, with the Alliance's meeting still taking place twice a year.

People were really starting to understand each other and no war had been fought ever since. He had accomplished Jiraiya's dream and was about to make his own a reality, by becoming the Rokudaime Hokage of Konohagakure and having a family of his own with his loving wife and their daughter.


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