Wrath and Pride


Naruto x Raven


Story Start

She could sense his presence from the other side of the city. There was no mistaking it, like a blazing inferno that blanketed the city in a warm glow. His aura moved from place to place like a powerful hurricane that threatened to tear everything apart in his path if forced into a frenzy. Raven flew over the city as she continued tracking his aura. Her ashen skin glowed in the moonlight as her indigo eyes scanned the ground below her.

People were walking down the street, chatter filling her ears along with the blaring horns of cars and trucks as the citizens of Jump City, New York went about their daily routine. Jump City was a coastal town located several miles east of New York city, connected by a large bridge. These people and the city could be in danger unless she found out what he wanted.

Raven dropped down to an alleyway as to not arouse his presence or alert he people of the city to her presence. Chanting a quick spell she altered her appearance slightly, her skin taking on a peach short of complexion and her indigo hair going jet black with a bluish tint. She slowly walked towards the presence and came across a coffee shop.

College students were coming and going along with many business types. A young couple were chatting excitedly about a new movie and other people were going about their daily routine. Walking past a coffee shop that's when she saw him with a twenty-something female, chesty, brunette, and rather conservatively dressed. He was always one for a challenge. Raven intently focused on the man. Blond, messy spiky hair with slightly tanned skin dressed in a dark orange T-shirt and Blue Jeans. A devilish sort of smile was on his face as he said something and his date, Raven could assume was his date, giggled and rolled her finger through her hair. Raven was so struck after seeing him after so long she didn't notice his gaze turn in her direction until it was too late.

Normally Raven was calm and collected, but he, he always unnerved her. Reacting on instinct Raven did the only thing she could do and ran. She ran, ducking behind a building and out of sight before taking into the air and away. She knew she wouldn't get far before he tracked her down. She may have had more untapped potential, the most powerful of the seven but he was not only more ruthless, but faster by far.

''Hello Pride!'' a smooth and seductively dark voice spoke from behind her.

Raven spun, dropping down on the roof as he appeared before her, his lips forming a grin as a joke had just been shared and he was trying to hold back mirthful laughter. Raven didn't say anything as the man looked her over before speaking once more.