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"What an exciting battle, it was really fun to watch", Tsukiyomi Ikuto's chuckle was to be heard, as he jumped down from the tree, where he had been watching his little sister and Hinamori Amu 'fighting'.
"Ikuto! What are you doing here?", Tsukiyomi Utau, Ikuto's little sister asked him furiously, which was of course a very strange thing to do for her, since she was usually mostly trying to kiss her older brother and was getting every time they met each other, literally over excited but today everything would be very differently.

"Ikuto!", Amu called blushing slightly, which she would deny forever, for her though it was obvious that she had felt since the very first moment they had met, which she denied to herself even if she knew it secretly all along though those feelings weren't the most confusing which lingered in her heart.
Ikuto couldn't help but smirking about the younger girl's reaction, she liked him even though she'd always tell him she'd hate him.
"I just happened to pass by", he answered his sister, turning away from the pinket and walking in front of her so that his little sister's anger of jealously which was caused by the feelings he obviously had for Amu, couldn't make her attack again the girl, caused by him soon telling his sister off for attacking her earlier.
But before talking again to his sister, he turned back to Amu and said: "I'm sorry that she's dropped your ice cream. Here", and gave a shopping bag filled with all flavours of ice cream to her, which made her blush shyly and stutter: "T-Thanks."
This caused Utau to glare angrily at her older brother and to cough which was ignored by all of them, Ikuto trying to not seem too nice and hiding that he felt once again guilty, he just couldn't let Amu think that he was a bad guy and when his own sister dropped her ice cream …
This might also make her think badly about him.
"You're serious? That's great! I'll start eating them right away, before they melt", Kukai said which had been quiet for a short time and snatched the bag away from the pinket, to share the ice cream with his Shugo Chara.
"And you should apologize, too", Ikuto said calmly, turning to his sister to face her.
Even though he didn't show a real trace of anger, Utau could still see the glint of anger in his eyes which he only got when he got, really, really angry at her.
But she didn't care, he wasn't going to interrupt what she was about to do soon …
"I won't", said Utau sounding almost a little childish and looked even more angry at her older brother.
"Apologize", the blue haired teenager boy repeated, sounding almost threatening.
"No!", his sister repeated angrily, turning away from him.
"Utau …", he said his sister's name, sounding slightly annoyed.
"You're always siding with Amu …", the blonde teenage girl started, turning back to face her brother.
Her brother didn't answer though the correct answer would have been: "Of course I'm. I like her, that's why."
"You annoy me", Utau continued, breathing in to say: "You're always in my way, when -"
"What do you mean that I'm 'always in your way'?", Ikuto questioned his sister calmly, today he really didn't understand her.
"I mean that you're always in my way, and I won't tolerate this any more. I just can't watch it …", she proceeded, walking slowly to Amu who looked as confused as Kukai did, who was eating his third ice cream, though he could effort this once, since he did enough sports.

For a second it looked like Utau was going to hit Amu but in the opposite: She wrapped her arm gently around the confused looking, younger girl and pulled her close to her, hugging her tightly from behind, as if wanting to shield her from her older brother.
"U-Utau?", Amu stuttered, both startled and embarrassed, by the sudden and not at all friendship-like hug, by the older girl who had tried to defeat her just a few minutes ago.
But she didn't hate it, not at all, she felt rather: Happy?
Her body felt warm and comforting, even protecting. Amu felt the sudden urge of just closing her eyes, cuddling to the older girl to fall in her arms asleep and never wanting to leave this position again, always staying like this.

