When the glass breaks

"Anyway, I'll be accompanying you now. Or did you want to go home?", Ikuto asked Amu.

Amu started to think: She actually wanted to continue her shopping but should she really continue her shopping when Ikuto was with her?

She actually didn't mind his presence at all but he'd most likely tease her all the time and it was also very embarrassing to go shopping with a boy and she was sure he'd be making fun of her tastes and a lot of perverted comments. So should she just tell him that she wanted to return home, hide and the continue her shopping? No, since he was (even if she didn't like to admit it) still kinda a gentle man who would insist to walk her home, plus she was sure that he'd even if she said she'd like to go home by herself, follow her and when he'd realized that she had lied to him, just come out and maybe even carrying her home by force. So she'd just have to tell him that she wanted to continue her shopping.

"I don't want to go home yet. I actually just came here", Amu told Ikuto, blushing a little by the thought of him accompanying her with her shopping since it actually seemed a little like a date. Ikuto looked at first a little surprised since he'd expected the girl to tell him that she'd want to go home. But then he said with something between a gentle smile and his usual grin: "So where do you want to go first? Do you want to go into this store or continue standing in front of it and drooling over the clothing they sell?"

Amu looked at first angrily at him since he'd once again made fun of her and said, looking even a little sad: "I'd actually like to go into this store but I don't have enough money to buy anything from here anyway."
"But that doesn't mean you can't look at what they sell, doesn't it?", Ikuto said, with his usual cold attitude.

"Well, yes … ", Amu said and seemed to think a few moments before she entered the shop and started to look at everything and droll over it before Ikuto could even think about following her. As Ikuto had entered the shop, watching Amu running around and getting dresses, skirts and so on which she wanted to try on, with sparkling eyes, he could not help himself but smile a little. The way she got so innocently, excited about something so simple and just being able to watch her, made him happy. He was also glad that it was him and not Tadase who was now here with her, and glad that she didn't say she'd want to go home, because she disliked his presence. But it was no one but him, who was with her in this store, not Tadase, not any other guy or girl of the Guardians, not his sister who had suddenly too developed feelings for Amu. He usually just was the person, to regularly watch her or meet her by random, their time together was mostly very limited. But now she was with him and no one else.

"Ikuto! I'll be trying those on!", said Amu suddenly to him, who had come up to him without him noticing, with a big smile in her face and ran off again to the changing rooms.

He sight a little but followed her just to sit down outside of the changing rooms and wait until Amu was finished.

Then Amu came out, wearing the same dress she had been drooling over earlier, to be able to look better at herself in the bigger mirror.

At first she didn't notice Ikuto and looked at herself it every possible angle, smiling and obviously liking the dress on her.

"It suits you but I still think your chest is too flat for it", Ikuto said suddenly, startling Amu.

"W-What are you doing here? A-And that's not your business, I-I already told you!", Amu said, blushing wildly, turning around shocked of his presence to him.

"I got tired from standing and wanted to sit down", Ikuto said and got up.

"Y-You still should have - ", Amu started but was cut off by Ikuto as he grabbed her chin and said smirking in a low, suggestive voice: "You know I actually really like to see you in those dresses and you look also pretty cute in this one. I really like it on you."

Amu's response was exactly how Ikuto had imagined it: She turned away and went straight back into the changing room, calling "You perverted idiot-cat!", which made Ikuto chuckle at once.

Ikuto was waiting for Amu in front of the shop when he saw her leaving the shop while whining secretly over not being able to afford to buy any of the outfits she had liked but she was bewildered at once as she saw Ikuto holding a bag of the shop in one hand. What had he bought here? He would most likely not buy a present for his younger sister, when he was angry at her for hitting on Amu, would he?
Ikuto came up to her and held the bag in front of her, looking and speaking in a cold manner to her, which he did to hide the fact that he felt kinda embarrassed at giving the dress to her, she had wanted so badly earlier, as a present: "You wanted this, didn't you?"

Amu was perplexed, took the bag, grabbed the dress that was inside and took it out to first look surprised at it but then she smiled happily and blushed, when she realized that Ikuto had, after seeing her wanting the dress so badly, had bought it for her.

This time she just didn't care about trying to keep-up her tsundere attitude in front of Ikuto and just flung herself on him and hugged him happily, squealing repeatedly "Thank you, Ikuto! Thank you so much!"

