Where Are You Christmas? With Noelle and Ivy

Chapter 1

Once upon a time-nah, that's too original. What about this? *Jingle Bells start ringing, the scene turns into a living room and the scene is filled with the smell of cookies* Much better. All of NoelleVille loves Christmas! Especially the Belle family. There's Ivy Belle, Hannah Belle, Banana Belle, Wannah Belle, and even Nana Belle. Nana Belle is the mother and Wannah Belle is the father. He works at a Bell company. (Get it, Wannah Belle? Like, do you want a bell?) Ivy is always left out. Even her name is left out! She was the youngest and Nana couldn't figure out another rhyming name, so she got stuck with Ivy.

*The scene changes to an icy, snowy field with a little cottage* In NoelleVille, there is a girl, named Noelle. She, also, doesn't like her name. She doesn't hate Christmas; she just doesn't like being named after it. All of NoelleVille thinks she's a creature. This story is about one Christmas, when Noelle and Ivy think that they might just change their mind about Christmas.

*The Scene changes to a house with a girl looking out a window, with Christmas Music playing* Noelle looked out her cottage window. She was watching the Hannah and Banana Belle playing in their yard. Ivy was sitting on the ground, alone. Wannah Belle had already left for work and Nana Belle was fixing lunch. Why can't I play? Noelle and Ivy both thought. "Banana, Hannah, can I play?" Ivy asked. "No!" Hannah said. "Why?" Ivy asked. "You're a misfit." Banana replied for Hannah. "That's sad." Noelle said.