Ikuto looked startled at first, but then a glint of anger was to be seen in his eyes: "What are you playing at, Utau …?", it had never been more clearly that he wanted to grab his sister and pull her away from the pinket, he felt a sudden rush of jealously which he had never felt before in this way, as if he knew exactly what would come soon and what his sister was actually 'playing at'.
"Don't you get it? You're always flirting with her. I've tried to make her back off, from you by pretending to be still in love with you. I thought she'd think that she doesn't have a chance against me and starting to avoid you. But I don't want this any more. I can no longer control my feelings. I don't love you any more, aniki, now I love her!", she exclaimed, whispering the few last words, removing one of arms, which was still squeezing Amu to stroke her cheek and to gently kiss the other.
Amu blushed, she didn't even notice the fact that Utau had just let slip for the first time, that Ikuto was her brother. All she knew was that Utau had just said that she loved her and kissed her on the cheek.
But that wasn't just right … They were both girls. And why should she suddenly have developed feelings for the girl, who had always been acting furiously whenever meeting her?
She didn't know.
But she knew one thing: She had never felt that happily before.
She had thought that she had liked Tadase and thought about Ikuto but never that she could actually like another girl.
But she knew they were there, and real, those feelings.
"?", screamed Kukai, his Shugo Chara, Amu's three Shugo Charas who had never thought about their owner suddenly falling in love with another girl and Yoru, Ikuto's Shugo Chara.
Ikuto had probably never been that angry at his sister before, but he was unable to move, still not being able to trust his eyes: His sister had only acted the past month, just to ensure that he wasn't getting too close to Amu.
The only one who looked really happy, was El, who screamed happily: "It's forbidden love! It's the forbidden love! Shall they become happy together!"

Suddenly without anyone noticing, since they were still way too stunned to notice much in this moment, Utau grabbed Amu's chin gently and turned her head carefully so they were both able to gaze into each other's eyes.
"U-Utau", stuttered Amu shyly.
"Don't worry, it's al right, you don't have to say anything right now", Utau whispered smiling and pressed her lips onto Amu's.
This made the other's wake up from their shock, just to scream 'Whaaaaaat?' and to get stunned again.
Ikuto was still silently watching his sister, getting more and more angry.
He wasn't going to interrupt this if Amu didn't try to stop Utau, but he wasn't going to tolerate this, he would never leave her to his sister …
Utau deepened the kiss, making it more passionate.
Amu's eyes were opened in surprise, but not in shock, she didn't hate this either.
She closed her eyes and kissed Utau back.
After a time which had seemed like a whole day to both girls, they realised each other, their lungs yelling for fresh air, after their long kiss.
But they didn't let go of each other, they embraced each other gently, both looking a little shy in the other's face.

"Utau … I really don't know what you think you're doing", said Ikuto, now walking up to them grabbing Amu, who tried to fight but couldn't do much against the older boy, by her blazer and dragging her away from his sister.
Utau looked angrily at her brother but didn't do or say anything but gazing angrily.
"I-Ikuto!", Amu complained as she was hugged, now by him and dazzled a little, by the smell of his shampoo.
"What? Did you seriously enjoy that kiss …? You do know, that you were just kissed by another girl?", asked Ikuto her, getting almost back to his favourite thing to do: teasing Amu.
"I-I do know!", Amu stuttered, embarrassed by Ikuto's direct question.
"Really? I don't think so. Because you know: I don't think that you can resist me for a long time. She doesn't have a real chance against me, doesn't she? That was just your first kiss, idiot. You don't know what it's really like to get kissed", with this words Ikuto kissed her the way she had been kissed just a minute before by his sister, and he had been right, she really couldn't resist him at all.
She just couldn't help herself but to kiss back, and she really didn't know what was the more 'happy memory', because this also would be a very, very happy memory.
The way Ikuto kissed was tempting, like everything else about him, she realised now, he could control her more or less which she rather liked than hated.
He realised her far too soon and said: "And you know, I love you."
Amu blushed even harder.
Now she really didn't know any more who she loved and who she liked.
And Utau yelled: "What do you think kissing her? SHE IS MINE! And she's too young for you."
Ikuto chuckled at his sister's attempt to make him give up on Amu and said: "I really don't think I'll let you have her. And why is she too young for me, if she's not too young for you, too? I'm just a year older than you. And remember this too: you can't have Amu, she's mine."
"What are you saying? She is MINE!", screamed Utau and the both siblings started 'fighting' over Amu, Ikuto answering his sister calmly, and her yelling angrily at him, who merely watched them, confused about her own feelings.
Who did she love Ikuto or Utau?

~The End~