Even though he was very happy, Ikuto felt embarrassed and didn't know how to react for once. He didn't want to keep up his stoic, cold attitude when he felt so happy, that Amu was so excited over the gift he had given her, so he just gave up hugged her back and smiled gently though teasing her again to be able to somehow make his way out of this embarrassing situation: "But I made sure to take a size smaller than the one you've tried on earlier, so that it isn't too much in the chest-zone."

Amu didn't even really get angry at him and just said to him: "Don't tease me when I'm actually trying to say thank you … though … ", she began.

"I'm not sure if I can actually take it because it was so expensive, you shouldn't have bought this for me, Ikuto", she finished her sentences, looking a little sad at Ikuto.

"Don't worry, my stupid, old geezer of a stepfather has more than enough money, I'll happily spend for him", Ikuto said, grinning, he knew that Amu felt a bit bad about taking a dress that had cost 14000¥ but he was really glad, having been able to make her happy.

They had spend so much time in this single shop, that it was getting already dark, most shops would soon close so Ikuto asked Amu: "Are you hungry?"
"Yes, a little", she said.

"Then we should find a place where we can eat something", Ikuto said, grabbing Amu's hand and pulled her with him, he actually started to get as excited as Amu, but not because of the stuff they had in those shops, but rather because he could spend time with her.

Since Ikuto was strictly against going into a ramen shop since his sister would most likely be sitting in one, stuffing as much ramen in her as she could, out of anger of Ikuto interfering her flirting with Amu, they ended up eating in a fast food restaurant.

Ikuto had nothing more in front of him but small fries, the smallest burger existing and water but he had bought Amu the largest menu they had since she had not felt satisfied with the smaller ones.

Amu stuffed the food very fast in her, being very hungry, while Ikuto ate slowly, again caught up in thoughts. He had just remembered how his friends had teased him for a while since they had seen him hitting on Amu, when Amu had been searching for Nikaidou's laboratory. He couldn't get over the fact that his friends had teased him and claimed to know that Ikuto had actually "lolita-complex". He knew that his feelings where sincere and not in a way he would have to hate himself for and in fact he had always felt like, being still a half-child anyway, which was in fact true, even if he could hide those facts about him successfully and he still had the rational-thinking of an adult in him, which made him even more twisted than he felt that he already was, in his opinion. The thing with Easter had just eaten up his soul once by once over the years. He sight quietly.

"Ikuto? Are you okay?", asked Amu, who had noticed his obvious unhappiness.

"Of course. Why are you asking?", Ikuto said, being angry at himself for having Amu made worry about him, he didn't want to burden her with his problems and instead decided to lie and just tease her, so that she'd forget about him looking unhappily and sighing.

"Well … If you actually want to know, what I was thinking about, I thought that it was a waste of money to buy this dress for you because if you continue to eat like this, you won't be able to wear it anymore because you'll get fat", he said, grinning meanly at her.

"Eeeeh? What are you saying you idiot! I'm not fat! And not everyone can look like you, who is obviously suffering from anorexia!", she screamed angrily at him.

"I'm not suffering from anorexia, I just know how to keep my body healthy. Though you can't tell me that you dislike my good looks", Ikuto continued to tease her, feeling a bit cheered up again by Amu's cute reactions.

"You idiot! I totally dislike you and don't think just because you're a bit good looking that I'll like you at once!", Amu said angrily, blushing wildly, she actually knew how very good looking Ikuto was and at first wanted to tell him that he she didn't find him good looking at all but since this was more than an obvious lie, she had decided to say that he wasn't as good looking as he thought he was.

" 'A bit'? Come on, that's not what you think, isn't it?", Ikuto continued to tease Amu when suddenly two girls came in who where squealing loudly about 'how lucky they were' that Ikuto was here, too and they actually seemed to consider to sit down next to him, not noticing Amu at all. "Who are those girls?", Amu asked Ikuto, not being able to hide her jealousy.
"Just some girls that go to my school", Ikuto said bored, going back to his food.

"Why are they talking about you?", asked Amu more curious than before or even alarmed of that thought that those two bitchy girls, were actually going to the same school as Ikuto.

"They're just some of those girls who are stalking me all day when I'm at school and trying to confess to me all over again, hoping that I've already forgotten that they've already confessed to me just a week ago", Ikuto said sounding still bored and even a bit annoyed, though he was actually amused how angry Amu's face looked already out of being deathly jealous, he would not have to worry about Utau too much anymore.

"That sounds like those girls are pretty bold", Amu said angrily. She actually realized that she should have known how popular Ikuto was and how many girls liked him, he was just that kind of guy, every single girl that walked past him would fall in love with him, and that Ikuto didn't sound very pleased about those facts, too. And then she realized that he didn't seem to be displeased about her presence and that his "I love you" might be actually his true feelings.

But then suddenly the two girls actually sat down next to Ikuto with their food, both pressing their bodies close to him.

"Aaah! What a surprise to meet you here, Tsukiyomi-sama!", said one of the girls boldly. "Ooh! Really how very funny!", said the other one and both started to laugh stupidly.

Ikuto felt very uncomfortable having two girl's glued to him, not only because their breasts touched his body but also because he hated having other people so close, it made him feel uncomfortable and he actually felt some kind of fear in his insides, which was because such situations felt to him like someone was trying to look into his insides, his pain which he didn't want anyone to know, anyone but Amu.

Before he could reject both of them coldly, making them run away in tears because he had once again not shown any affection for them, Amu cleared his throat loudly, which made both of the clingy girls look at her.

"Tsukiyomi-sama! Who is this kid? Is this your little sister?", asked one of them.

"No! I happen to be Ikuto's girlfriend! So just go and leave him alone! You ugly, old women!", screamed Amu in a way, she had not even before when she had been very angry at Ikuto for teasing her a bit too much, she rather seemed like a demon who came up directly from hell. Amu didn't care how much Ikuto would tease her afterwards for claiming to be his girlfriend, she just wanted those girls to disappear and leave Ikuto alone.

Both of them jumped up, obviously scared by Amu's sudden range. They seemed to think about saying something like that a little girl like Amu wasn't Ikuto's girlfriend but after Amu had given them another deathly glare, they both grabbed their food and ran away.

Ikuto was stunned, too by Amu's sudden interfering but also glad that she cared actually so much about him that she could live with him teasing her later about claiming to be his girlfriend. Though when she had said this, he was actually not sure if he had heard right and would gladly have asked her to say this again, if he could, though he know that she had lied, it still made him happy to hear such a lie out of her mouth.

He didn't say anything and just finished his meal while Amu continued to talk in rage about the bold girls' behaviour and how perverted they were and how much more perverted than Ikuto and that she was surprised that there was anyone, who was more perverted than Ikuto.

When Ikuto walked Amu home, they were both at first quiet though after a little time, Ikuto couldn't help himself but tease Amu about what she had said earlier: "I didn't know that I've a girlfriend", he said grinning teasingly at Amu. Amu blushed at once and said: "I-I just said this because I couldn't stand how they were clinging to you in such a perverted manner! I just felt disgusted by it and couldn't stand it! It's not like I was jealous at them or anything or even wished to be your girlfriend, y-you know! So don't start thinking strange things!"

"Ehhh...? So you actually were jealous and would want to be my girlfriend?", teased Ikuto, Amu, to come closer to his actual target, suddenly stopping walking, which made Amu stop, too.

"W-What? I just told you that I wasn't!", Amu said, her face bright red, facing Ikuto, who had come closer to her, he was know stopping to tease her and became again more serious.

"Liar", Ikuto said and took another step closer to her.

"I-I'm not lying, it's the truth!", Amu continued to try to deny her actual feelings.

"Do you think I'll believe you when you're going all red?", Ikuto asked Amu taking her head into his hands.

"I-I … What are you doing idiot?", asked Amu, blushing even more when she was kissed by Ikuto and this time she really got lost by their kiss, after having spend a half day with him.

Ikuto, too felt that they had become finally closer to each other, a lot closer, which made him more happy than he had felt ever before. In this moment he had finally lost, even if it was just for a moment, the heavy weight of his fate, his pain.

Utau had been walking through the city since she had just left Ikuto and Amu alone to try and find both of them again, to stop Ikuto from getting closer to Amu. She had even sent Il and El away to find both of them, now she was sitting exhausted on a bench, crying because she just felt like she'd never be able to win against her brother. But then again, she would not give up! She wouldn't let him have her at any cost!

iTo be continued …/i